How To Pitch Reality TV Show Ideas

How to pitch reality TV show ideas examples from shows

Have a great idea for a reality TV show? Want to learn how to pitch reality TV shows?

How To Pitch Reality TV Shows

Despite what you might read in other places, reality TV shows are almost never purchased on the basis of an idea alone.  However, there are lots of reality TV production companies that are looking to purchase reality TV ideas, assuming you follow the expected submission guidelines.

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If you are serious about learning how to pitch reality TV shows, here are three steps:

1. To sell a reality TV show idea, make yourself and your team look attractive to potential buyers.  Reality TV attorney Richard Jefferson has negotiated many reality TV show agreements.  He shares specific tips about what is required to pitch and sell a reality TV idea.

2. Learn how to pitch reality TV show ideas using the five magic words.  Experienced reality TV show producers Joke and Biagio (specials and pilots on A&E, The CW, Biography Channel, NBC, CBS, Discovery, E!, IFC, Logo, Oxygen, Style Network, VH1 and MTV) share the five words you must know to successfully pitch reality TV shows.

3. Produce a 2-5 minute promo reel of your concept.  A necessary component of any project is your ability to produce that reality TV show idea.

A 2-5 minute promo reel demonstrates your concept and your ability to execute the concept.  Fair or not, there are thousands of people trying to sell reality TV shows and the only ones who are taken seriously are the ones who have invested the time and developed the skills to actually do the job.  When you have produced a compelling sizzle reel, you can contact reality TV production companies.

4. Partner with an established reality TV producer.  If you haven’t sold a reality TV show idea before, the factor that will make the biggest difference in whether you sell your reality TV show idea is if you can attach an experienced reality TV producer.  Focus on finding a producer who has credits in a similar genre to the show you want to pitch.


Beware of any reality TV production company or service that charges fees to submit ideas.  Established reality TV producers do not charge fees to consider reality TV ideas.

Here’s a helpful article from Dan Abrams, Supervising Producer of The Outdoor Room with Jamie Durie.  This article series is from the Producer’s Guild Of America.

Outdoor Room Jamie Durie HGTV How To Pitch Reality TV Show

Part 1: Why Make A Sizzle Reel (Oh, and, er, what’s a sizzle reel?)
Part 2: Turning Your Great Show Idea Into An Effective Sizzle Reel
Part 3: Making The Sizzle Reel
Part 4: Using Your Finished Sizzle Reel

Here’s an example of the reality TV sizzle reel for Myles Of Style on HGTV:

If you’re looking for a legitimate conference to make connections and learn from established reality TV producers and executives, check out Reel Screen Summit and National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE).  You can download a complimentary copy of the 2014 NATPE Pilot Bible, provided in partnership with Variety Insight, to access a complete guide to the new group of broadcast shows including the specific producers on each show.

If you have an idea for a reality TV idea, but you aren’t sure where to start, I recommend the podcast Producing Unscripted: Make Reality TV Shows And Documentary Series for excellent free advice about how to pitch reality TV show ideas.

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  2. I created a reality show that will be amazing!
    As Yukon Gold is to Gold Rush and how Vikings is to Game of Thrones, Gold Treasure Camping will be to Survivor.
    Survivor is the only show of its kind, and it, like the other shows, needs some competition. It has the monopoly in this type of Reality Game Play, and I know Gold Treasure Camping will be a great rival with a large viewing audience and will easily compete with Survivor.
    Except in Gold Treasure Camping, contestants won’t be starving, they won’t be able to gang up on each other and there is no Tribal council.
    In Gold Treasure Camping, the actual best team will win!

    Gold Treasure Camping will be picked up in many other countries as a camping reality franchise as it’s easier to organize and fairly inexpensive to run.

    Let me know if you know any reality show producers that would be interested in my TV show?

    Brent A Waddell

    Gold Treasure Camping is a contest reality TV series following the adventures of 15 pairs of charismatic contestants from across Canada, as they travel between 5 unique campgrounds over the course of 5 weeks.
    By playing games and solving puzzles they uncover clues to locate buried gold treasure, containing gold bars worth $100,000.00.
    Each season of Gold Treasure Camping is set in different provinces across Canada, highlighting the unique natural features along with vast varieties of wildlife across our great country.

    Daily Big Game
    Each of the 15 pairs of contestants will receive “GT Mail”at their campsites, in advanced, stating when the next Daily Big Game starts.
    This main challenge game will have obstacle courses and puzzles to solve, all army green colored themes.

    These games types will be similar to the reality show “Survivor”.
    During the Daily Big Game, the Host will draw numbers to create 3 groups of 10, to compete with each other. The Host will separate the winning and losing teams of 10 into 5 camping pairs for a final Daily Big Game. The other 10 contestants that are safe will not have to compete.
    One team of two will win the final challenge from the winning group and receive a clue, which is used in finding the final buried treasure.

