Autobiography: How to Pitch And Sell A Movie Or Book Based On Your Life Story

how to sell life story rights to your autobiography

There are ways to get a movie made or book published about your autobiography. However, it’s an uphill battle. Let me share some tactics you can use when pitching your autobiography or memoir.

A difficult aspect of selling your autobiography is that you can lose perspective. When people accept or reject aspects of your autobiography, it’s easy to take it personally.

Therefore, to have the best chance to get your autobiography published or produced, you need to be able to see the pluses and minuses of the project in a more objective way.

What If Someone Else Was Pitching Your Autobiography?

Imagine how someone you don’t know would pitch your autobiography.

  • How would they start?
  • What elements would they highlight?
  • What would they leave out?
  • How would they describe YOU?

Most decision-makers are suspicious of people who are pitching autobiographical projects. This is because there are a lot of people people who believe “my life should be a movie/book,” when their life isn’t the kind of story that would interest a large audience.

One of the best ways to sell your autobiography is to partner with someone known for working with biographical material, and let them pitch it. That provides a crucial ingredient to getting a decision-maker interested: third-party validation.

Accumulate Third-party Validation

The single best thing you can do to make a decision-maker see the value of your autobiography is to convince other decision-makers that it is valuable.

For example:

  • Get a story about you written in the local paper.
  • Get a national magazine to feature you.
  • Attach a producer who specializes in biography.
  • Attach a star to the project who wants to play “you.”

What Is The ‘Movie Story’ Version Of Your Autobiography?

Thinking about what your autobiography would look like as a movie can help you clarify the most compelling aspects of the project. This will help you to pitch it effectively (whether you want it to be a movie or not).

Movies need to have a simple, clear story that maximizes visual interest. This often requires making significant adjustments to the actual events of your life. That’s why real lives and movie versions often differ (more on this here and here).

If your story was going to be a movie, how would you have to shape or adjust your story to fit the medium?

See Your Autobiography From The Decision-Maker’s POV

Lucky Man book coverAutobiographies, whether a book like Lucky Man (by and about Michael J. Fox), a movie like 8 Mile (about and starring Eminem), or a TV show like Louie (by, about, and starring Louis C.K.) have lots of potential to make money.

However, decision-makers such as agents, executives, and publishers typically do not want to invest in an autobiography unless it meets at least one of two standards:

  1. It must be incredible, timely, and relevant.
  2. It must already be successful in some other medium.

Incredible, Timely, And Relevant

You may have an unusual, amazing life story. But if it is not also timely and relevant to what’s happening in our culture, decision-makers are unlikely to want to invest.

To develop a more compelling pitch for your project:

  • Identify famous historical analogues to your story.
  • Link your story to trends in contemporary culture.
  • Reference current news stories on the same topic.

Here are two autobiographies that are in development. I’ve chosen them because neither author is a celebrity though both have extraordinary stories.

American Sniper bookScreen Shot 2013-10-16 at 9.05.17 AMSomething to notice about these two examples—neither was sold immediately as a movie. American Sniper was a successful book first, and Saroo Brierly’s story received significant international press coverage, then was sold as a book to Penguin and as a movie to See-Saw Films (The King’s Speech).

This demonstrates one of the key ingredients of selling your autobiography: proving that it has been successful in another medium.

Already Successful In Another Medium

Pam Grier bookIf you are a celebrity, this is a form of success in another medium. Being a famous actor, businessperson, or other “star” is one kind of evidence that there may be a market for material about YOU.

So, for example, an autobiography in development is:

However, if you’re not a celebrity, there are other ways to prove that your story is worth telling. Here are some things I have seen people do that helped them to sell an autobiographical project:

  • Getting national press
  • Performing a financially successful one-person show
  • Distributing a short film on YouTube which goes viral
  • Creating a popular blog about your life
  • Publishing articles that leverage your experience
  • Becoming a public speaker

How To Use Your Personal Story

This may surprise you, but if you’re pitching an autobiography, this is what you should do:

If possible, pitch the project without referencing yourself at all.

Prove that the story stands on its own. Then, if you get sufficient interest from the decision-maker and you get asked how you came up with the idea, with humility and brevity you can describe the part of your own life that gave rise to the project.

This strategy is more effective than leading with your connection to the material because:

  1. You demonstrate professionalism by showing that the story comes first.
  2. Your personal connection adds credibility to the material.
  3. Your personal experience acts as a “button” to an already strong pitch.

Do you have a favorite autobiographical project? Let me know in the comments.

. . . . . . . .

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  1. I was first diagnosed with HIV January 16 1981 when I was only 15 years old at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington DC. My infection was traced back to when I was 11 years old. I am now 50 years old. I am a true long term survivor. I have lived an amazing life full of many miracles. Three years ago both of my kidneys failed and I went into end stage kidney failure and did dialysis for two years. I was on a Transplant list. Then I began to smoke weed and now for two years my kidneys that were dead have been working again.! A miracle did happen! I was in stage 5 kidney failure and now I am in stage 3..and getting better every day. I have an amazing story to tell about survival and thriving with HIV.. the support I have received from my family is everyday..I just need some help getting started..and need assistance where to get help.I have medical records to back up my entire 50 years of health..that is the amazing thing about my medical history also! I just need some guidance..I have an amazing story to tell to encourage others..

  2. Hello my name is Eric. I have a 96 year old grandfather who is the proof of the cure for Altzhimers Disease. He is in a drug trial and is in his 5th year and can hold a conversation with you today about any subject. My mother has written the story of his life. Please contact me if you have any questions. Eric

    • Young 14 year old girl was emancipated by her crazy mental abusive alcoholic mother. The year was 1987 down south Louisiana when the oil field was booming. the mother was a business owner more like a club bar owner. The lady wanted to live the party life take care of her customers always came before her kids and family. So when her youngest daughter was sexually abused by close family members for years the mother wanted her out she found a family outside their family to take her in have the young girl married off at 15 years old. The mother hand picked the family. The young girls life was all arranged she was trapped. One reason the witch gave her daughter up was she blamed her daughter for everything told her it was her fault she said you suduced those men and called her daughter a slut her 13 year old. The girl was 13 when she finally told a family member the truth. The girl was hiding a big shameful secret and didn’t know what was exactly happening or how keeping a hughe secret would define her life. The abuse with one their were 3 men in the family that over a number of years had already sexually touched her earlier age was 5 then 10, 11,12, 13 years old and onother man at 13 years old. So the family knew all about this and wanted to hide the fact it all happened after the all the families went to war they decided no charges would never be filed it was never reported to police. The family told the mother the family would never be the same with the young girl staying in the family. So the crazy mother gave her away. The girl is a woman today 42 years old and a lot has happend through the years 33 tough but remarkable years this young girl turned out to be more than they wished for. This young girl has an incredible heartbreaking story but even more than all the pain she experienced then still today her family and mother curse and mocked her by the same family, willingly she’s came out better than they left her. she’s amazing and beautiful. This strong vivacious girl turned out to ambitious with college degree great career in a highly reconigzed petroleum company. Even tho this young lady started with all the odds against her she found love and peace and happiness in herself because of her close relationship with God. God never made her feel like it was her fault. He told her he would make sure she would have a wonderful life and he did. But he also told her nothing will ever be perfect. God gave her everything she wished for and more. Today she’s still struggling with her haunted past but she’s married second husband 10 years no kids with him but now it’s just the two of them with the curse of the family and now her husbands isn’t the faithful trusting husband she asked for reather a narcissistic that has done more harm than good along with the economic hardship they are on the verge of loosing everything but she stills has hope. And her family never showed her the love she gave them. We need to tell this story to spread the truth in hopes to heal and find closer free from this poison and break the chain of children sexual abuse it’s a common story but with an intereating twist. She was wiser then her years. The story gets real scary while her secret is spreading like wild fire through the family smoke and mirrors.

  3. Hi Stephanie,
    I am not in “the business”, and I want to get help to develop my life story as a television show. I have followed your advice: First, written down my story. Second, received publicity. I have a screenplay registered under the writer’s guild. I’m not happy with the script, but at least the material is protected. A well-known blog published my story and it is getting reposted on Facebook, Instagram, and elsewhere.

    As a next step, I want to find a writer to help shape the material for a pitch. David Heyman, producer of Harry Potter, told me on the phone: “Find a writer who can deliver verisimilitude and then get back to me.” It would be a long shot that David would produce it, but he would perhaps help make pitch introductions if he felt the material was going in the right direction.

    An Interviewer at NPR as agreed to do an interview, and I’m thinking of using that material for a short pitch reel. I would use the pitch reel to get meetings with writers who’ve worked with show runners.

    Are you available for consulting? If not can you recommend anyone? I don’t want to waste money on a pitch reel, and if there’s a better approach to getting into the room to pitch proven television writer’s realm, I need to understand that.

    Thanks so much,
    Dr. Chuck Crook

    • Congrats! It sounds like you are doing lots of things right. I’m not available to consult, but I recommend you get in touch with Erik Bork ( Best of luck!

  4. Hie Stephanie!
    My name is Betty Muringakumwe lam a mother of three from Zimbabwe but currently in South Africa.I emigrated from Zimbabwe to South Africa with my family in 2007 ,so l wrote a book about our experinces since the move and my aim is to inspire and motivate others that whatever your predicament at the end of the day,you will survive ,just as lam surviving with my family in South Africa.
    I hope and pray my story gets published.
    Here is a prologue of what my story is about.
    We dropped off in Louistrichard at around 2am,they were waiting for us at the filling station.
    They welcomed us and took us to their home,they had prepared a cottage. Their hospitality was out of this world.
    We were told not to tell strangers we were from Zimbabwe .It reminded me of Ruth who was one of the despised mo bites an enemy of the lsraliets.
    Actually no one wanted to associate themselves with foreigners as they called us,for fear of being attacked ,it was really mind boggling.

    We were tired and exhausted with the trip.My appetite had disappeared and my legs had swollen felt as lf l had just survived a head on collision with a train and my legs were as heavy as lead just wanted to lay down was very exhausted.

    In the morning l had a nice warm bath and it was refreshing new day brought new hope.My kids were excited too it was as lf a light had come on in a dark corner of our lives.
    We felt at home,the family told us we were safe but l was still a bit nervous and withdrawn,l had this strange feeling of detachment.

    In the morning we had nice hot coffee,bacon and eggs,cheese and bacon reminded of the good old days,when Zimbabwe was the bread basket of Africa.
    Zimbabwe was an amazing country with a lot of opportunities and now all was gone.

    I was thrilled to see my children happy they were wrapped in a cloud of happiness.We were excited because there was electricity,water and food.There were no shortages to us this was heaven.We had missed this decent life in Zim.How dear it was to feel alive again.
    Later that afternoon we went for shopping.The malls were full and noisy shops were full to the brim with anything for everything we got inside the shops l was like a child let loose in a toy shop.It was like a dream come true,they were no shortages had to buy everything we wanted was relieving to know that we had left the land of hunger into the hand of plenty.

