Autobiography: How to Pitch And Sell A Movie Or Book Based On Your Life Story

how to sell life story rights to your autobiography

There are ways to get a movie made or book published about your autobiography. However, it’s an uphill battle. Let me share some tactics you can use when pitching your autobiography or memoir.

A difficult aspect of selling your autobiography is that you can lose perspective. When people accept or reject aspects of your autobiography, it’s easy to take it personally.

Therefore, to have the best chance to get your autobiography published or produced, you need to be able to see the pluses and minuses of the project in a more objective way.

What If Someone Else Was Pitching Your Autobiography?

Imagine how someone you don’t know would pitch your autobiography.

  • How would they start?
  • What elements would they highlight?
  • What would they leave out?
  • How would they describe YOU?

Most decision-makers are suspicious of people who are pitching autobiographical projects. This is because there are a lot of people people who believe “my life should be a movie/book,” when their life isn’t the kind of story that would interest a large audience.

One of the best ways to sell your autobiography is to partner with someone known for working with biographical material, and let them pitch it. That provides a crucial ingredient to getting a decision-maker interested: third-party validation.

Accumulate Third-party Validation

The single best thing you can do to make a decision-maker see the value of your autobiography is to convince other decision-makers that it is valuable.

For example:

  • Get a story about you written in the local paper.
  • Get a national magazine to feature you.
  • Attach a producer who specializes in biography.
  • Attach a star to the project who wants to play “you.”

What Is The ‘Movie Story’ Version Of Your Autobiography?

Thinking about what your autobiography would look like as a movie can help you clarify the most compelling aspects of the project. This will help you to pitch it effectively (whether you want it to be a movie or not).

Movies need to have a simple, clear story that maximizes visual interest. This often requires making significant adjustments to the actual events of your life. That’s why real lives and movie versions often differ (more on this here and here).

If your story was going to be a movie, how would you have to shape or adjust your story to fit the medium?

See Your Autobiography From The Decision-Maker’s POV

Lucky Man book coverAutobiographies, whether a book like Lucky Man (by and about Michael J. Fox), a movie like 8 Mile (about and starring Eminem), or a TV show like Louie (by, about, and starring Louis C.K.) have lots of potential to make money.

However, decision-makers such as agents, executives, and publishers typically do not want to invest in an autobiography unless it meets at least one of two standards:

  1. It must be incredible, timely, and relevant.
  2. It must already be successful in some other medium.

Incredible, Timely, And Relevant

You may have an unusual, amazing life story. But if it is not also timely and relevant to what’s happening in our culture, decision-makers are unlikely to want to invest.

To develop a more compelling pitch for your project:

  • Identify famous historical analogues to your story.
  • Link your story to trends in contemporary culture.
  • Reference current news stories on the same topic.

Here are two autobiographies that are in development. I’ve chosen them because neither author is a celebrity though both have extraordinary stories.

American Sniper bookScreen Shot 2013-10-16 at 9.05.17 AMSomething to notice about these two examples—neither was sold immediately as a movie. American Sniper was a successful book first, and Saroo Brierly’s story received significant international press coverage, then was sold as a book to Penguin and as a movie to See-Saw Films (The King’s Speech).

This demonstrates one of the key ingredients of selling your autobiography: proving that it has been successful in another medium.

Already Successful In Another Medium

Pam Grier bookIf you are a celebrity, this is a form of success in another medium. Being a famous actor, businessperson, or other “star” is one kind of evidence that there may be a market for material about YOU.

So, for example, an autobiography in development is:

However, if you’re not a celebrity, there are other ways to prove that your story is worth telling. Here are some things I have seen people do that helped them to sell an autobiographical project:

  • Getting national press
  • Performing a financially successful one-person show
  • Distributing a short film on YouTube which goes viral
  • Creating a popular blog about your life
  • Publishing articles that leverage your experience
  • Becoming a public speaker

How To Use Your Personal Story

This may surprise you, but if you’re pitching an autobiography, this is what you should do:

If possible, pitch the project without referencing yourself at all.

Prove that the story stands on its own. Then, if you get sufficient interest from the decision-maker and you get asked how you came up with the idea, with humility and brevity you can describe the part of your own life that gave rise to the project.

This strategy is more effective than leading with your connection to the material because:

  1. You demonstrate professionalism by showing that the story comes first.
  2. Your personal connection adds credibility to the material.
  3. Your personal experience acts as a “button” to an already strong pitch.

Do you have a favorite autobiographical project? Let me know in the comments.

. . . . . . . .