    One team of two contestants from the losing group will come in last and be eliminated from the game.
    While competing in these “Daily Big Games”, the contestants will experience extreme weather conditions that can change in minutes. Unexpected wildlife dangers could pose a threat. There are a variety of insects that can impact the contestants.
    Mini-Treasure Quest Hunt Games are played using a compass and a map to find buried treasure.

    Flash Games and Mini-Treasure Quest Hunt Games can take place anytime between dawn and dusk.
    Flash games are smaller games like target shooting with pellet guns, fishing in a raging river, swimming in a glacial blue icy cold lake in the Rocky Mountains, or as simple as playing a game of cribbage with cards.

    These two smaller games will either give the winning pair of contestants an advantage in the Daily Big Game or a reward.
    Some rewards can range from small tasty snacks, mosquito repellent, alcohol, a letter from a loved one back home, a get out of the Dog House free card, to a big reward from a sponsor, like a trip for 2, somewhere tropical.
    In these two types of games, each pair of contestants will take turns alternating, unless both are required for the game.
    If a team has no idea about the rules for a Flash Game, they automatically lose.

    If a contestant forgets their compass during a Mini-Treasure Quest Hunt Game, they lose the challenge, automatically.
    If a pair of contestants loses two of these smaller games in a week, they automatically go to the “Dog House”.

    There will be magnetic deposits in parts of Canada that will interfere with the compass readings, causing contestants to rethink and be more creative in how they will find the buried treasure.

    Tent Setup Challenge
    The 15 pairs of contestants arrive on a bus at the first of the 5 campgrounds early in the morning. The contestants will have 2 hours to setup their campsite area, while using a previously setup campsite as an example and eat breakfast before the Host inspects their campsite setups.

    Two sets of unlucky contestants will lose their tents for 2 days, and sent to the Dog House for the worse setup campsites.
    RV Upgrade is held after the Tent Setup Challenge.
    Using the Mini-Treasure Quest Hunt Game, the Host will have one pair of contestants that will win the RV Upgrade.
    This allows one team to enjoy a fully loaded RV trailer for that entire week.
    That’s camping in both luxury and style!

    Dog House
    The Dog House is where teams of contestants will end up, if they lose 2 smaller games during the week. Once they are in the Dog House not only they lose their tent, pillows and matches, but they have to build a make-shift shelter and ignite their campsite fire using a piece of flint, with a knife.
    If the contestants lose two small games in a week, while in the Dog House, they are eliminated and are sent home.
    2 Day Finale
    The two final teams will use their Daily Big Game clues (maps) and their compasses mid-week on the final week, and will battle for the final buried Treasure Chest containing $100,000.00 in gold bars.
    One team will place 1st place and find the buried treasure chest containing $100,000.00 in gold bars and win. One team will find a treasure chest containing a message stating they placed 2nd place and find one $10,000.00 gold bar.

    The final treasure chest containing the gold bars will not be buried until the final week of the last of 5 campgrounds, to avoid the final treasure being located early, by accident.
    The clues that are won during each Daily Big Game can’t be used until the final week of the season.

    Any players that are eliminated, the clues are destroyed by the Host and can’t be given to other players.
    3 Episodes will be filmed over a 7 day period. Each episode will contain 1 Daily Big Game along with some of the Flash Games and Mini-Treasure Quest Hunt Games.

    The first episode will include the Tent Setup Challenge, the RV Upgrade, 2 Flash Games, 2 Mini-Treasure Quest Hunt Games, and 1 Daily Big Game.
    During the week the 15 pairs of contestants will play Flash Games and Mini-Treasure Quest Hunt Games while waiting to compete in the 3 weekly Daily Big Games.
    All teams will get one day of rest each week.