    We would listen to news everyday and it was no good news.It was all about xenophobic attacks,about foreign nationals attacked was gross,l just wanted a break .
    I had a lot of unanswered questions and l did not know what the future had for us.l was scared,but going back to Zimbabwe was not an option l suppose! We had to face the reality of staying in a xenophobic country,to register with the Home Affairs and to start looking for jobs,all were the challenges we had to face in order to continue with our lives.
    It was tough to put together all the paraphelia required by the South African Home Affairs children had to start school and my husband and l had to look for jobs.
    The Home Affairs offices are thronged by thousands of Asylum seekers not only from Zimbabwe but from all over Africa lot of desperate Africans from most African countries flock to South Africa for refugee.
    They say a quarter of all Asylum requests in the world are from South Africa.
    A report from the United Nations Commission for refugees shows that South Africa is by far the most favoured country for Asylum seekers get and Asylum paper one has to pass an interview.They would want to know the reasons why you left your country of origin,and with the Zimbabwean situation l feel those who were mediating did not tell the world and the real situation on the ground.As it were “the quiet diplomacy’ made it almost impossible for most Zimbabweans to acquire the political Asylum papers.Little did they know that the Zimbabwean situation was a far more complicated cocktail of things- violence,hunger,unemployment ,political persecution etc…
    We decided to go to Capetwon to acquire asylum papers were told by friends that it was better there they said the queues were not as long as those in Gauteng.
    Queuing for Asylum papers was an excruciating process,the hours in the queues were gruelling.
    The lines were usually long winding.People would often complain and become very frustrated would get tired,despondent and they would give up.Some times it would take two weeks or months for one to be served in the queue remember in Cape town a Zimbabwean dies in the queue,he had been in the scorching sun for days on end,hunger and thirsty overwhelmed him.

    It was more tormenting to see women and children queuing for hours on end hungry and thirsty.Sometimes well wishers and other NGO organisations would come at the queues giving out food parcels to people.We stood with our kids huddled together,we did not give up,despite these difficulties most people remain resolute too hoping to get registered to stay in South Africa.

    We had to pick up the pieces of our shuttered lives,no one talked of going back home.Those who were fortunate enough would get Asylum papers that would allow them to stay in South Africa for three to six months.We were fortunate enough to get Asylum paper for six months was a relief! but a shore lived one because six months is not a long time.One would have to follow that excruciating process again after the paper expires was not easy because in six months time there is no guarantee that you could get a job so quickly.
    As professional persons we had to register with S.A.Q.U.A the South African Qualifications Authority and SACE for educators was going to be another process of physical and mental anguish.

  5. I would like to have a book written or a movie. I was kidnapped by my own husband and wenot through alot these past four months. There’s alot of details I’m still in the process and believe that women would relate who’s been through domestic violence. I was a woman who had courage to escape. He is being brought to the state he last brought me too as he took me to nine different ones during the kidnap. I’m still here just left a DR shelter. From charming pastor to drug dealer and me involved in all of it. Those I tell my story to all say I should contact someone to write this life changing experience I went through. Any ideas to start…thanks for listening so far.

  6. A story about a narcissist ex husband who was very wealthy and controlling list control of ex wife started cheating not wanting a divorce but still wanted to have his 20yr old girlfriend. Wife filed for divorce and he stoked her, followed her everywhere with his mistress. He still wanted his wife but then found out he couldn’t get her back so stole the kids and stopped paying her and she ended up living on the streets and so on etc.!!!!!!!

  7. Hello Stephanie,

    I am considering writing about being hired to go to Israel (I’m American) to search and drill for oil. The many adventures leading up to this and having my friend killed in an accident and die in my arms. I feel like he went to quiet and I need to do this.. Can you tell me how? Or just some advice

    • I’m so sorry you had to experience that. I suggest writing as much of the story as you can first. Then, after it’s written down, you can assess the best medium for sharing it and potentially hiring or collaborating with a ghostwriter.

  8. People keep referring me as interesting, strong, extraordinary, Angel, Mentor, Goddess, warrior, beautiful, spiritual / spirited, funny, artistic, activist, elegant, empowering, inspiring, advocate, powerful to name a few.
    Looking back on my 64 years on planet earth and trace my journey from an isolated , paradise island in the Indian ocean but now residing in Europe. Brought up in a mixed- race family of European, African & Asian. One doesn’t just arrive there. Life is a process, an ongoing journey till that time come to exit. It’s the ”ACTIONS” we take along the journey into the future. I’ve lost count to how many people I’ve met and how many I will meet during my travel to 50 countries.
    How do I see myself? What is my purpose? My passion,? My mission? My values & my beliefs?
    So far it has been more than a book , a movie, a documentary. Living life to the full has always been the case. I’ve written a book and it has been stolen by a publisher in the USA but I’m thanking God for that experience as it has taken me to my higher self.
    I’m leaving this to your imagination to what has happened in that incredible roller coaster journey.? Acquiring so many skills, including speaking and writing English, French & Spanish. The expansion of my mind has been my positive take on life.
    I am confident that I will find a trusted producer to do my movie / documentary. Wishing every contributor good luck in leaving your legacy on planet earth.
    I’m leaving you with my favourite quote: ” Winners never quit & quitters never win”.

  9. All of these individual’s “stories” sound interesting; however, I chuckle a little inside after reading them. It was rather humorous. No, I am not going to share “my story” on here, but I will tell you, you know your life has been one of epic encounters when your therapist looks at you in awe and with every serious bone in their body asks you how or why you are not a drug addict or alcoholic repeatedly while referring to your life as living hell after only reading 4 short pages of a timeline, including merely the ingredients unmixed without the icing!

  10. I have a great story of a former police officer that at one time was involved in a shooting incident himself and understands some of the issues being addressed by both the community law enforcement (police). Recognizes the training that goes into doing the job and also the split second decision-making in certain situations.

  11. I have good story for share with people. I live in poor country and to get way out of my country
    i pretended thav i have amnesia. They put me in a mental institution, i was there for almost 3 months for that time i menage to convince over a 50 doctors that i’m sick and that i dont remmeber anything from my past . After that i finde probono lawyers to help me to get some ID. I can prove my story have all the evidence. And now i dont know what to do i try to conntact some writers but it did not work for now.

  12. I would like for someone to publish a movie or book regarding the “Deceitful Mother” which me and my siblings can share first hand information. This would make an excellent Lifetime movie.

  13. Hi I’m interested in publishing a life story but no idea where I’d begin and how to start the process and etc- can anyone possibly help lead me in the right direction or swnd me some tips the point of my story would be ti help steer troubled teens from.making decisions d similar to the ones I made at their age which well affect me for the rest of my life and maybe even change some young life’s for the better if they hear it first hand from experience not just their parents saying no don’t do this, see how fast everything can turn to shit and before you know it you’re 22 and a high school drop out selling your ass to supply a drug habit and eat while bring km the honor roll before the bad choices that got them there.

    • Find out how I managed to survive from 12 years old and surprised by the fact im still alive when most would’ve just ended it and taken the easy way out.

  14. My kids and I were held hostage in a ghost town by two perpetrators.Learn how we escaped and then battered by the system that is supposed to protect you.Every turn your on the edge of your seat.

  15. Hi everyone
    I have a true story of me. I call it dishonored love.
    I am from rich strong family. But because of love I lost my family my friends my health my scholarship university my company my lands my job my respect everything. Goverment locked all my bank accounts. I end up taking drugs to make me happy because without drugs I cut my skin with knife and stomache and legs just to bleed and also eat alot of medications to kill myself…….why because in the end she send me a message that she been cheating on me since 5 years and she sand me a video of her with another man over bed kissing and striping for him. She took all my money and my house and my child. I have nothing left even my respect I lost it. Everyday I want to die I want to forget I know it is wrong to take drugs but in my situation I lost everything so if anyone want to know about my whole story how I met he
    and how I did treated her and how I lost everything. my number is

  16. I have my narrative non fiction book all ready and self published who would i send the book to in order to make it into a movie? It is about my life living with an addict while I pursued a singing career in the 70s. Can you direct me to someone?

  17. Hi Stephanie Palmer,
    Ill give this a shot as my first pitch. Girl born in south Bronx at the height of the crack epidemic to addicted parents, dad is murdered at 28, mom is unable to raise her children although she keeps having them. Grandmother steps in and dies of aids from a blood transfusion, other grandmother gets murdered stepping in front of her best friend. Most of the children in the family if not the entire borough are parentless. This story is her figuring out her place in the world mostly alone, some guidance from living in a group home, friends, boyfriends, guardian angels, positive thinking law of attraction and just her own mistakes she learned from but never giving up. Some what famous aspect is Danielle Lugo who taught her the alphabets, how to ride a bike and was a dad figure for a short time in her life while living with her aunt but turned out to be a serial killer whom they made a movie about and is on death row. He also ended up being her sisters adopted father and 3 cousins whom her aunt raised but she stood in Nyc while they moved to Florida together. Other incidents included her siblings being raised apart and trying to come together as family. Then finally having her own family, learning to live life by being true to who she is and living fearlessly.
    I dont feel my story is the worst or this is a competition but I love to write and people keep telling us that our family life story should be a movie. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Josie,

      I am so sorry you have had to experience so much trauma and I’m very glad to hear that you enjoy writing. I suggest continuing to write and tell your story. Judy Carter’s book The Message of You is excellent and could be helpful to you.

  18. Hi my name is Mark Seibel. After a life full of unexplainable events in the criminal justice system, I discovered through confidential documents (that I still possess) that intentional grave criminal wrongdoins were the cause.
    I began a campaign to have that misconduct righted.
    I had made the feature articles in local magazines but legally I had no recourse.
    When I believed all hope was lost, The sheriff of the most affluent community in Colorado walked in the door of my home. His name is Patrick Sullivan. I would eventually expose him as a drug using, child raping criminal resulting in his arrest which made international news headlines.
    During this time as well, I also discovered a cache of documents which became the subject of a Frontline documentary on “dark money” and after effecting all 50 states in the nation, is being credited as having a direct impact on this 2016 presidential election.
    With those two situations I was able to change the due course of my life. A true underdog story about reform, a tell all memior, its already written. I need help with editing and an agent.
    Please help me.

  19. Lived in 40 towns by 18 many of them multiple times. Mom had me at 15 and ran away from home then left dad for brother who beat us all biodad was paralyzed at 27, icu for years, senior home took life at 31 with opiates, mom od’d on opiates, gma and aunts, sisters n cousins all addicted, step father uncle drank himself to death last dec. My mother is in 4th relationship, I have 14 nieces nephews.. we lived in tents, rvs, cars, motels, homeless shelter, held signs. I’m clean from heroin have worked 15yrs single no kids I’m 31

  20. I’m korean.
    I was studying at academy for 3.5year
    But it was in island because
    They want to isolate for outworld
    Everyday they give us inferior food, room
    We need to test everyday and everynight He punishment us with iced pipe.
    In summer we need to work at dry field.
    Every sunday He tooks 2of student for buying food and tool. We cant say anything about us for anyone. Academy was around with chainlink
    and spotlight. He force feed us larva. I memoed almost and I drawed academys Internal Structure in container. I thoght my 3~4years life is can made by movie. How can I do?