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  1. Hey Stephanie, I’m just curious if this is anything you would be interested in and I can go from that. My story is about a guy that had the time of his life in high school his senior year with great friends but days after graduation his uncle dies and he becomes more and more distant from his family as he starts to spiral into bad habits and runs with worse and worse people. The summer was filled with alcohol drugs and young girls. Eventually he climbs out of the hole he digs himself but not before he scrapes his face off jumping out of a car and his friend wraps his truck around a tree while drunk. Something which he could have stopped. Obviously this person is me and the whole story is in a lot more detail. I’m just curious if it would be of interest?

    • Hi Tim,
      It sounds like you’ve had some serious life experiences and I’m sorry for your loss. Based on what you have shared, while relatable by many people, I don’t see it as a mainstream film. I suggest checking out Judy Carter’s book The Message of You to help you share your story and what you’ve learned with a larger audience who could benefit from your experience.

  2. Stephanie my name is andrew i want to share the ups and downs in my life i was adopted at birth went to prison i escaped from prison and made my way to mexico i had never been out of the us before i stole 3 vehicles in mexico and alot more illegal things i ahad to do to survive adown from there

    • I suggest writing down your story as much as you can as a place to start. If writing is challenging, you can talk your story out and make an audio recording which can then be transcribed into text.

  3. Dear Stephanie,
    I am looking to for advice as to how to get my life story out through book, play or movie. Looking for advice for title as well thinking ” “BliNDED BY Love ” or “Mistaking Love”
    I have was in a relationship with my high school sweet heart on and off for 15 yrs. In that time he did many hurtful things to me but I would stop dating him but I would let him convenience me he was ready to change.. So I would take him in this fifteen yr period This same guy took my virginity at 17,cheated on me several times, abused me, got me pregnant and put me out of house when baby was three months with out a job and place called home, destroyed not one but two marriage, one being my brother marriage. He is know starting a family with her(my sisternlaw) now….

  4. I have a story, still living it though. I need my story told, for so many reasons. I am a 47 year old stage IV Cancer patient ( stable for now) fighting ferociously . I have been given a beautiful life w/ my husband of 21 yrs and teenage daughters, until Cancer interrupted…Pandora’s box was then opened our lives quickly shifted, depression became a side show in our family, then facing suicide, secret lives, transgender identity confusion, theft,and a mind blowing break in set up by the man we once all knew, leaving us penniless …. Relevant ? Health, depression, transgender, suicide prevention, independence… I’d Love to get my voice heard

  5. Good morning
    I am a writer of stories I am looking for buy me stories I have at the end of every ten days 15 story I want to sell it if the broker wants to not work with me, I welcome that will not lose anything I’ll wait for response
    Thank you
    Good morning dear
    I own some of the stories I want to help me sell it for the money and I am ready to share the profits with him please reply soon
    Thank you

  6. Hi Stephanie,
    I’ve had a lot of people tell me to attempt a story of my life so I’ve made a start & find it very addictive!
    I had an “interesting” childhood being the only English kid in a Scottish school
    Joined the Royal Navy at 16 & became the youngest Navy Clearance diver at 17 years old
    Left at 21 & became a commercial diver for 22 years
    Raced motorbikes for 2 years
    Worked in Baghdad & Mosul in the private security sector for 3.5 years
    Worked anti-piracy off Somali for 4 years
    Presently working with private security in Nigeria
    There are a millon stories involved in all of this, humour, happiness, sadness & everything in between, do you think I have the possibility of a good foundation fon a book? I’m going to give it a whirl anyway & see how it pans out :)

  7. In a nutshell, both my parents died within 6 months of each other due to lung cancer when I was 13, from then on I became an alcoholic and adolescent resulting in 3.5 years jail time, in my life I have been bashed at the hand’s of an alcoholic step dad on the daily, slept on the streets, have had to steal food to survive and sneak into pools to shower! 5 years later, I have been sober for 3 years, turned my life and started my own family with my fiance and 8 month old! I still don’t have a cent but I have something that means more, family again!