    Brent A Waddell
    Creator/Executive Producer
    Gold Treasure Camping

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  4. Rusty’s Boxercise Fitness Reality show idea is one that combines, coordination, weight loss, muscle toning, physical conditioning, technique perfecting, foot-work ability, reacting to verbal commands, punch slipping, and countering. I would teach/train, individuals male, & female, from the age of 12 and older, the correct method of throwing their gauzed wrapped, & gloved hands, punches onto my focus mitts, hand pads, as we dance the boxer’s two step. I’ll move/dance, on my feet, as the Boxerciser does their best to maintain a close enough distance to me, so when I call out for them to throw a punch, or a combination of punches, the competitor, will respond as quickly as possible. The, “Boxerciser,” will be judged on their, balanced foot-work, their ability to throwing the, jab, power hand, hook, and upper cuts, physical conditioning, & response time. Each competitor will complete 3-2, minute rounds, while getting a minute between rounds for a rest, & recovery, period. The judges will score the, Boxerciser’s, ability to complete the three rounds mandatory No one is ever hit, instead the Boxerciser, does all the punching, and the trainer, catches the thrown punches by the Boxerciser, on my hand pads/focus mitts. There will be a seperate trophy for the Boxerciser who displays the best, jab, best power hand, best hook, best footwork, best conditioning, and best over all, or the champion of the show. There will be a never ending supply of volunteers for this competition. We are promoting health, wellness, & fitness. Self defense will always be kept in the viewers mind, also. Along with weight loss, muscle toning, confidence building, stress relieving, physical conditioning. When our audience witnesses me as I train our competitors, at 60 years old, I will be an inspiration to all, for I maintain, Elite, physical conditioning, always!

    “Unclaimed Destiny, the Heart of a Champion-” Published-’03
    “Rusty’s Boxercise”
    Fitness Program

    Rusty Rosenberger
    1974 Y”town, Ohio-Golden Gloves Middleweight Champion
    1975 Y”town, Ohio-Golden Gloves Middleweight Champion
    1976 Y”town, Ohio -Golden Gloves Middleweight Champion
    1976 Cleveland, Ohio Golden Gloves Middleweight Champion
    1976 Monroville, Pa. Diamond belt Middleweight Champion
    1976 Weirton, WVa. Silver belt Middleweight Champion
    1976-6th in USA-AAU National Golden Gloves Tournament
    1977 -Y”town- Ohio Golden Gloves Middleweight Champion
    1978-Turned professional 15-0-10 KOs
    4/ 79- NJ State Middleweight Champion-12 rnds UD
    9/ 79- Career ending eye injury -Giants Stadium
    1989- Boxercise
    1992-Boxercise-Denver Post
    1992-Boxercise-NY Times
    1998- Body-Boxing
    2003-Unclaimed Destiny, The Heart of a Champion-author
    5/ 06-Y”town, Ohio-Curbstone Coaches Hall of Fame Inductee
    3/10—NJ State Boxing Hall of Fame-inductee
    1989-present, continually, teaching/training, “Rusty’s Boxercise”

  5. Stephanie,
    I have a tv show that is already broadcast on four networks using the barter approach. We have more than 50 shows already produced. It reaches more than 150 million households on three continents each week. However under the current barter agreements we are not generating the revenue we need to continue. Although we have a couple of small advertisers we need to reach larger national and international advertisers and we just don’t know how to do this.
    My question is, what approach should we take to turn an already recognized and broadcast show into a real revenue producer? Syndicators? Direct to network pitches? Any help would be appreaciated.

    • Something isn’t adding up here for me. I don’t know the specifics of your show, so it’s hard to give advice, but if you have an engaged audience of 150 million people per week, I would think that you could find a representative who specializes in negotiating this type of deal and would have suggestions for the right partners.

  6. I have an idea for a reality show, which would be a reality. Take three couples, one couple at age 20+ years, another in their 40+ years, and a couple (like my husband and myself) at 60 years. Give them an abandoned house but one that is doable, no electricity, no phone, viable source of drinking water, have them live in it for a year—they are responsible for food and heat-with an annual income of 1200.00. At the end of that year, the one who has the most supplies, and money left, will win, oh, 200 thousand. The house has to be livable, and away from neighbors, not less than 2 miles away, and the closet town is 30-40 miles from the house. They can bring supplies that will last for 6 months, tools, personal items–they don’t need to wear old fashioned clothing either. they would have to cook on wood, heat water, carry water, for example from a well(?). They begin in March of one year and end in March the next year. They also have to go along with the laws within their state (we are from Michigan). Each set of couples have their own sets of problems, ours is age. Lets battle it out but not let each couple know how the others are doing. Couples need to record themselves–battery packs.

  7. I envision a new game show where the wheel spins and the lucky contestant wins the big money but when the wheel falls on the wrong numbers the contestant gets fined.
    The host would be the most hated man in America meaning (he would appear on time magazine).And hate mail would be at an all time high. Of course this just means high ratings..
    Contestants would receive a summons picked randomly out of a phone book to appear on “All or nothing” where losers just keep on losing and winners are scared to death . Bill o really could play the evil host .
    By the way this idea is copyrighted so don’t think you can run off with this ground-breaking idea.
    This should be a movie if not a game show!

  8. Here is a reality show idea for you – a man has been an executive for about 8 years, finally promoting to CEO. Then, a government agency shuts his company down and now he cannot find a job – here is the problem. He is 52 years old and doesn’t have a college degree. Even though he has been a successful executive, he cannot even get an interview because he does not have a college degree. And, even though he is willing to take a lesser job, he can’t get an interview for those either, because he has been an executive for so long. I think his job search would make a fantastic reality show – especially since I know that there are probably others out there just like him.