  21. Could you please direct me to the correct route to start writing my story.
    My life story is a bit like a Hollywood film.
    Currently it has not got an ending and I am still in the middle of struggles

    Where do I start?

    Thank you

    • The first step is get as much written down on paper as possible. This could be you writing the story, or you can record yourself talking out loud and then get a transcript typed up by a transcription service. When you see the story on paper, it is usually easier to discern what to include and what to edit out.

  22. I’m a young women who would like my story told by me but I really have so many issues I need the writer to help

  23. Hi Stephanie,
    In short, my story is about how I managed my way through the following: starting in July 2008.
    My aunt died (moms sis), 31 days later my mom died, 30 days later I was diagnosed with skin cancer, 30 days after I was laid off my job, a week later Wall Street Collapsed and 4 of our tenants also lost their jobs, 30 days later I left my partner behind in Omaha to gain employment back in So Cal, we were also embezzled out of alot of money from Property Managers, got caught up in a Nigerian money laundering, my partner broke her neck, her brother who was very close with us was caught with a tremendous amount of child pornography (he is gay and this is uncommon) he’s serving a 20 year sentence, my (ex)partner had a cyst rupture and in a black out fell and broke her neck and she broke up with me after 17 years – this all happened within 7 months! I lost 20+ year friendships, a boat load of money, went from carrying a monthly net loss on 7 properties of $200 to $3000 when WS collapsed
    This was the beginning of my journey to Awareness! Then 3 years later I was diagnosed with stage 3C Breast Cancer (no family history) and the journey of Awareness went deeper and deeper.
    Today – after 9 years of wondering why things were happening TO me, I understand they were happening FOR me. Due to the cancer and how tired I was amongst other things i put on alot of weight, lived in Arkansas for 4 years (I was born and raised in Los Angeles!), In addition to this, I walked away from AA after 20 years of being in the center of it – Im still sober but havent been to a meeting for 8+ years, and in 2015 I had seven reconstructive breast surgeries from having a single mastectomy, got so burnt in radiation that I wasn’t a candidate for implants and had to have a DIEP flap process, in this time my BFF freaked out and literally abandoned our friendship, my dog Bodie was being watched by a friend in AR while I was in San Diego having surgeries and he was hit and killed by a car, I had to fire a Property Manager who completely f*cked up my rental, my own home in Arkansas was filled with a fraud (who is an Exec Admin for a Fortune 175 company!) and I had to remove her from my home, I had to wear a wound VAC on me for 2 months to close my wound – it weighed 7lbs, and my wallet was stolen while in Ca and had no access to my bank accounts or ID! These things all happened within 3 weeks of each other…
    As of recent, I lost almost 60lbs, practice yoga 6 days a week, only allow certain people into my life – those that offer Love, support and Inspiration, kept a small handful of 25 – 30 year friendships. And as a finally to the past nine years, I went to India for 3 weeks and just returned – theres a story as to how I got there and I went within 12 days!

    There is an ending…its about Spiritual Growth, setting priorities in LIFE, Letting Go of Attachment to people, places and things..and much more.

    Is my story (it doesnt’ need to be about me, I am not attached :D) worth a book?

    • Oh and I forgot to mention that my partner left me for her bestfriend in which she adamantly denied having any emotional affair with only to ask her out within weeks of our break up and seven years later are still together – which is neither herenorthere but I “called it” many many times in the year prior to our break up.

  24. I have a great modern day “you’ve got mail” story. I am British and my husband is American , we met playing Xbox online. We livedxan ocean apart. Life has been quite a journey ever since. I had 2 children from a previous relationship. My now husband moved to the UK. I got pregnant and we moved to America when I was 8 months pregnant. I put myself through college and graduated. We went through the long process of becoming citizens. We were in newspapes and magazines in the UK because if the unique way we met. You see all the horror stories of online dating gone wrong. This August we celebrate 10 years of marriage and are very happy. I think people would like a good love story. How can I do that ?

  25. Hi I would love to tell the story of my journey so far, called life. I’ve had a very dramatic life in so many aspects that I think other people, especially women would be able to relate and understand what I’ve been through, to date. I’ve kept journals on and off for years and have an incredible memory for things that I’ve not documented, for very obvious reasons. I think my story would be both rewarding and a lesson on what not to do in a lifetime. I’ve been abused as a child, a wife, a sibling and a mother. I call my journal “One Women’s Journey” and believe that it would be a real eye opener for all that read them. There’s attempts at suicide, laughs, love, depression, and struggles in general. Most people wouldn’t believe that all these dismal circumstances could shape the person I am today, although I’m still a wreck.

  26. I would like to tell my story!! This is why I think a lot of people would read it !! I got married at a young age and had an abusive marriage we had 3 children and my husband died at the age of 26 leave behind a young wife and very young kids..but the events that lead up till his death will make your mouth drop… Help me I really have a great story I have been told to wright a book about my life!!! Any help please…how do I get started? Who do I need to contact??

  27. I have a story to tell. A story of abuse, high class escorting, brothel owner arrest, court case (pending) and a passionate, fairy tail love affair. The fairy tail only happening after being found out having another affair. Learning what true unconditional love is.

    A story of divorce, children and adult humour. A story of how us girls talk about sex-women are far worse than men.. We just let you think you’re superior.

    I have a story with an amazing ending (so far). All the above have so many stories and characters within them. 50 shades-one aspect. Sex and the city-one aspect. Pretty woman-one aspect. Secret diary of a call girl-one aspect… The lat goes on.

  28. Hello, I have had a wonderful life, but now that I’m older I feel such and urge to share my story. I back packed around the country for 3 years and met some of the most interesting people . During the young years of my life my then girl friend got pregnant by me twice, and after all these years I have finally met my kids over the phone, We want to meet badly.
    I live in the Pacific Northwest, my son lives in south Florida and my daughter lives in western Pennsylvania. Our hope is to all meet in Florida with our families.
    When my son was born the mother and I lived together, one day when I came home I was greeted by the police and many others, she had been leaving our 6 month old baby alone while going out partying with my best friend, thus we lost this child, he is now 44.
    The mother and I lost contact but once again our paths crossed, and once again she got pregnant, this time she married my best friend and moved many states away, my daughter is now 40 . During all my travels and all that has happened not one day has gone by that these kids were not thought of.
    Today I live with my partner, and yes my kids know I’m gay and they are totally cool with it.
    How do I go about getting this story sold and published ?
    Over the years I have noticed I can hold anyone’s attention with my stories.

  29. Andreas Fulcher


    to me

    I was born in Germany in 1968, a bastard child to a double adulterous seed. I saw demons as an infant on one occasion with a tall angel among them.

    I struggled with sexual addiction all my life. I served in the Army as an MP from 87-89 in Germany which was a perfect place to feed my life time demon of lust because I speak fluent German!

    I found my favorite past time, American football, in Germany. I began to play in a local league for the Wurzburg Pumas in 1989. I also began singing in a heavy metal band. I transferred out of the Army to play football. In 1994, I signed with a club called the Hanau Hawks American football club. There I met an extremely shy 19 year old woman named Viola who had dark hair and green eyes. She was a cheerleader for the team. One day one of the cheerleaders came to me and told me, “Viola says you are the ONE!” I didn’t know what that meant.

    A few months later I broke the ice with Viola and she took me to her parents apartment, where she also lived, to meet her parents. I knew she was a virgin but It was my intent to sleep with a woman this perfect at 112 lbs.. She seemed prepared and she gave herself to me that night in her room where we had unprotected sex. She was one of many woman I was befriending.

    In 1995 I was an All-Star quarterback at 27. My South All-star team had just upset the mighty North All-Stars in Hamburg. Two weeks after the victory Viola won a 3 day all inclusive trip to EuroDisney by riding a mechanical bull in Frankfurt! I wasn’t there to see her win that prize so I was pleasantly surprised when I was told I was going to Paris!

    We had a great time making love every evening in that incredible first class hotel on the rim of the Park. Later on My struggle culminated after feeding my demons for 8 years in Germany two months after I had just returned from EuroDisney with that innocent German woman. I was diagnosed with HIV! I fell to my knees in my condo in Hanau and pleaded with God to have mercy on someone so innocent as Viola! I cried to Jesus and shouted, “Punish me Lord, not Viola! You know she did this out of pure love, I did this out of lust! Punish me for what I have done, not her!!!!” I knew if Viola would commit herself to me it would inspire me to become a better man.

    I told Viola of the virus and gave her the choice to return with me to Garland, Tx if she chose. With tears in her eyes her unconditional love prompted her to say two words which defeated the Enemy, “I’ll go! I’ll go!!!” A fire lit up in my spirit because I knew I had to change! I hated myself and my lack of self control and felt her love for me might lead me to deliverance.

    She returned to Garland to start over with a man with black man no college degree as we moved into my parents house at the end of 1995. Now my fiance’, Viola, had to pass through immigrations which required her to take and HIV test after 20 months of unprotected sex. Her results came back negative!!! God had mercy on such an innocent woman and loving woman!.

    I decided to make a covenant with God not seek medication in belief that if I stayed faithful to Viola, the virus would always stay dormant. This would be a challenge because I had never been able to stay faithful to any woman all my life! A local prophet also concurred and said she heard from God and if I keep my eyes on God he virus will never become full blown.

    I started a construction company after one year of experience as an administrator in Dec. 1996 when the company I worked for filed bankruptcy. At age 28, with a hand full of credit cards had collected, I drove to Austin to incorporate Onycha Industries Corporation.

    Viola and I had just quietly moved into a small two story house in North Garland in Jan. 1997. I wanted Viola to live the American dream without stigma. We returned to the Church I had left in 1987 but didn’t even share this with my pastor at the 95% Caucasian church (I am black).

    Our first year became a challenge in mid 1997 when a black engineer defaulted for $220,000 on a $268,000 invoice when faithfully carried out a City of Dallas sidewalk contract. This left me with maxed credit cards as I had hired 8 subcontractors under my company.

    One day I cried out to God while standing on the porch of our house, “Jesus! I wanted to show Viola the American dream! This has become a nightmare! What can I do?” The Lord simply told me to pay the minimums of my maxed $5,000 credit cards. I kept the bad news away from Viola telling God, “Lord, you know why I am not telling Viola about our delimna

    I limped into early 1998 when I received an invitation to bid on an $80,000 parking lot at Plano High School. I would have to qualify for my first surety bond with only a Ford Probe as collateral, no degree ad only 30 years old. After researching my reason for being maxed on my cards the bonding company discovered the engineer had over $500,000 in claim on the 1997 project! Inspired by Viola’s sacrifice, I showed the bonding company perfect credit despite the maxed cards!I kept The bonding company decided to take a chance on me and approved the Bond! I bid and won the project and immediately decided to find a white Dodge Ram dually diesel. I traveled to Sherman,Tx to a dealership whom I discovered in the Auto Trader had what I wanted. When the dealer researched my credit he discovered Chrysler Financial approved me for 3 vehicles in one day I left the dealer with two Dodge Rams and a Ford Taurus, all while, all within one year old. That year our company grossed $446,000. and me and Viola traveled to Cancun to celebrate!