  8. Stephanie,

    I am the son of Bryant William Bowles I am now 58 yrs old I feel like it is time to tell my story with what is going on in a
    America today between blacks and whites I was very impressed with Pat Buchanan comments to Barack Obamba on race that cost him his release from CNN it was truly a eye opener for the American public both black and white to think about please google my father and advice me of the best way to get my story out there I am a very successful building contractor it’s not for the money I want this story told please advice thanks

  9. Your suggestions listed above are very helpful. Finding how to connect first is the hardest. I’ve been told over and over to share my story. My target of readers are inner city teens who feel helpless and stuck due to circumstances beyond their control. I was one of those kids who always knew there was something more “out there” and while my life was surrounded by violence, molestation, drugs, alocohol, and guns – not to mention the culture shock of moving as a teen from the big city to the likes of “Deliverance” in rural Appalachia, I never gave up hope to live my life how I envisioned. I want so desperately to share my story in hopes of touching even just one teen to inspire hope, perseverance and determination. I’m glad you’ve provided some avenues to consider as I’m piecing together my story that hopefully will not only appeal to our today’s youth from a humorous perspective, but most importantly, with hopes of saving a life. Thank you ~

  10. Hello Stephanie,

    my story is probably the most bizarre, and it may be that it can never be shared with the world. Within the realm of Ufology, the term “trained observer” is usually reserved for someone whose professional occupation suggests they are more reliable as a UFO witness than your average Joe; such as policemen, pilots, and so on. Well I am a pretty average Joe, and I am also likely one of the most well “trained observers” to come along in a while. I have been trained by the surveillance subjects themselves, and have been provided with multiple demonstrations of what they can do.

    I have not had any direct contact with the subjects. All I have are recorded observations, non recorded observations, and conjecture. Given what I witnessed with their first demonstration, it appears they are capable of interdimensional travel and perhaps interdimensional transport as well. The transport possibility is a rather timely and relevant distinction given our present malaise; as in those three reactor cores at Fukushima that have melted down beyond their containment vessels. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just wish them away?

    The likelihood of being able to secure some intergalactic help with our energy problems is not very promising, primarily due to this nation’s absolute and thorough corruption. The oligarchs will drag this world to permanent extinction before admitting that nuclear energy isn’t as nice and safe as they want us to believe. As for acknowledging the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrial life, the oligarchs are also afraid someone might ask. “Hey, why is it that UFOs are seen almost everywhere in the world except at a gas station filling up with fossil fuel?”

    I am struggling with trying to write my own story, and doubt my dubious writing talent warrants me spending over $800 with From what I’ve been told, I’d still be saddled with marketing it. My first effort, “Stalkers”, was a stab at wrapping it in humor, an introduction with four paragraphs. It seems pretty lame as I look at it now. Looking at returns I got from Googling “sell your story”, besides finding your webpage I’m also looking at the Sun tabloid in the UK. Well let me leave you with my not so great narrative website.

    At this other website, I don’t include any narrative. Just a handful of photos and videos.

    • Thanks for your note, Jimmy. Selling this kind of story will be easier if you are able to get mainstream press to cover it, though many popular stories have started from the tabloid world. I’d focus on your local press, then state, national and international. I wish you lots of luck.

  11. IF I SELL MY STORY I WOULD PUT ALOT OF FAMOUS PEOPLE IN THE SPOT IM CURRENTLY ON HOUSE ARREST FOR WHAT I’VE DONE BUT IT WOULD REALLY STOP ALOT OF FRAUD AND WOULD MAYBE EVEN PUT A TARGET ON MY HEAD I HAVE BEEN ON THE NEWS online done alot but just don’t know who would contact me but my story involves drugs fraud money party famous people and traveling and jail and all that crazy stuff any suggestions

  12. In 1982 I was a small time drug dealer in the public park (Bryant Park) behind the library in Manhattan, New York City, and I was ask to join a running group for people with disability because I was born with one leg. I took them up on invitation, and I started training in Central Park 20 to 30 miles a week and also participated in races ranging from 5 miles, 6, 10, 12.4, 13.1, and 20 miler. This training was in preparation for the New York City marathon which is 26.2 miles in distance. On October of 1983 I was on the staring line of the New York City Marathon at Verrazano Bridge with six other disable participants, and I complete the distance in 7 hours and 6 minutes and became the first man in the history of the marathon to do it on one leg and a pair of regular crutches. I was subject of lots of media coverage, and I was even invited to the White House to be congratulated by Ronald Reagan and was in more then 500 thousand copies of the Hispanic news paper in New York city with Ronald Reagan on the back page which is the sport section. I did the marathon the following year and again was subject of lots of media coverage. I repeat it again in !986, but it was the Miami Orange Bowl Marathon and I was in the front page of the Miami Herald over 1.5 million of the Sunday paper. I have videos of my visit to the White House and the news paper clips are on archive. After all that achievement I got deep into drugs and I could not quick doing them for over twenty years, but twenty three years ago I left them and I went back to college and got and associate, a bachelors and masters in international business. I also though myself to play the trombone and in the last two years I have been playing with community bands in Miami and now in Philadelphia where I moved from Miami. I am also a founding member and the first member of Achilles International which is the organization that makes it possible for the disable vets to participate in marathon around the country and around the world. I spend three years smoking crack in the streets of New York City, and I use to sleep in park benches, in Central Park, and in the trains of the New York City subway. I was in and out of jails in New York city. Today I have a Masters degree in International Business, and I am married to a wonderful woman who I loves me. I have proof of everything and the New York Roadrunners and Achilles International can vouch for me that my life story is free of biases and true.