  9. I have been in Education for approximately 26 years. The last 10 or 11 years in an Alternative School setting as an Administrator. There are a lot of different story lines which occur on a daily basis from staff to students on campus and at home. It would appear that a very interesting concept such as an Alternative School setting with a wide range of students with varying backgrounds (vs.) the daily struggle of teachers and Officers trying to guide students to make correct decisions on a daily basis which also spills out into the students of today’s personal street and home-life would captivate American viewers in either a (TV) series or a Movie Event. As I have stated I have seen many different situations and events transpire on and off of campuses from 1st Grade students to 12th Grade students being apart of this venue for the past 26 years. If there is an Executive interested in my particular knowledge and experience of this type of facet please feel free to contact me at my e-mail address.

  10. So i have written a book, slumlord millionaire and now have put together a realty show outline, we have filmed a great deal and produced some segments i am ready to shop this to a national tv station, want to help, next step….be a winner and be a slumlord, spanky

  11. What i see for ideas on here are all the same they have been done and to tell your idea out right smooth move never gonna get a show that way to many people want to steal ideas no contract or lawyer wrong move just putting on website besides these have all been done like movies same movies just different actors not to many original talented people out there anymore anyway this idea original,would have to make 1,2,3, years of episodes the reason once on tv the secret would be out and people would know even the people you asked to be in show in the future so show would be useless so make as many seasons as you want have a hit , if anyone interested great otherwise i guess it will never happen thanks, worth listening to idea yes it would for the right producer

  12. Hi
    Can I please get some help, I have this Idea for a TV Talent search show, that I will like to make with a particular brand…. e.g Coca Cola Pop Stars… this show will benefit all parties involved even the winner in many different aspects.. My challenge is getting the main sponsor to run with the idea already spoke to one TV station and they are willing to listen as soon as I put everything together including the sponsor.

    Please help and email me.

  13. I have an idea that brings two opposing worlds together on the same show. When I say opposing I mean religion(I know, always a touchy subject)and the porn industry, in a very unique way. Contact me and we’ll both be thrilled.

  14. I have completed my sizzle reel and written pitch. I attempted to submit it to Joke and Biagio but there is a disconnect in communication as of right now. Besides them how do I find legit and reputable production companies to review, critique and possible represent my idea/reel? I have done internet searches (which is how I found them) but I know a level of confidentiality should be attached to the project so I can’t submit to everyone that has a website.. How do I determine which production companies to potentially work with?

    • Submissions to any company website have a very low rate of success. Your odds increase dramatically when you are working through personal recommendations and referrals. This could mean working on reality shows in any capacity and/or attending events where reality producers are speaking or hearing pitches like Real Screen Summit. This may be disappointing to hear, but most people who sell reality TV ideas start working in reality TV, develop a great reputation and make connections, and then are able to pitch and sell original ideas.

  15. Hello, I think I have a great ideal for a game show that everyone will watch from young preteens to mature audiences , please call 209-3272282, thank you

  16. I really have a good tv show in mind. I would like to sit down with someone or discuss it with an agent over the phone. Please email me. I strongly believe this could be the next big show!

  17. Hi! I need your help. i have an idea that can help the idols shows make millions of dollars all over the world were idols are showing. I live in south africa and sa idols is starting today. Truly speaking am so sade because i don’t know what to do. How do i sale my idea? please help. please call me. +27739944232. My facebook page adress is Musungu Mutamba.

  18. I wish someone would make a spin-off series of bridezilla, something like “I’m a Zilla” it could be about business people, or people going to a family reunion just normal everyday things, if this show did happen I think it would be fun to go on there for when I do the cons that I go to, at the end of the episode I was say something like “I’m a con-zilla.”

  19. Media travel drama comedy all in one. I’m a contractor to some major media companies and would like to put what we do into a show format. Any one with the know how to assist lets talk…

  20. Hey Stephanie, me and my dad found a website that has people request grave stones to be found in certain cities. For example, “Robert Davis Born 1845 Died 1923″, then what ever city and Graveyard he is in. People all over the net have a need for people to go look for their loved ones gravestones because they are really far away or may be disabled. Me and my dad have been going around finding these graves and taking pictures of them for the families. I thought it would make a really cool show called Grave Hunters. You could have really dramatic points where you think you have found the grave your looking for and let downs when it’s not. Also the occasional cop pass by and ask what your doing. The audience could also interact with it as well by posting there missing gravestones on the site and us maybe go and find it.