    In 1998, my sister came from Austin to install the internet. This scared me because I knew I had a weakness for the smut on the internet.

    By 1999, our company had eclipsed a million dollars in sales and Viola and I were living the American dream however to internet had secretly taken its toll on my and I was committing adultery by giving my lust to the internet! Plus I had given I to lust on two occasions and committed adultery. I knew then the clock was ticking.

    One day in the living room Viola said with her simple voice, “Andy, your a winner!! I could not receive what she said because I knew Satan was winning the race for my spirit! I hated myself and told God, “Lord, even though I know death and Hell is eminent, I must do something demonstrative to salvage whatever is salvageable! I am going to fast for You and Viola every Monday without faith until I die!”

    My company went on to gross almost $2.5 million by the end on 2002 when my body succumned to the virus and I began losing weight drastically! Too weak to work, my Mother moved into my home to try to nurish me back to health but to no evail! I had given up on my life and braced myself for Hell! I fell into a deep torpor and at one point I was approached in the Spirit by an average man. He asked me ,” Would you like to see what Hell is like?” I relied, “Why not. I am up talking to you and I took a chance in 1987 and took a one way ticket o New York with no money not knowing what to expect. Lets do it!” I replied. I found myself I a semi circular cove moments later. There was not fire and brimstone as I expected. Only one person from afar crossing the cove at a distance. Then I suddenly found myself in front of a movie video store that looked like it promoted pornography so I went in. looked into the small mini theatres expecting to see porn. Each both only had about 6 seats. The booths were extremely extravagant with one promoting Roman arts on its walls with ceramic artistry. The next booth had a Greek theme. Each theatre had design curtains reflecting a theatrical setting. There was a video screen in each theatre so it vexed me that no porn was being displayed! went from booth to booth also needing to use the bathroom badly! Now my sear changed to finding a toilet which I did just in time to avoid a doing it on myself. Afterward I decided to look behind one of these theatres to see how it operated. Carefully I peaked behind on the theatres and noticed props, like for a theatrical play. I was frustrated because I didn’t get to see what my flesh craved! I couldn’t believe what was happening to me and it was at this time I knew I was not going to die! I sincerely believe this experience acted as a fast would however promoted by the Holy Spirit.

    There were many adventures in the Spirit realm however I had no idea how long I was in this world because there is no concept on time in the Spirit.

    One of the amazing highlights was a state of the art fitness center I entered into from the back side of the facility in a rural part of east Texas. I saw TV monitors everywhere. It was a fascinating place! There was also an amusement attraction which was a dark laborinth. I would have to walk up a small flight of stairs, go through the laborinth in the darkness and the down a small flight of stairs at the other end. There were many other people laughing and shrieking through this attraction. Then I walked through a training room which was filled with men who had just worked out and were getting messages. Then I entered into a large Auditorium the size of a college basketball arena. I walked into the center of the court when I observed a sphere which was suspended by nothing! There were a few people to my left that were at awe in what we were seeing. It was a bright light which nobody could figure what it was! Then a flash shot out of the sphere like a missile!

    Months after coming out of the Spirit I realized was completely delivered from this life long curse!!! Viola’s sacrifice combined with Gods mercy have led to victory over Satans 35 year stronghold and the generational curse was destroyed in the name of Jesus!!!I can go to the internet and there is no longer any propensity to feed my flesh with porn! I have always wanted to follow Gods laws and t know what its like to have a clean spirit without nasty sinful thoughts. NOW I KNOW!!!!!!!

    I transcended into a world of deception and also some demonic activity which will be described in a book which I am inspired to write. I have already received 3 offer from notable publishers for this book..

    I would lie for months with my mother constantly asking me if I was OK. Apparently, according to my mother, I told her yes. I’m having nice dreams. I never suffered many of the symptoms of AIDS such as pain, diarrhea , coughing or anything else except wasting. My body was dying and my brother, Marcel, noticed my condition and insisted I file bankruptcy to secure Viola of the over $200,000 in bills which were coming in. She had never written the checks before.

    One day after I had fully recovered I said to my mother, ” Mom, I was outside of this world for at least two I don’t recall months because

    my bankruptcy.” She replied, ” No Andreas, you were in this world for five months!”

    I thought for sure my brother and the bankruptcy attorney had filed my corporation under bankruptcy as well however they didn’t, leaving Onycha Industries as a legacy formed on Biblical principles and these principles will continue to support Onycha until the end of time.

    Click on “Our Credentials” on my web site to see me at George Bush’s 2004 Annual Presidents Dinner after I received th 2003 Texas Businessman of the Year Award by the NRCC. That photo on the site is one year after full blown AIDS!




    Welcome to Serves Dallas/Fort Worth for over 10 years…. Construction Concrete Paving Masonry Landscaping Structures Basements Comp…

    View on http://www.onychaindustrie...

    Preview by Yahoo

    Andreas Fulcher


    Look at the tremendous things the Lord helped me to accomplish!

  30. Hello. I am currently a 26 year old single mother. My name is brandi and I am native American.
    I feel if I write a book telling my true life with dialogue and details, people, (friends, relatives, acquaintances, and even enemies) might feel the need to drop whatever they thought they knew. I feel I could inspire most readers.
    I grew up in n out of foster homes, lock up facilities and group homes. Endured being neglected by a junkie mother, was a first hand witness to my older siblings being beaten brutally by an abusive foster mother, all before I could even talk.
    Its hard to believe that my older siblings and I no longer speak.
    I faces a lot of demons growing up, my siblings and I were raised by a sadistic grandmother. Behi.d closed doors.
    N placed in the system where I became a survivor and victim.
    I ran away from every place I was put. I faced abandonment and never knew how a healthy relationship would look like.
    Aging out of foster care when I was a little over 18 was where things got even more brutal. I endured rape more than once, endured hemorrhaging due to a rape while I was pregnant. Got involved with some very hostile and volatile relationships where I was beaten during another pregnancy, n hospitalized during that pregnancy, lost my oldest daughter to the state due to false accusations which I proved the accuser to be wrong, however still I cannot see my oldest or have anything to do with her.
    I am struggling still to this day with little assistance thru the state and another beautiful baby girl to look after, who is my ultimate motivation.
    I’m happy however I do feel the need to publish a autobiography. Even of it isn’t a best seller. A lot of friends have suggested it to me and r eager to get their hands on a copy.
    I would appreciate any type of accommodation u could lend.

  31. Hi Stephanie,

    I actually have a published book. Not about me or my life, yet on the lines of Sex in the City, it’s called Diary of Dating, by DG Elizabeth. I am writing, because I know you have ‘screen plays’ and my question was, who wrote those for you, if any one? And would you recommend someone.

    Thank you.

  32. I always wondered if it would do anything or any good to write about what happened with my family. Basically.. all I can say in a nutshell is my family was some how involved with columbine… not in helping it.. but being close proximity of the shooters enough for them to ruin our lives.. and make parents and family members of the lost think that we were involved. I know my father was contacted by Barbara Walters team to be interviewed and he declined just because he was scared for us and his kids. I guess I kind of wanted.. to set things straight.. that we had nothing to do with the killings of innocent people. I don’t know.. it would also dip into my crazy family… my mother having bipolar, my dad having a drinking problem.. and the craziness that is my family and life. It would follow up on a little side note of being an unlucky person out of a big percentage of people… those people out there… where nothing really amazing happens to them in their life. I one of them.. and understand them. I’m not really a good writer… but I feel like I have a unique story to share.

  33. Hi Stephanie Palmer,
    Thanks for this article.
    I have just come to the conclusion to (write) tell my story, but its not just telling it alone; I want to see if I can also raise money through it for my studies abroad. I a 35 years old man from Nigeria living in Abu Dhabi.

    My story is the story of a boy who was never loved by his father. I was the odd one in a big family of about 14 children and 4 wives. I want to tell the world what it takes to be born in Africa, in a polygamous family, to be beaten & bullied on daily basis, to become a peptic ulcer patient for years due to hunger, to walk to the farm (jungle) bear-footed, to have a name that’s different from your sibling’s.

    You know, my father concubine once determined whether my school fees will be paid or not. My father constantly told me I won’t become anything; he’ll say “you’re ugly and not well behaved”. Meanwhile, I was the most well behaved boy or person in family then and even now. This happened when I was already a teenager. I had do manual labour to clothe myself. I almost dropped out of secondary school because I of unpaid school fees. I manage to progress to a three college for national certificate program. I dropped out of so many educational programs and university just because I couldn’t pay the fees. All I desire is to become itinerary teacher/speaker about African family settings, youths, poverty, negligence of parents and government agencies, etc.

    Note: I have also written something yet to be published or reviewed about sexual sin and I also have a blog about the subject. (

    I have unquenchable desire to study youth work or social work abroad since 2009 and I cannot take my mind off it yet finance is an issue. I agreed to take the job of a driver here in UAE perhaps I’ll be able to save money for this cause but it hasn’t been so easy as I still have to support some of my siblings and my wife.

    Hence, I need your advice, please. Thanks for your time.

  34. Hi Stephanie,

    I would like to thank you for this article! Although I am still perplexed as how to proceed.
    My true life story starts as I first tried to kill myself at age five by throwing myself out of my parents car on a highway in Okinawa. After many more years of physical (beatings, broken bones) and emotional and mental abuse I ran away from home.
    Where less than 24 hours after I was injected with crystal meth and died instantly. I died and left my body. Obviously lived through that to witness a murder from a motor cycle gang. Was away from home and four states away.

    Progress to past a abusive marriage years later, having to move 13 hours away so my husband wouldnt find me and kill me only to come home to sign the divorce papers and he breaks in while I am on the phone with 911 and proceeds to try to kill me.

    Then came an arrest for attempted murder. For which I was innocent and just a bystander that helped to save the victims life who was sliced open in his stomach and accross his neck. Spent two weeks in jail, parents bonded me out only to turn me back in to the jail and revoke their bond. Spent two months in jail until the bond was reduced and my employer bailed me out. Charges eventually dropped.

    It is like three different lifetime movies by the time I am 25!
    Do I write three different books as it is too much for one to absorb for one book?

    • I am so very sorry that you had experience something so horrific, Kim. You are a courageous person and I admire you for persevering and wanting to help others. There are definitely other people who could benefit from your experience. There is a lot to absorb in your story. I recommend checking out some other books about people who have survived abuse to look for a template that feels like the kind of book you want to write. Go to the library or a bookstore and find the shelf where you book would be categorized. Check out the books in that section and see what stands out to you. This can often be a helpful guide to narrowing down what you want your book to focus on. Sending you lots of good thoughts on your journey.