    • You have an incredible story, John Paul. I recommend Judy Carter’s book The Message of You as it may help you create an inspirational speech and be able to share your story to a wider platform so others may benefit.

  13. Hi I have a true life story for a book and movie. I will and won’t reveal on here.. but I can say almost everything I tell … their is proof to it all… I’m looking for someone who I can trust who is in search of doing a film… or writing a book on true life events of someone family… I know you all heard this before … awwww I have a great story… but the events that happened in me and my kids life is different…. I Pray that Someone Serious will Contact me.. And I know This will be one of the best Book Seller and one of the Best True life stories out Movie. I cry as I type this cause its so much.. I just don’t know how to get my story out.. But I know someday someone will contact me and beileve in me and be willing to sit and listen to everything.. Thanks

    • Hi Tanisha. The first step I recommend is to write down as much of your story as you can. This can be therapeutic, but also will give you a place to start when talking to producers or journalists.

  14. hello and hi

    My name is neiman Johnson and I have an incredibleh amazing story. When I was 3 a family member tried to human sacrifice me. They only got as far branding me. When i was five I saved a woman from a serial killer who put her in a woodchipper. I chose not to go public so it was never put in a newspaper. I later went on to save other lives from rapeS and overdoseS and I almost saved someone from being lynched when I was 17 (1999). I later found out about nine eleven before it happened and gave a whole whole of ideas that are out now and a billion people use them on a daily basis. I asked for rights and change in return. this is my story in a nutshell. And I’m currently writing an autobiography. I’m on year 2006 I plan on stopping at year 2014.

    I’d like to know if I have a story that has the potential to be picked up the movie makers?

    • Hi Neiman,

      You’ve obviously had some shocking life experiences, but this doesn’t mean that your life rights are likely to be purchased by movie makers. The majority of people who have their life rights purchased have had stories in the national or international press first to validate and verify their experiences. This isn’t to diminish your traumatic experiences, only to share that it is very rare that life rights are purchased for movies.

  15. I have a terrible story that happend and is happening to me now child was stolen from me and taken to louisianna by her birthmother..and bought and sold in a shady adoption without my knowledge …the witness on the adoption came forward and told me what they had done ….im no writer ….but if given the right person I would to have my story put in the public’s eye about what is happening in america to poor people…and how adoption corporations are buying and selling our children I’m in court now ..police have an investigation and I want my story heard…

  16. My life is about having to live with my parents till I was 30 to finally get married. During that time I was unemployed for 6 years due to social phobias and anxiety / I had a false visionary brainwash me by forcing me to become a nun in her religious community. It was a 3 year battle etc there’s more to the story , the extra details , just think my journey would make a good movie

  17. I have a true life story about me and my siblings that lived with a stepdad who done horrible things to us when we were kids, the end result was he tried to kill me and my 2 sisters because he was afraid of us telling on him, he did shoot one of my sisters in the back. I feel my true life story would make a great movie and I would like someone get in touch with me and tell me what I need to do to get started please.

    • Donna, I am so sorry that you had to experience something so horrible. The first step is to get as much down of your story as you can in writing. Some people like to type out their thoughts and others prefer to record a conversation and then have the words transcribed. When you have the story written down, then you will have a document that you can share with others (potential producers, screenwriters, managers, others who can help).

  18. Hi,i think i have a great idea for a book or movie…i am Bulgarian ,half of my live was the communist regime,and i grow up as an orphan,(to be orphan in Bulgaria is totally different than in America)and i think ,my story is going to be address to orphan kids,as a success- real story,not to give up you dreams. After all ,i am a mother of 3,and a grand mother.I can say that,all my dream’s become true.I am american citizen now,and all my kids and grand kids are with me in USA. I have a hard time ,writing in English,that is the reason ,not to write my story by myself.