  21. Hi,
    Me and my friend came up with a great idea for a reality show. This reality show will not only show entertainment and drama, it will also show a message that can help so many young people in our society. I would love to tell you more about our ideas. Please email me.
    Thanks, Awa

    • Hi, I need a good reality show concept. if you want you can discus on that. please let me know how much you will charge for that.

      • Hello Rahul i am more than welcome to help you with your dream of pitching and idea give me your budget and i will schedule an appointment. I am currently working with other clients out of country helping with tours and odd jobs making things go smoothly just email when you have a chance.

    • I have an idea as well. I was wondering what u had in mind and hopefully we could potentially collaborate on putting something together.

  22. I noticed that all the people on the show lose massive amounts of weight. I think there should be a show called “survivor of the fittest” or “survivor of the fitness” Survivor rules and challenges but with overweight contestants. I would like to be on a show like that.

  23. I have an ideal for a reality show. My husband and I been married for 8 yrs and been together for 19 yrs and we have 7 children together. We’ve had our ups and down but we really would like to began an reality show. He’s a public school teacher and I’m a full-time manager at fast-food. Our oldest is about to graduate highschool and youngest about to began kindergarten, house is full of life and energy. So just let us know.

  24. My question is how would one begin the process.My daughter and I both share interest in out story being told. I have been married to her father for many years and he decides to leave. so like many single, parents they are left to raise a child who has bared witness to the mental, physical and verbal abuse of life at home and a teenager who questions his/her on sanity as a result. Many financial obligations and unemployment issues. I am sure this story is like many others in the world who want to understand what has happened and what next in life, after being totally committed to one person.

  25. I have an idea for a reality show that is better than any show out there right now. You should do a show that helps homeless people in America. It can be anything from helping them find a place to live or get a job. Help them get back on there feet. Even if it is just getting the food, shelter and clothing on a daily basis that would be great. Think of how heart felt it would be to an audience if you were to take folks that are down on there luck and make there lives better in some way shape or form. There are so many reality shows out today that do nothing for anyone and are boring. Lets do something that actually helps people. I do not want any money from this show. I just want the homeless to be helped!

  26. I have a motocross track and school,open to the public located in Creston WVa. It’s not a typical track, looks like a golf course with a track on it. It’s called The Farm I opened it and word of mouth packed it, I run it like a bar, behave or out you go. I got scared of to many people and stopped. I have a neighbor from Boston he bought his farm on line, needless to say we’re not buddies. Every weeks different, so many topics it never quits. Ottis

  27. Hello, I have a great idea for a new reality show, called heaven or hell, based on my app currently now availible on google play, please check it out I have previousily pitch the shows concept, but lack of funds prevented going forward, kind regards, robert

  28. its a actor/actress mentor series where the judges vote who is a worthy candidate and the end result is a lead role in a major movie

  29. Hi

    I have a great idea for a Reality TV Show. I have watched “The Bachelor” for the last several years, and found it interesting but not really down to earth. As the romance part of the past shows are way to glamorous.
    My recommendation is to have a “Southern Bachelor or Red neck Bachelor”. The series would have a true southern guy with a real life down to earth job such as a logger, pulp mill worker, union worker, (nothing glamorous) a guy who likes the out doors and fishes and hunts has a down to earth family in a down to earth southern town. The applications for the ladies would have to consist of girls from the southern states. (same prerequisite of real life down to earth jobs).
    The only glamor would be the southern hospitality glamor that the Bachelor and ladies chosen to participate would create in the southern towns in the south.

    A lot cheaper to produce and a lot more down to earth and entertaining than the high rise hotels the girls are kept in, whats wrong with a Holiday Inn or Motel 6 for girls to stay in. The whole episode would be filmed around real southern roots. Back roads, dirt roads, rivers, hunting, fishing ect.

    I just think the viewers and audiance would be so entertained with real life down to earth people doing a show like this.

    Sheri Courson

  30. Hello Stephanie, I have an idea for a reality T.V. show. I am a Union Bricklayer (Mason). As technology has changed over the years the younger generation has became more steered towards technology. This is becoming a big problem in the Masonry construction trade. Masonry work is a very physically demanding trade. The younger generation don’t want to work that hard. The problem with this is, the oldest construction trade is on its way to extinction. The average age for a Mason is in his forties. I feel that a televised show about SAVING the OLDEST CONSTRUCTION TRADE there is will generate interest. If Hunny boo boo has a reality T.V. show then so should SAVING the OLDEST CONSTRUCTION TRADE. If you can give me any imput at all on this i would be grateful. I could be a great help in trying to save this trade. thank you so much.