  35. I would love to tell my true life experience as a high ranking officer of a large motorcycle club. Actually, I believe my entire experience in the biker community would make for a huge eye opener. From start to finish. From my first scooter, joining the club, the life, the change, the awakening, the departure, the truth about all types of bikers. No Son’s of Anarchy BS. Who’s who and what’s what.

  36. Hi Stephanie,

    I find this article that you wrote, “Autobiography: How to Pitch And Sell A Movie Or Book Based On Your Life Story”, very helpful to me. I’m a 47-year old gay man from the Philippines. I have lived here, mostly in the San Francisco Peninsula area, for more or less 20 years. I came here 20 years ago to check on my parents who were the living in Southern California while working for a pharmaceutical company in the Philippines. On my second return trip from the Philippines, I decided to leave my job and help bring my younger sister over so she can try her luck in the nursing field here in the United States.
    As for myself, I kept trying and trying to find ways to gain legal status in the country. I resorted to having a sham marriage so I can get a work permit. This one event led to other events and realized one day I was no longer in control of my life. In 2008, my world stopped when the INS refused to renew my work permit. All of a sudden, I faced a towering wall in front of me. I needed to deal with the fact that I no longer have a work permit and that I’m in the process of getting evicted from my apartment, being homeless becoming more and more a reality as the days went on, my mental issues about being a gay man and my relationship with immediate family came to the front and that being a Filipino born and raised in the Philippines living in San Francisco became centerstage in my life at that point in time.
    In 2014, I was granted prosecutorial discretion by the INS and this came with a one-year renewable work permit. Over a month ago, I started working as a part-time housekeeper at a bed & breakfast in Noe Valley owned by a nice Jewish lady. Just yesterday, I came to the Western Dental Clinic across the street to have my teeth examined so I can prepare to have my porcelain bridge repaired.
    Today, I dropped by the Mission public library and spoke with the branch manager about resources available for people who want to write an a book, particularly an autobiography in my case.
    I have written emails and letters to 9/11 organizations in New York, organizations that were formed in response to Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines and other materials that I have available that I can share with anyone who can help me get started in writing a book.
    Maybe, you can personally help me or direct me to someone in San Francisco who can help. I’ll appreciate your help. Right now, I’m busy looking for a room to rent.
    Please let me know what you can do for me. God bless you!


    Joevic Cunada
    397 Moscow St.
    San Francisco, CA 94112
    415-678-7008 cp

  37. Hey , my name is Karly Kelly from Peoria, IL and I want to explain to you about me and my sister and brothers story and want to know how we can get our story out worldwide . Where to begin ? Our story has its faults and its goods . Okay here it is . I met this boy , and at first we never thought of being anything more then friends we told each other about everything , he got taken away for awhile which caused us to be seperated ( he’s in foster care ) , as soon as he returned home he contacted me right away and asked me to come and see him , and you know I was down and was quick to come . When I arrived I stayed with him for a few days , but he’s on punishment that stops him from being able to go places without an adult around so we got bored sitting at the house , at the house it was me him , and are little brother ( his foster brother ) . So , is being dumb kids we decided to do something that could make us have fun at home , pills. The pills we took make you feel like God has touched you with his hand . Eventually , me and him fell Inlove , a connection came that both of us had never felt before in our life’s . Back to the pills , the next day we went to a city by us to pick up my boyfriends brother so he could live with us because the foster mom here sees hope in all kids and believes just because they did wrong that they are still good kids and still can make it in life . Back to the pills so he came over and we all took the pills together and formed a bond that nobody could break , I’m not even this close to my blood brothers and sisters . Eventually we wanted to try something new put aside the pills and tried LSD . This is where the bad things started happening , my boyfriend had a bad trip and has been in the hospital for a week and we’re hoping it isn’t a permatrip . The bad trip started at our house , he started to believe he was god and started reading the bible uncontrollably like as if he was possessed , it’s hard to explain like explaining the unexplainable . People that didn’t live the situation think we’re crazy . Since this situation has happened we see life from a different perspective that there is good in all people . We each have this feeling in us that we can really be something in life and help kids are age have bonds like never before . Just think how perfect the world would be if we saw the good in each other instead of the bad ? We’d actually have the true definition of world peace . And we were wondering as your part if you could help us succeed in doing this and getting around to others because it’s so hard to accomplish all by yourself . Anyways , I hope you can read this and get back to us immediately , God bless – the chosen ones . ?

  38. Hi Stephanie,
    This is a great article. Thank you for writing it. Very informative.

    I have a life story I know will save lives. That’s why I want to write it. To help children, women who find themselves in situations that they never thought they would be in. I am a former foster child. For the first 6 years of my life I witnessed my poor mentally-ill little Puerto Rican mother be physically hurt and sexually sold by her own husband. One day in New Orleans, my mother was forced to prostittue herself so her husband could buy a pack of beer.

    In 1984, the man who had abused my mother as well as me passed away in front of me. I was 6 at the time and saw him die.

    I felt numb. He was a bad man. I had no idea how much our lives was about to change. I and 4 of my siblings would be placed in a foster home. I would remain there for the next 10 years. The family on the outside looked like they had it all together. My dad was a pastor, we 5 children served in our community. We were very well behaved children, and made good grades in school. There was a lot of verbal and physical abuse inside that home. Yet in 1989, they were legally able to adopt all 5 of us children. As a teenager, I would look in the mirror, at my pimple faced pudgy self and scream to God I wanted to die. I wanted a way out. I was at my breaking point. No one would believe the abuse we lived in every day. At age 16 I got in a disagreement with my foster mom, she beat my up. Slapped me, pulled out a lot of my hair. I just took it. I cried and cried. There was nothing I could do. No one would believe me. No one knew what went on behind those closed doors.

    Just 2 days later she and my foster dad signed for me to become an adult. All I had ever wanted was someone to believe in me enough not to give up on me. I sobbed and sobbed. That day she signed, I was shaking and crying so hard. She looked at me, and told me, ” You are not my daughter, do not ever contact me again.” Do you hear me? There was no love in her voice. I believed she truly despised me.

    I would like to say it was an easy road for me, but very far from that. I struggled for years. I was a happy girl on the outside but on the inside I was a mess. Some days were more difficult than others. I felt I had no place where I fit in in this life.

    I often worked 2-3 low paying jobs, I went to college part time for 7 years trying to find my place in life. I had 2 short marriages, both claimed to be good men. Both were abusive, had hidden addictions, had affairs and got another woman pregnant. Both divorced me to marry someone else. The last one, someone I had known over 25 years was the worst. He was not only narrassistic, but at times had become physically abusive to me. My absolute worst nightmare was coming true again. He did a very good job covering up his tracks and turning others against me.

    I could have given up on life altogether. At times I really wanted to. There were days I prayed for God to just let me pass away quietly in my sleep peacefully. Somehow God gave me strength to keep me going. After having such a background of so much abuse I thought I could identify it and would run away from it.

    Today I am Ms. Georgia America 2015, and a voice for youth and women today. There has since those prior years been healing, hope, miracles, and restoration. I would love to continue to offer hope to our youth and women as I found on my personal journey. I found mine and pray others find theirs.

    Melissa Fleming Hurd

  39. I have a story so out there and disturbing that I’m scared to write it down even on here. It started out with a pop, pop sound, two loud pops back to back and then two “people” came into the room. They looked like holograms but slightly more solid I guess you could say, yet they were quite faint to look at. It was a lady and a man, the man was thin and around 6′ or 6’1″ and he preceeded to apparently have sex with me. He was actually somewhat loving about it at first. Out of nervousness and trying to distract myself I spoke a bit to myself out loud saying how my hands were so cold and the “indididual” then took the hand that I was emphasizing the most and put his hand on it to warm it up. I don’t know if this was some sort of cloaking device, interdimensional occurence with actual people, or well I really don’t want to speculate too much because it scares the crap out of me.

    It seemed to take a turn for the worst though once he seemed done. He then started what appeared to be slapping me in the face right and left over and over again. This was the first occurence of this and when they left I heard a pop, pop again, although they went back and forth several times. I could speculate here but wow that could lead a long way down the rabbit hole. The next day I started to feel something wierd well, something that should be very private; somehow someone was messing with a sex simulation machine or device on me, so I could feel things going on if you know what I mean. It actually would hurt though after a while and it was again quite disturbing.

    Believe it or not that’s only the tip of the iceburg on what happened, what followed was so messed up I can’t even wrap my brain around it; it almost cost me my life. If someone is interested in purchasing this story I would be very thankful. It’s been hard to carry on as I ended up being Baker Acted twice and my credibility within my family and possibly friends and my small hometown has been ruined by this.

    This could very well be happening to other people besides me, in fact I would be pretty shocked if it wasn’t with all the weird technology they used on me (like I said much more to the story).

  40. Hi! Stephanie

    my husband and I during the nineties worked for the rich and famous and some of them very famous.
    We worked as a couple I as a Chef and he as Majordomo and as anyone can imagine we did encounter lots of funny and some unpleasant moments. We have started to write about it as novel not mentioning their names to protect for any law suit, it is kind of like “The nannies”/ “The Devil wear Prada”,
    but even as we speak and we (think) write well English, we realize will need some help to put it together because our first language is French. How do you think we should worked it out.

    • Hi Stella,

      I suggest writing down as much as you can as a first step. The more of your personal stories that you have written down, in as much detail as possible, the more a collaborator will be able to help you efficiently. After you have assembled a good quantity of stories, then you could seek a writer/ghostwriter or editor to help you shape it into a book. I wish you lots of success with it!

  41. Hello Stephanie Palmer, I have written a book, it is on Amazon. The name is he lives to take away My Shame. A non fiction story. I would like to know how can I sell my story. Here is an excerpt
    life. Taking place in the 1960’s a single mother desperate to provide for her children sought employment with one of Las Vegas well known wealthy business men. She applied for a job, but ended up receiving unwarranted benefits. Life will never be the same for this single mother, after her employer begins sexually abusing her pre-teen daughter and resulting in a hidden pregnancy. They are forced to protect his identity. This haunting secrete will lie doormat for 40 years until the child, now a man, ask the forbidden question. “Who is my father” Through God’s merciful love, see how 40 years of “shame” “suffering” “tears” and “pain” are finally dealt with once and for all. The mom SOLD, the man BOUGHT, but the daughter PAID. “He Lives to take Away My Shame” is a must read for all

    • Hi Sheila, this sounds like a very traumatic experience. The first step would be to get some press interested in featuring your story— start locally and then work up to national press. Sometimes, with national press and news stories that get a lot of attention, producers will option or purchase the life rights of those involved.

  42. I would like to write a story about my life. How do I do that? Or I want someone else to write it. What do I do? I was adopted and I don’t know who my mother is. I was adopted by a family and my life has been a world wind. I feel a young teenage girl would relate to my story.