    • Hello my Bulgarian friend, my name is simona im in Canada, my background is Romanian my husband is Bulgarian, the reason im contacting you is i have the same Past im looking to shear my life story but is very hard to find some one ….did you have any luck?
      please stay in touch hope we can find some one interested in our life story…
      Hope to hear back from you.

  19. WOW! I stopped everything for three days and totally submerged myself in this reservoir. Came up for air. With years of Forensic Experience-pointing my creative compass in one direction. Haha! Thank Again, and Again and Again…

  20. My, My, My… A reservoir of information, I dipped my bucket in this GREAT body of needed information. Engulfed,Amazingly Overwhelmed. Thank You.

  21. Hi Stephanie,
    I’m from Iraq originally. and in the last 5 years before the second gulf war (2003), I managed to recruit few young men into joining me to form a small group of freedom fighter. We fought Saddam’s regime at night, infiltrating execution camps to save innocent victims from being executed (for no reason other than to terrorize the rest of the Iraqi people) the next morning.
    we’ve lost a good friend and a heroic member of our group, sacrificing his life to save ours. We were just young men who lived an ordinary day life as university students, but at night, we gambled on our lives in order to save the innocents. I was too close to being captured by that ruthless regime, if it weren’t for the war to break out in 2003, right after I was blacklisted by the government.
    I live in the U.S. now as a political asylee, because I worked hand in hand with the U.S. troops in Iraq during and after the war, to supply poor villages with food and medicine… Only to find myself blacklisted once again by the new rising resistance who saw me as “a traitor who works for the Americans”.
    A good friend of mine is a writer, and she helped me condense all those moments of my life in a book. The problem was (and it still is), it’s too hard to pitch a book to publishers or movie producers. And we lack the right connections.
    So I’d really appreciate any advice.


    • You have a great story. But to sell the book, you need a great pitch. I recommend my course, How To Be A Professional Writer. It’s the equivalent of working with me for ten or more sessions (a value of approximately $4000). Then, look for the right pitchfest situation to get yourself in front of potential publishers and see what their feedback is on your pitch. This will not only help you further improve your pitch, but you may develop the connections you need with decision-makers and fellow authors. Once you’ve done that, let me know and we’ll talk about the next steps.

  22. Enough of a story on my web site for a movie? Perhaps a book since much of the psychosis was in my head? You have good advice about changing the story to make it more appealing.

  23. I would like to contact some writers or producers regarding true life story which ia great for either movie or a book.


  24. Another great article, Stephanie, but you forgot one thing… greed. My life story has been pitched in Hollywood since it first came to the surface in 1990; the first star to be interested in it was Tom Cruise (we share the same lawyer), but weather it was the studio (all the major ones), executives (like Michael Eiser’s straight $2 million offer), or producers (can name any one of them), it was, they all loved the story, but I would have to take a back seat, let them have the script, which they would make into a “glorius film,” and hey, isn’t it cool that I’d see it on the big screen… while they make the money and I get the bragging rights (and to be fair, Eiser was the only one that offered money, but I could make that amount on the merchandise alone). Every time I seem to come close to a deal, the Greed Monster rears it’s ugly head, and it’s back to the beginning. Now that the documentary is currently being filmed, perhaps that will give credit to a feature film.

  25. As I’ve been working to bring the Cecil B. DeMille biopic (based on my novel) to the big screen, I keep getting calls from people telling me to make a movie about my own story. After spending half my life in and out of prisons and rehabs struggling with drug addiction, a writer sees “the Light” and turns his life around, becoming a bestselling author, award winning screenwriter, producer, and creative writing professor who helps others find their inner light and share their stories with the world. Or something like that. See:

  26. Wonderful article, Stephanie. I work with many aspiring writers who want to tell their life stories. I will be sure to provide this link on my Transformed by Writing website and facebook page. Thanks so much for the great points and perspective.

  27. Hi Stephanie,

    I’ve been working on a project based on incidents in my life while my parents attended college in San Francisco in the 60’s. Such a surfeit of material! I’m trying to break a story through it without going “Slacker” style indie. So far, I keep ending up as comic relief in the larger picture… :-\


  28. Hi Stephanie,

    I have an auto-bio in script form and a pretty good web site about my action/comedy that is based on a true story… called Hot Foot! (see

    I am about to start trying to raise seed money by advertising to foot doctors/surgeons… The budget ($7m) is complete, so are the Biz Plan and Private Placement Memorandum.

    Wondered if you’d take a look at the site and would like to know more?


    Frank Sacks*
    310 597-9888

    Hot Foot! will be my 5th feature film… my other credits are on IMDB.

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