  31. We build dairys do brewer’s we do cold drinks plants we do pharmaceuticals plants and we do oil refinerys and all off the pipe work is not done with drawing and most of it is done from my dad brains and seeing is believeing thanks fmfor ur time

  32. Ok I do have one of the best Ideas for a reality show. Sometimes I cannot believe it has not been chosen.It would be the most entertaining and fun Reality show in a long time Maybe ever. I wouldn’t ask for a fortune either a lump sum or per episode. for the rights to say Hey its my Idea ! Its a home run of an Idea for a reality show !.

  33. I have a great idea for a T.V. Reality show in which would have all the elements i believe that would create great drama, Suspense for the viewer and a whole different twist on the idea of voting out contestants but still keeping the ratings.I believe my idea will change the generation of today’s outlook on life, And what we depend on, But to only realize it is really not necessary. I will leave you with that,
    In appreciation of your time.
    Stephane Tremblay for questions

  34. I am a Metis man from Manitoba. I have been thinking about spending a year in the bush alone this is not about man against nature but more about reconnecting with nature and personal growth. Yes i have skills I have worked in forestry/ prospecting/ horse farmer, Swift water rescue Tech etc. I am also a Sun-dancer and practice traditional spiritual believes.. I was planing on doing this anyway then i thought I would like to raise money to create a fund to teach primarily aboriginal youth the skills need to enjoy and heal in a wilderness environment and provide life long skills that they can carry though there lives and to pass on to others. grew up with out my culture and suffered as a youth but am older now and have a much better life. If you are interested please contact me via email. I understand that this has its risks and will be hard on me at times but the sacrifice would be worth the good it could bring for others.

  35. my name is kayla. im 20 years old and i live in Germantown md. my family and i have always said that we would make the perfect reality TV show with all the drama and crazy stuff that happenes in our life with my mom and her 2 boyfriends , my older sister who is bipolor lol , my lil sister who comes to see us on the weekends …her dad thinks she is a angel boy was he wrong lol…my lil brother who is a dork., and then there is me and my son , and oh boy we are own tv show in itself ..hes almost 2… but i would like some help trying to make a show. we were homless for like 6 months so they missed all the crazy parts lol but it seems to happen alot to us.

  36. I was thinking about a show about rebuilding church’s. Going into good church’s that need help with their building maybe repairs, how to deliver a message and how they help the community. It’s so many good church’s that need a blessing, repairs to their church’s, get more people to attend, you could have a host and special guess like; Yolanda Adams, T.D. Jake’s and Joyce Meyers can come on the show, kind of like extreme makeover but extreme Church over.. How can I get this idea out there to TV

  37. Is there anywhere I could find examples of a written idea someone has pitched to try and start a reality TV show? Something I could see what professionals want to look at?

  38. Hello Stephanie. I would like to pitch a big brother type rehab show for real people with three phases. Co-ed center with ultimate goal of a future. Involve ‘team’ of therapist, life coach, personal trainer and dr/oral surgeon. Beginning of third phase (for those who make it) would be makeover – their success is the success of the show. What do you think?

    • Hi Christine. This brief description is clear– that’s a great start. You are probably already doing this, but I would research the shows that have a rehab element like Celebrity Rehab and also a makeover/coaching element like Starting Over. You will want to be able to describe how your show is the same and different from the other shows in a similar genre. Best of luck to you!

  39. Do a show about everyday poor people in the hood working from paycheck to paychecks and tell me how the rating go skyrocketing high?

  40. If anyone has contacts, I’d like to do a reality TV show about my dinner show and entertainment business. I juggle and breathe fire, stuff kids into a 6 foot tall balloon, pick-pockets during the course of illusions and have a few concepts that can be highlighted each episode.

  41. thank you ms Palmer for the information. it helps but i still am in the dark on many issues.You say the agent works on commission, but the attorney gets paid by the hour to pitch my idea. First can he pitch more than one idea at a time, and if he is getting paid by the hour how does a person know if he is being honest and doing anything at all for his money? Does the agent watch over him? should my first step be in speaking with a agent? and how do i go about that?

  42. Stephanie,We are starting one of the first legal RETAIL marijuana stores in Washington State since the legalization of marijuana. The show would star the two start up entrepreneurs and follow the trials and tribulations of the business start up, dealings with regulators and regulations, growers and pot farms (now legal in Washington), pot processers (now legal in Washington), our families (both close and extended), the law, our employees, and of course the most interesting customers in a small town, but close to a larger city, the pot buyers.
    I can imagine filming in places like pot growing farms, pot processors and packagers, and in our store. I’m sure we will have interesting characters in all the settings.
    The show would be a 30 minute weekly format.
    I’m not a writer – just one of the partners starting the business.