    • Writing a story of your life seems like it might be simple, but can be quite daunting. You can hire a ghostwriter or editor to help you shape the story, but I suggest getting as much down on paper as you can. There are books like How To Write A Memoir in 30 Days that may be helpful to you if you are looking for writing inspiration and a place to start.

  43. I’ve always said this person should write her memoirs. Her life was an only child to a divorced, single mother in the early 70’s, who also happened to be an orphan and illegal immigrant from Quebec. After reconnecting with her father, her life in the Appallacian mountains wasn’t far from the likes of Deliverance. I love listening to her stories. It’s hard to believe she’s a successful, well adjusted married mother of two wearing suits and consulting after hunting squirrel for food to survive. It’s quite the story.

  44. HI. I don’t really know where to start…there’s a lot of inspirational stories presented here and that deserve recognition…my story is a bit different because it’s not just about what I’ve experience but multiple people I know. it surrounds the people that live in poverty and what we’re made to do in life to survive.. I grew up in a small town called aransas pass in texas. I was brought up in a worn down trailer with three brothers and one sister, growing up my parents didn’t have a lot of money, so we were all home schooled and sheltered, it was hard to get by, at times we didn’t have electricity nor food to get out of the father worked hard for 44 years at the same job, it took a toll on him, and he took it out on all of us, there was a lot of abuse, my older brother grew to resent my father because of it, when he was 15 he started to escape and got into drugs and alcohol, multiple times in trouble with the law, my other lost his sanity and was in and out of mental institutions, it was too much for my oldest brother who ran away when he was 18, which I couldn’t have blamed him. me, well I followed in the footsteps of my older brother and started getting into the drugs, the friends, the parties and from time to time, run in with the law. it went like that for years and years…my brother introduced me to this guy we called “noodles” little did I know this person was to become my best friend, almost like a brother…we were crazy and had a lot of adventures, not the good kind..we put ourselves in situations where I’m grateful to be alive, I would put it in detail, but it’s just too much to 2012 “noodles” passed away due to suicide, well that’s what the cops proclaimed, it was obvious he was murdered because there was more than one gun shot behind him on the wall. it never reached the news and he never got the justice he was deserved, because he was of lower class society…this why I’m writing this and hopefully get it into a film, because people like us have been forgotten, nobody cares to hear our story and what we go through on a regular day basis, so many good people that have passed and never got the recognition they many stories out there that needs attention that’s just floating around somewhere….pleas read with understanding of the desperation I have writing this…take it in consideration is all I ask,,,I have so much more to tell…thank you for taking the time for reading this whoever you may be….

  45. I live in costa rica ive been on the run since 2001 and I have the most interesting stories that u might not believe them but I have witnesses u will make millions if u write it

  46. Hi- Got real interesting stories about ma real life- could be based on true story comedies- Consider this guy who beat odds(including playin truant) to return grades that took him to big colleges- But this is Africa where colleges are few and scholarships are frozen all around him coz of his past- Goes to the US but cant get scholarship to complete study-Tries many things in the states odd jobs even stand up comedy- A fun lover who night life returns to kenya without saving or graduating college to face all sorts of disrespect where stereotypes are that america should make you rich and no one even returns – The reality is in america you are afraid of returning because all expect you to have it all-But there those in africa who embraced local economies and actually based on african values are doing better- No one wants to employ you – unless you set up your own business which could take time . This guy even discovers he made an american girl pregnant with twin boys who were probably adopted- really concerned -tries to draw contact online with the baby mama because he is really concerned about everything now- To raise hype and respect he comes up with a plan and starts talking running for president with novel ideas on uneployment- Claiming that with his american experience(everyone believes he didnt accomplish anything there though- he can come up with projects of enjoying life off employment which would lure the employed to take vacations in them so that the qualified unemployed could get some playing time- He causes a stir -he is harassed here and there. There may even be attempts on him like is usual in africa when you are not known and you say something big-it may not even be the government itself just silly individuals who hate new ideas from dudes they thought should never say a thing-He is not able to run for president but believes this is enough hype to run for a lifetime-and gets energy to keep trying starting setting up his own marketing ventures-He believes because american baby mama refused to contact while he could have helped – his conscience is clean – And face it drawing attention talking running for president in a place like kenya where american presence is huge is enough hype that should spill to his biological kids – In the meantime he hopes to make enough money in africa bridge credits online get a masters in marketing and visit America to graduate- tO HIM aMERICA would be the FORGOTTEN LINES! where He would have a lot to do- Belives HE COULD DO THIS BY 2018- In the meantime hard life goes on in a modern African economy- Where anyone who could hire him believes that to return to Africa without doing much there should be condemned- but he reminds them-You know am the dude that talked running for president only recently-gimmie a break- That is part of my real life story – get me a comedian who would be interested especially when Peter Ed looks like he was trying to take his boy(at least one of his 2 boys) to the top by returning to africa against all odds and raising hype-
    Thats only in brief its more awesome than that-


  48. Hello ,my story is as true as I write to u today ,I was born in Philadelphia pa ,I was abused all my life by the hands of my mother ,who had a lot of mental issues with her own abuse ,I was beat ,locked in a room as often as I dad worked two jobs ,I was torcherd at times, very cruel events to say the least ,my brother let some of his friends touch me in inapropate ways ,when I was 12 I ran away to get away for so many bad things ,as a result I became a ward of the state as my father said I was incoragable but he didn’t know why I had ran away so much ,I then was put into a group home where that was not such a good place eighter I was a young cacassuin girl with blonde hair and blue eyes and other children were of different race ,so I was getting beat up a lot ,I then ran away again because my older sister said she knew of a place I could go ,a 24 year old man was gonna have a birthday party for my sister and they said to go there ,when I arrived my sister wasn’t there but the man was I had met him a few times befor though friends so I thought I would be ok ,he was nice to me for the first days ,then when I wanted to leave I was told I couldn’t go ,and he said I was now his ,I was a 12 year old virgin with plans of staying that way til marrage that dream was quickly taken away ,I was then tied to a cot naked and every day he would rape me slowly until he fully penetrated fully ,no one came looking for me as I thought there would be ,the events that acured for the next two years were unbelievable but this is just the beging of some events in my life ,I am not well educated so writing is hard for me ,I want to write a book about every thing ,but its hard for me ,I need someone who I can tell my staory and they can write it ,I left out many of things because theres so much more to tell ,I just want u to hear a bit of what I been through and maybe can help me find someone to help me write my book,Thank you for reading this .Dawn

    • I’m very sorry that you had to experience this tragedy. I suggest finding someone locally to help get your story written. Frequently, you can find writers by creating a post on Craigslist explaining what you are looking for in a writer and many of my clients who aren’t strong writers but who have a story to tell have benefitted from talking their story out loud while being recorded, and then having the conversation transcribed.

      • Hi Stephanie!

        We’re a married couple whom decided a few years ago to explore our own erotic curiosities. Following a series of “search snafus” and naive communication blunders, we stumbled upon an ad posted by a couple whom we were shocked to discover were actually paid escorts. We refused their “services,” but became intrigued by their claim that there was a “huge market” for such taboo offerings. The result is that we have gone on to become among the top rated escorts in the world and by FAR the top escort “duo” (check out our website and “Our Story” page for hilarious and sexy details).

        We have built an amazing “brand” and have been recently interviewed by various magazines, including online magazines,, and; and international publications, including Maxim and Marie Claire. This has resulted in our being contacted by various production companies hoping to snatch up the rights to our life story. We are currently writing a memoir about our WILD erotic journey – tentative title: “Taboo Couple: How a married couple searching for ways to spice things up in the bedroom went on to become the top rated escorts in the world.”

        Our question to you is: Where do we go from here? We aren’t sure if we should continue writing the memoir ourselves and self-publish, or whether we should seek professional assistance (we’re actually gifted writers as well as fantasy fulfillers/sex coaches, btw – snippets are posted on our website). But we’re not just writing a typical “escort tell-all” talking only about explicit sex, drug abuse (we don’t do drugs), etc. What distinguishes our story from other “escort memoirs” is that we have had the unique opportunity to help men (we don’t see women) address their struggles with fantasies that are so taboo in nature that they’d never reveal them to anyone other than us. And so our real life erotic experiences are VERY relevant to current societal events and debates and we KNOW that a movie and/or TV show about it will inspire a much needed dialogue about the topic of male sexuality. Should we pitch the show to production companies ourselves or do we seek help? We’re struggling to navigate through the sea of entertainment lawyers, agents, production companies.

        Please advise! And thanks…

      • Hi Taboo Couple,

        Thanks for you comment and great that you have been getting press interviews from established publications!

        These are complex question as the answers depends on your specific goals. It is hard to give specific advice without knowing more about your specific goals. For many people, they would like to make a lot of money, write a book, have a TV show, become famous and help people with their work. While all of these goals may be possible over time, very rarely do they happen at the same time or on the first project.

        In general, I recommend writing as much as you can yourselves, and then working with a ghostwriter to polish your book. Especially if you want to get a deal with a major network or cable channel, you would benefit from having your book published by a mainstream publisher, rather than self-published.

        If you self-publish a memoir, you will retain the rights and a larger portion of the profits, but will not have the credibility and distribution of a mainstream publisher— you’ll be on the hook to do the marketing and publicity to demonstrate that your story is commercially viable.

        Before you build a team and take your project to market, you want to have the maximum possible leverage. The way you get that is by writing a book that is a huge success, which demonstrates the viablity of your story, and gets multiple players to compete to work with you.

  49. I have a auto biography about starting the major entertainment businesses ,Rap Hip Hop,Video Games ,and Mortal Kombat the real boss Author Manning Jr and how they kidnap people with my money.

  50. I have a story to tell about myself and my family who are all messed up but some of us have survived ok. There is molestation, addictions, mental illness, overcome by guilt, etc, by various members of my family. I was married to an exhibitionist and knew nothing about this sort of thing and almost lost my life. I married a man who put me down and has caused worse self-esteem and head games much worse than the pervert. I may not even be my dad’s oldest child. I cannot even begin to tell you enough but I am wanting someone to write my story and I tell it. My friends say I should def. write a book or get it written. Please get in touch with me. I have a lot of sad memories and even would be willing to be hypnotized to see what I am trying to forget. Some of the info. is about the small town and how it works but not always in a good way. Please call me at 870-942-8432

    • Hi Katie, It sounds like you have had some very serious experiences in your life. As you process and work on writing a book, I think Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird may be helpful to you.

  51. (Background): A fact that is overlooked by most in the U.S; virtually 40%-50% of northern CA.’s economics (once past 75mi north of SF) is the underground production & sale of cannabis. In 1996 a legislative bill entitled Prop 215 enabled a CA resident (with a recommendation from a certified, in good standing w/ the state of CA, Dr.) to use/consume/grow whatever their aliment required – as in no limitations to amounts of cannabis…..