      • Hi stephanie, I have a reality show idea about someone who criss crosses across the u.s picking up hitch hikers finding out their stories i e” trials and tribulations.” This idea recently after my cousin had picked one up and gave him a ride home and ended up spending the day in the mountains of West Virginia with complete strangers drinking whiskey, arm wrestling and playing the guitar. The whole time he had his phone on audio record and it was priceless what went on that day in the mountains of West VA. My cousin would be the absolute best host.

      • Thanks for sharing, Chris. Especially if you want your cousin to host, I recommend shooting footage so decision-makers can see why he/she would be amazing as a host.

    • Que pasa Aardvark!

      Great idea. Give me some basics: names, locale, business details and I will write a fictitious first episode for you…for free! And I do know some producers who will review the pitch. If interested, please send info

  43. Hello,

    I have what I believe to be a exemplory idea for the next be reality tv series. I will not go into many details, but I have yet to see a series similar. This show both capatilizes on peoples good natured affection towards humanity, as well as its insatiable hunger for chaos and drama.

    I have absolutely no Idea what to do with this concept as my career interest lie elsewhere. However, I would be interest in promoting this if it provides as much cash as you previously suggest.

    Please email me


  44. TV show pilot with Rick Smiciklas from undercover boss Canada.

    Follow the truly fast-paced life of Rick and his incompetent yet lovable dysfunctional friends.

  45. Hello, I have an idea for a reality show about harness racing. This show would be about the guys like myself racing for little money and for the love of racing please help me pitch this idea. There are a lot of interim ting things behind this sport and plenty of intersting people and “secrets” to making a winning horse.

  46. hello, I have what I believe will be a great idea for a reality show, Iam not going to go into details on this forum but the show is similar to the show punked but funnier,there would be no scripts or anything for the show, if you can give any advice on how I should submit this to like A&E for example.

    • I am told that they will not deal direct to me, that i must get a third party, entertainment agent. my concern is do i have to come up with money on the front end or do the agent`s pitch it for you and get paid if they can sell your idea. If i must pay how is this awarded? I have over a dozen idea`s of a reality show, several game show idea`s and several tv series idea`s. Is there a one time amount or do i have to pay for each idea?

      • Entertainment agents are paid only on commission, as a portion of any deal they negotiate for you. Be suspicious of any agent who tries to charge you upfront. Entertainment attorneys, on the other hand, are typically paid per hour or per project (depending on the attorney and what you negotiate) and often require fees upfront.

  47. What about …..Dancing with the Pastors & a reality show regarding the process, leading up to the event.

  48. I am a professional entertainer bus driver working with one of the top coach leasing companies in the country. This would be a great way to show the drama, comedy and life of a Rock Star Bus driver.

    We could also bring in a green driver and train him or have a competition between new drivers and the winner gets to drive a huge name artist. It takes special training and not everyone is able to drive as safe and smooth as this job requires, and even if they do they may not have what it takes to handle some of the other challenges.

    This would be amazing it would promote the leasing company the artist the driver and be very entertaining. Not to mention the possible random shots of rock stars passing by etc…

    This is a very hard career to break into and one that holds a great deal of mystery to most people.

    I’m not much of a writer but if you like what I have presented I would love to get your help pitching this idea.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my response
    I hope to hear from you soon

    James Brown

  49. I would like to pitch a realtiy tv show about my crazy family. Everybody says are life would make a great reality show. The name of the tv show would be Keeping Up With the Celestins

    • I am going to play the devil’s advocate here and say I really think the reality show market has reached the saturation point, maybe.

      I think it’s time for a new type of show, what is that new show?? I have my own ideas but I know it’s something that hasn’t been done on a national level before.

  50. I have an idea for a reality show and I would like to share it with you. Campground reality is my idea. We camp here in Butler Pennsylvania. If you are interested please contact me thru my email address I just gave you. Thank you!

  51. Was approached by Fremantlemedia NA this past May to take one of our games and make it into a reality competitive show. It just temporarly fell through this past Wednesday, with that said since they showed interest in our product it inspired us to pitch it elsewhere. What would you advise?

    • Hi Chris. I don’t have specific recommendations without knowing more about the project. In general, it’s great news that Freemantle showed interest. This likely means you have a commercially viable project. The first step would be to identify potential buyers who have produced similar projects in the past. I would also want to know why Freemantle fell out (if you know) as that would impact how you pitch to the next potential buyer.

      • Hi Laura,

        I don’t want to say too much about the game in a public forum. But it would have been a bridal competition. We host Customized Urban Bridal Competitions for the past 13 years here in Boston to high popularity and to high reviews. So with that said they arranged a meeting in Boston and we sat down with this VP of Development and came up with a pretty cool concept for a potential 2nd tier network within 30min. They told me it was exploratory, and we would touch base in the Fall and possibly talk about contracts and the next step. The conclusion is there was no interest in that sort of competition as of yet and of course we thanked them and they told us if anything changes they will let us know. So that where we stand today..On a slightly different note let me ask you do you think there is a market for a same sex wedding competition? My wife and I thought of that and it doesn’t seem to be anything on tv on that.

    • Hi Beth. Thanks for your question and this really depends of the specifics of the show you are pitching. But, in general, you would look for production companies who have produced shows in a similar genre and do your best to get your sizzle reel to them. This could be by contacting them directly, using your connections to get a meeting, having a representative share your work or attending an event like RealScreen Summit.

  52. I have an idea for a reality show for your network. I am a therapist in Baltimore MD, and our team of therapist would like to create a show that would express some of the times and lifes of teenagers in Baltimore and how therapist deal with these second chance adolescents in this area. Looking at the trials and tribulations of the youth and therapist throughout the course of treatment. Please respond..
    Dwayne Lodge

  53. I have a very unique living situation. My husband and I have custody of his two older children from his prior marriage, and a child of our own. I am an accountant, and he is a mechanic. Our daily lives are quite interesting due to the dynamic that is involved. I think it would make a great tv show, especially considering the local police and sheriff’s office know us personally because of the situation. How should I go about pursuing this?

  54. I am developing a fantastic idea for a reality show (no, really), and am unsure on how to proceed. I sense that I should have an attorney first, so the idea isn’t “stolen,” I really feel it is that good. I can see a franchise in the works, but again, am not sure on how to proceed…

  55. Scott, do you recommend asking the production company or network to sign a non-disclosure agreement before giving them all the details of a written treatment?

  56. I have an amazing idea for a tv show, however my husband and I don’t have the finances available to copyright, join a site, or hire an agent. The only “film eqipment” we have are our cell phones. I want to get started right away on filming, but its a video diary /reality tv show based off of whats happening in my life now , i think it will sell big and it might even help people out, but I can’t hold the camra phone and do what i have to do at the same time, any suggestions?

  57. I am a mother of two biological kids with 15 +- grand kids. I have adopted two foster kids and have went through at least 25 kids as a foster mom, I seen enough, been through enough to make people laugh with tears and cry for my pain that I endure with the many ailments that’s been put on me.

  58. Hi Scott, I have a lot of experience in producing Bonus material for DVDs and producing hosted shows for networks like TNT. I have however never sold a show of my own. I know how to write, shoot,direct and pitch. I own my own equipment shooting and editing. Should I go ahead and shoot my pilot with 10 episodes and then pitch a network? My Networks don’t do reality. Should I just call them when I’m done and set up an appointment? Your advise would be wonderful. Thanks

    • Hi Cynthia,
      Great question! And I find myself in a similar boat. I was wondering if you ever got an answer to your question about shooting the show yourself.
      I would love to hear any input you have.
      Thanks very much.

  59. I have what I know could be really good show it is how to start where to being at that I need help in.

  60. I pitched a reality television idea to a production company. They sent me a shopping agreement to sign…I cannot afford an attorney and finding an agent is like pulling teeth. Any suggestions so I don’t sign my life away. Thanks

    • It’s great that you have a company that is interested in your work and this is exactly the point at which an attorney should be involved. If you can’t assess the fairness of their contract yourself (totally understandable), you want an expert opinion because as a rule, you should never sign something you don’t understand. As a place to start, there are a number of examples of agreements on the DoneDealPro website including this shopping agreement to compare to the one you received:

      • Thank you – I wasn’t able to compare your shopping agreement to the one I received – it was much different; however, I will be sending amendments to the attorney for the production company and include some points I read on your site. Again, thank you. I know I am very fortunate to be given this opportunity :)

    • Hi Suzy,

      I haven’t heard of anyone selling their show through New Show Studios, but it doesn’t mean that they haven’t. I would ask specific questions about the outcome you can expect and if you can talk to any past or current clients. A reputable company should be happy to provide these. I recommend this with any service you are considering. If you do work with New Show Studios, I’d be interested to hear about your experience.

  61. I have a great reality pitch , how much of the pitch do I tell a producer without having and legal documentation. Don’t want to use my idea without buying it or giving me credits?

  62. I have such a great idea for a reality TV show that will make millions that I’m super excited but I don’t know where to start and I don’t know who will listen to me.

  63. Great article. My company is currently working with a production company to produce a reality series,and pitch it to a network. Thanks for the info in this article. It’s very helpful.

  64. Great interview! I would mention that anyone pitching a Reality Show that has a sizzle reel will want to make sure they have all their legal clearances in place. Consent and release location agreement etc..

  65. Great piece of information which will be taken into consideraton… as i will
    be taking on board when i pitch my new tv show bible. Thank you!!!

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