    (Story): Imagine two teenage boys who live in a rural northern CA county (the country there is breath-taking). They have grown up accustomed to cannabis acting as a second currency. Their families each grow a few plants. The second, and minority group in the sparsely populated county, are the conservatives who only want the stench of the cannabis plant eradicated from their neighborhoods. Even though monies earned by selling a few pounds of cannabis by most of the families in this area goes right back into their own communities, as evident when one of the teenagers families goes to the local grocery store to shop just a few days after unloading a pound to friends in southern CA., the police and Sheriff’s dept.s harass and bust as many of these honest and hard working families as they can. Little do most of the officers know that when their off duty and sneak a joint late in the evening (when no one is supposedly looking), the two teenage boys who are average bored kids are watching them from safe distance (while they are up in a tree). Then Prop 189915 passes which enables the residents in the rural northern CA counties to legally grow and posses cannabis.
    This truly starts a near civil war between the rich conservative/bible-thumpers of the communities, and the small-time pot growing families. Law enforcement officers pull dirty-tricks in investigating and framing one of the families. The family in question hides with the kind hearted neighbors of the town.

    (The Twist): The Sheriff’s dept of this county, THIS WHOLE TIME (as we all discover in the story) this department had a large outdoor building that they were themselves were (law enforcement) GROWING marijuana! (this is true!). The two teenagers wind up breaking into this unguarded building, and they then STEAL all the law enforcements pot, and a bunch of the pot that was also in that building came from other illegal busts of good hearted community neighbors (this part has a Robin-Hood effect). As the cops all race around thinking a thugs gang from SF came up to rob them, the department itself begins to implode. The money from the sale of the pot that the two teenage boys stole from the cops went to pay for excellent law representation for the family which had been illegally busted earlier. The teenager’s family was eventually acquitted of all charges, while the police of the town (including some of the uber-conservative factions of the town, those who also helped the police/Sheriff’s officers to illegally set up the teenagers family in the first place) were brought before various state and federal authorities to answer for the dirty tricks, illegal tactics, and civil rights abuse they had inflicted on so many over the course of a year in such a small community.

    (The End)

    I, Brent, the commentator of the above post (with the email address of this story and/or the personal story rights.
    – Sorry but you cant ever be too careful these days…plagiarism IS on the rise unfortunately!
    I think this story has a timeless element to it. The current & on-going police crackdown on citizens civil liberties (consider the shootings of late), of course it has the marijuana element forcing the listener (or possible viewer) to look at this subject in a whole different light, and the fact that it focuses on small-town USA (which has its own grass-roots feel which is very popular now)… dunno… I feel it may have potential
    Regarding myself: I have been interviewed on radio, and a published book mentions some of my story in one paragraph – the author picked up the story via a Sacramento Bee article I was in which was also published heavily throughout the web.
    What do you think?
    Thanks in advance –

    • Thanks for sharing, Brent. I knew cannabis growing was a big business, but that is really big. Unfortunately, I only give specific pitch feedback to my clients and I have been booked and unable to accept new clients for some time. This is why I created my course, How To Be A Professional Writer, which contains the material I cover with my private clients in the first 8-10 sessions, and which teaches you the method used by top screenwriters to test and hone their story concepts and scripts (as well as get in the room with people who can buy your material).

      No worries if you’re not interested but if you are you can check out the course here.

  52. Hey Stephanie, I’m just curious if this is anything you would be interested in and I can go from that. My story is about a guy that had the time of his life in high school his senior year with great friends but days after graduation his uncle dies and he becomes more and more distant from his family as he starts to spiral into bad habits and runs with worse and worse people. The summer was filled with alcohol drugs and young girls. Eventually he climbs out of the hole he digs himself but not before he scrapes his face off jumping out of a car and his friend wraps his truck around a tree while drunk. Something which he could have stopped. Obviously this person is me and the whole story is in a lot more detail. I’m just curious if it would be of interest?

    • Hi Tim,
      It sounds like you’ve had some serious life experiences and I’m sorry for your loss. Based on what you have shared, while relatable by many people, I don’t see it as a mainstream film. I suggest checking out Judy Carter’s book The Message of You to help you share your story and what you’ve learned with a larger audience who could benefit from your experience.

  53. Stephanie my name is andrew i want to share the ups and downs in my life i was adopted at birth went to prison i escaped from prison and made my way to mexico i had never been out of the us before i stole 3 vehicles in mexico and alot more illegal things i ahad to do to survive adown from there

    • I suggest writing down your story as much as you can as a place to start. If writing is challenging, you can talk your story out and make an audio recording which can then be transcribed into text.

  54. Dear Stephanie,
    I am looking to for advice as to how to get my life story out through book, play or movie. Looking for advice for title as well thinking ” “BliNDED BY Love ” or “Mistaking Love”
    I have was in a relationship with my high school sweet heart on and off for 15 yrs. In that time he did many hurtful things to me but I would stop dating him but I would let him convenience me he was ready to change.. So I would take him in this fifteen yr period This same guy took my virginity at 17,cheated on me several times, abused me, got me pregnant and put me out of house when baby was three months with out a job and place called home, destroyed not one but two marriage, one being my brother marriage. He is know starting a family with her(my sisternlaw) now….

  55. I have a story, still living it though. I need my story told, for so many reasons. I am a 47 year old stage IV Cancer patient ( stable for now) fighting ferociously . I have been given a beautiful life w/ my husband of 21 yrs and teenage daughters, until Cancer interrupted…Pandora’s box was then opened our lives quickly shifted, depression became a side show in our family, then facing suicide, secret lives, transgender identity confusion, theft,and a mind blowing break in set up by the man we once all knew, leaving us penniless …. Relevant ? Health, depression, transgender, suicide prevention, independence… I’d Love to get my voice heard

  56. Good morning
    I am a writer of stories I am looking for buy me stories I have at the end of every ten days 15 story I want to sell it if the broker wants to not work with me, I welcome that will not lose anything I’ll wait for response
    Thank you
    Good morning dear
    I own some of the stories I want to help me sell it for the money and I am ready to share the profits with him please reply soon
    Thank you

  57. Hi Stephanie,
    I’ve had a lot of people tell me to attempt a story of my life so I’ve made a start & find it very addictive!
    I had an “interesting” childhood being the only English kid in a Scottish school
    Joined the Royal Navy at 16 & became the youngest Navy Clearance diver at 17 years old
    Left at 21 & became a commercial diver for 22 years
    Raced motorbikes for 2 years
    Worked in Baghdad & Mosul in the private security sector for 3.5 years
    Worked anti-piracy off Somali for 4 years
    Presently working with private security in Nigeria
    There are a millon stories involved in all of this, humour, happiness, sadness & everything in between, do you think I have the possibility of a good foundation fon a book? I’m going to give it a whirl anyway & see how it pans out :)

  58. In a nutshell, both my parents died within 6 months of each other due to lung cancer when I was 13, from then on I became an alcoholic and adolescent resulting in 3.5 years jail time, in my life I have been bashed at the hand’s of an alcoholic step dad on the daily, slept on the streets, have had to steal food to survive and sneak into pools to shower! 5 years later, I have been sober for 3 years, turned my life and started my own family with my fiance and 8 month old! I still don’t have a cent but I have something that means more, family again!

  59. Stephanie,

    I am the son of Bryant William Bowles I am now 58 yrs old I feel like it is time to tell my story with what is going on in a
    America today between blacks and whites I was very impressed with Pat Buchanan comments to Barack Obamba on race that cost him his release from CNN it was truly a eye opener for the American public both black and white to think about please google my father and advice me of the best way to get my story out there I am a very successful building contractor it’s not for the money I want this story told please advice thanks

    • Dear Stephanie
      AMERICAN FUGITIVE story by Thomas Lion is a memoir that starts off running then settles down to deliver volumes of heart, humor, and killer scenes as Lion assumes several identities to survive. Lion will do anything, go anywhere, assume any identity to preserve his honor, marriage, money and survive alive. A legal marijuana grower recalls his days as a pot fugitive. True stories like this wild and quirky adventure are few and far between. A retro but relevant tale of romance, mystery, betrayal, tragedy, and a life lost then found . A memoir that reads like a novel and travels from simple origins–picking and selling wild weed–to secret banking centers in the UK and life on the lam. A clever young writer, a sexy undercover cop’s daughter and a quirky cast of characters are driven underground with assumed identities and chased by the Cannabis cops. A Lloyds of London man, a gay UK antiques dealer and a Guernsey banker all help keep the Lion on the lam. The movie Catch Me If You Can has a similar feel to this non stop running read. Looking for true character driven stories for development projects? Lion’s Lam would make a great movie or internet series project. Your thoughts?

      • Thanks Thomas, and I’m sorry I just saw this comment now. I only work as a consultant and not a producer, so I’m not personally looking for projects to produce.

  60. Your suggestions listed above are very helpful. Finding how to connect first is the hardest. I’ve been told over and over to share my story. My target of readers are inner city teens who feel helpless and stuck due to circumstances beyond their control. I was one of those kids who always knew there was something more “out there” and while my life was surrounded by violence, molestation, drugs, alocohol, and guns – not to mention the culture shock of moving as a teen from the big city to the likes of “Deliverance” in rural Appalachia, I never gave up hope to live my life how I envisioned. I want so desperately to share my story in hopes of touching even just one teen to inspire hope, perseverance and determination. I’m glad you’ve provided some avenues to consider as I’m piecing together my story that hopefully will not only appeal to our today’s youth from a humorous perspective, but most importantly, with hopes of saving a life. Thank you ~

  61. Hello Stephanie,

    my story is probably the most bizarre, and it may be that it can never be shared with the world. Within the realm of Ufology, the term “trained observer” is usually reserved for someone whose professional occupation suggests they are more reliable as a UFO witness than your average Joe; such as policemen, pilots, and so on. Well I am a pretty average Joe, and I am also likely one of the most well “trained observers” to come along in a while. I have been trained by the surveillance subjects themselves, and have been provided with multiple demonstrations of what they can do.

    I have not had any direct contact with the subjects. All I have are recorded observations, non recorded observations, and conjecture. Given what I witnessed with their first demonstration, it appears they are capable of interdimensional travel and perhaps interdimensional transport as well. The transport possibility is a rather timely and relevant distinction given our present malaise; as in those three reactor cores at Fukushima that have melted down beyond their containment vessels. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just wish them away?

    The likelihood of being able to secure some intergalactic help with our energy problems is not very promising, primarily due to this nation’s absolute and thorough corruption. The oligarchs will drag this world to permanent extinction before admitting that nuclear energy isn’t as nice and safe as they want us to believe. As for acknowledging the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrial life, the oligarchs are also afraid someone might ask. “Hey, why is it that UFOs are seen almost everywhere in the world except at a gas station filling up with fossil fuel?”

    I am struggling with trying to write my own story, and doubt my dubious writing talent warrants me spending over $800 with From what I’ve been told, I’d still be saddled with marketing it. My first effort, “Stalkers”, was a stab at wrapping it in humor, an introduction with four paragraphs. It seems pretty lame as I look at it now. Looking at returns I got from Googling “sell your story”, besides finding your webpage I’m also looking at the Sun tabloid in the UK. Well let me leave you with my not so great narrative website.

    At this other website, I don’t include any narrative. Just a handful of photos and videos.

    • Thanks for your note, Jimmy. Selling this kind of story will be easier if you are able to get mainstream press to cover it, though many popular stories have started from the tabloid world. I’d focus on your local press, then state, national and international. I wish you lots of luck.

  62. IF I SELL MY STORY I WOULD PUT ALOT OF FAMOUS PEOPLE IN THE SPOT IM CURRENTLY ON HOUSE ARREST FOR WHAT I’VE DONE BUT IT WOULD REALLY STOP ALOT OF FRAUD AND WOULD MAYBE EVEN PUT A TARGET ON MY HEAD I HAVE BEEN ON THE NEWS online done alot but just don’t know who would contact me but my story involves drugs fraud money party famous people and traveling and jail and all that crazy stuff any suggestions

  63. In 1982 I was a small time drug dealer in the public park (Bryant Park) behind the library in Manhattan, New York City, and I was ask to join a running group for people with disability because I was born with one leg. I took them up on invitation, and I started training in Central Park 20 to 30 miles a week and also participated in races ranging from 5 miles, 6, 10, 12.4, 13.1, and 20 miler. This training was in preparation for the New York City marathon which is 26.2 miles in distance. On October of 1983 I was on the staring line of the New York City Marathon at Verrazano Bridge with six other disable participants, and I complete the distance in 7 hours and 6 minutes and became the first man in the history of the marathon to do it on one leg and a pair of regular crutches. I was subject of lots of media coverage, and I was even invited to the White House to be congratulated by Ronald Reagan and was in more then 500 thousand copies of the Hispanic news paper in New York city with Ronald Reagan on the back page which is the sport section. I did the marathon the following year and again was subject of lots of media coverage. I repeat it again in !986, but it was the Miami Orange Bowl Marathon and I was in the front page of the Miami Herald over 1.5 million of the Sunday paper. I have videos of my visit to the White House and the news paper clips are on archive. After all that achievement I got deep into drugs and I could not quick doing them for over twenty years, but twenty three years ago I left them and I went back to college and got and associate, a bachelors and masters in international business. I also though myself to play the trombone and in the last two years I have been playing with community bands in Miami and now in Philadelphia where I moved from Miami. I am also a founding member and the first member of Achilles International which is the organization that makes it possible for the disable vets to participate in marathon around the country and around the world. I spend three years smoking crack in the streets of New York City, and I use to sleep in park benches, in Central Park, and in the trains of the New York City subway. I was in and out of jails in New York city. Today I have a Masters degree in International Business, and I am married to a wonderful woman who I loves me. I have proof of everything and the New York Roadrunners and Achilles International can vouch for me that my life story is free of biases and true.

    • You have an incredible story, John Paul. I recommend Judy Carter’s book The Message of You as it may help you create an inspirational speech and be able to share your story to a wider platform so others may benefit.

  64. Hi I have a true life story for a book and movie. I will and won’t reveal on here.. but I can say almost everything I tell … their is proof to it all… I’m looking for someone who I can trust who is in search of doing a film… or writing a book on true life events of someone family… I know you all heard this before … awwww I have a great story… but the events that happened in me and my kids life is different…. I Pray that Someone Serious will Contact me.. And I know This will be one of the best Book Seller and one of the Best True life stories out Movie. I cry as I type this cause its so much.. I just don’t know how to get my story out.. But I know someday someone will contact me and beileve in me and be willing to sit and listen to everything.. Thanks

    • Hi Tanisha. The first step I recommend is to write down as much of your story as you can. This can be therapeutic, but also will give you a place to start when talking to producers or journalists.

  65. hello and hi

    My name is neiman Johnson and I have an incredibleh amazing story. When I was 3 a family member tried to human sacrifice me. They only got as far branding me. When i was five I saved a woman from a serial killer who put her in a woodchipper. I chose not to go public so it was never put in a newspaper. I later went on to save other lives from rapeS and overdoseS and I almost saved someone from being lynched when I was 17 (1999). I later found out about nine eleven before it happened and gave a whole whole of ideas that are out now and a billion people use them on a daily basis. I asked for rights and change in return. this is my story in a nutshell. And I’m currently writing an autobiography. I’m on year 2006 I plan on stopping at year 2014.

    I’d like to know if I have a story that has the potential to be picked up the movie makers?

    • Hi Neiman,

      You’ve obviously had some shocking life experiences, but this doesn’t mean that your life rights are likely to be purchased by movie makers. The majority of people who have their life rights purchased have had stories in the national or international press first to validate and verify their experiences. This isn’t to diminish your traumatic experiences, only to share that it is very rare that life rights are purchased for movies.

  66. I have a terrible story that happend and is happening to me now child was stolen from me and taken to louisianna by her birthmother..and bought and sold in a shady adoption without my knowledge …the witness on the adoption came forward and told me what they had done ….im no writer ….but if given the right person I would to have my story put in the public’s eye about what is happening in america to poor people…and how adoption corporations are buying and selling our children I’m in court now ..police have an investigation and I want my story heard…

  67. My life is about having to live with my parents till I was 30 to finally get married. During that time I was unemployed for 6 years due to social phobias and anxiety / I had a false visionary brainwash me by forcing me to become a nun in her religious community. It was a 3 year battle etc there’s more to the story , the extra details , just think my journey would make a good movie

  68. I have a true life story about me and my siblings that lived with a stepdad who done horrible things to us when we were kids, the end result was he tried to kill me and my 2 sisters because he was afraid of us telling on him, he did shoot one of my sisters in the back. I feel my true life story would make a great movie and I would like someone get in touch with me and tell me what I need to do to get started please.

    • Donna, I am so sorry that you had to experience something so horrible. The first step is to get as much down of your story as you can in writing. Some people like to type out their thoughts and others prefer to record a conversation and then have the words transcribed. When you have the story written down, then you will have a document that you can share with others (potential producers, screenwriters, managers, others who can help).

  69. Hi,i think i have a great idea for a book or movie…i am Bulgarian ,half of my live was the communist regime,and i grow up as an orphan,(to be orphan in Bulgaria is totally different than in America)and i think ,my story is going to be address to orphan kids,as a success- real story,not to give up you dreams. After all ,i am a mother of 3,and a grand mother.I can say that,all my dream’s become true.I am american citizen now,and all my kids and grand kids are with me in USA. I have a hard time ,writing in English,that is the reason ,not to write my story by myself.

    • Hello my Bulgarian friend, my name is simona im in Canada, my background is Romanian my husband is Bulgarian, the reason im contacting you is i have the same Past im looking to shear my life story but is very hard to find some one ….did you have any luck?
      please stay in touch hope we can find some one interested in our life story…
      Hope to hear back from you.

  70. WOW! I stopped everything for three days and totally submerged myself in this reservoir. Came up for air. With years of Forensic Experience-pointing my creative compass in one direction. Haha! Thank Again, and Again and Again…

  71. My, My, My… A reservoir of information, I dipped my bucket in this GREAT body of needed information. Engulfed,Amazingly Overwhelmed. Thank You.

  72. Hi Stephanie,
    I’m from Iraq originally. and in the last 5 years before the second gulf war (2003), I managed to recruit few young men into joining me to form a small group of freedom fighter. We fought Saddam’s regime at night, infiltrating execution camps to save innocent victims from being executed (for no reason other than to terrorize the rest of the Iraqi people) the next morning.
    we’ve lost a good friend and a heroic member of our group, sacrificing his life to save ours. We were just young men who lived an ordinary day life as university students, but at night, we gambled on our lives in order to save the innocents. I was too close to being captured by that ruthless regime, if it weren’t for the war to break out in 2003, right after I was blacklisted by the government.
    I live in the U.S. now as a political asylee, because I worked hand in hand with the U.S. troops in Iraq during and after the war, to supply poor villages with food and medicine… Only to find myself blacklisted once again by the new rising resistance who saw me as “a traitor who works for the Americans”.
    A good friend of mine is a writer, and she helped me condense all those moments of my life in a book. The problem was (and it still is), it’s too hard to pitch a book to publishers or movie producers. And we lack the right connections.
    So I’d really appreciate any advice.


    • You have a great story. But to sell the book, you need a great pitch. I recommend my course, How To Be A Professional Writer. It’s the equivalent of working with me for ten or more sessions (a value of approximately $4000). Then, look for the right pitchfest situation to get yourself in front of potential publishers and see what their feedback is on your pitch. This will not only help you further improve your pitch, but you may develop the connections you need with decision-makers and fellow authors. Once you’ve done that, let me know and we’ll talk about the next steps.

  73. Enough of a story on my web site for a movie? Perhaps a book since much of the psychosis was in my head? You have good advice about changing the story to make it more appealing.

  74. I would like to contact some writers or producers regarding true life story which ia great for either movie or a book.


    • To whom it may concern, I am responding to your ad. I have written 3 books and I would like to make a movie about my life.

  75. Another great article, Stephanie, but you forgot one thing… greed. My life story has been pitched in Hollywood since it first came to the surface in 1990; the first star to be interested in it was Tom Cruise (we share the same lawyer), but weather it was the studio (all the major ones), executives (like Michael Eiser’s straight $2 million offer), or producers (can name any one of them), it was, they all loved the story, but I would have to take a back seat, let them have the script, which they would make into a “glorius film,” and hey, isn’t it cool that I’d see it on the big screen… while they make the money and I get the bragging rights (and to be fair, Eiser was the only one that offered money, but I could make that amount on the merchandise alone). Every time I seem to come close to a deal, the Greed Monster rears it’s ugly head, and it’s back to the beginning. Now that the documentary is currently being filmed, perhaps that will give credit to a feature film.

  76. As I’ve been working to bring the Cecil B. DeMille biopic (based on my novel) to the big screen, I keep getting calls from people telling me to make a movie about my own story. After spending half my life in and out of prisons and rehabs struggling with drug addiction, a writer sees “the Light” and turns his life around, becoming a bestselling author, award winning screenwriter, producer, and creative writing professor who helps others find their inner light and share their stories with the world. Or something like that. See:

  77. Wonderful article, Stephanie. I work with many aspiring writers who want to tell their life stories. I will be sure to provide this link on my Transformed by Writing website and facebook page. Thanks so much for the great points and perspective.

  78. Hi Stephanie,

    I’ve been working on a project based on incidents in my life while my parents attended college in San Francisco in the 60’s. Such a surfeit of material! I’m trying to break a story through it without going “Slacker” style indie. So far, I keep ending up as comic relief in the larger picture… :-\


  79. Hi Stephanie,

    I have an auto-bio in script form and a pretty good web site about my action/comedy that is based on a true story… called Hot Foot! (see

    I am about to start trying to raise seed money by advertising to foot doctors/surgeons… The budget ($7m) is complete, so are the Biz Plan and Private Placement Memorandum.

    Wondered if you’d take a look at the site and would like to know more?


    Frank Sacks*
    310 597-9888

    Hot Foot! will be my 5th feature film… my other credits are on IMDB.

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