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Good in a Room

All About?

Good in a Room is a website run by me, Stephanie Palmer, to teach you proven strategies to:


Write film and TV scripts


Sell your material


Get hired


Create a lasting career

But what does Good in a Room mean?

good in a room /adj. Good in a Room is an inside-Hollywood phrase used to describe film and TV writers who are good at networking, pitching, and selling what they write. You can learn more about how to be “good in a room” on my Getting Started page.

Who Is

Stephanie Palmer?

In many ways, I’m a creative person just like you. I started out wanting to direct plays and graduated from Carnegie Mellon with a degree in Theatrical Directing.

But then… I got an opportunity to intern on a project directed by James Cameron (Terminator, Aliens, Avatar). One thing led to another and eventually I became a studio executive with MGM Pictures.

I was fortunate to work with many top writers and directors and supervise the production of over 20 movies with $12M-$150M budgets.


Good in a Room Origin Story

Being an executive is a dream job for some people – but it wasn’t for me.

I knew I needed to get back to the creative side of the business.

So, about ten years ago I took a deep breath and left my job at MGM to focus on the part of the process I liked best: helping writers to develop and sell material.

At the same time, I got back to my own writing.

I wrote a best-selling book published by Random House. That got me on TV (including NBC’s Today Show) and speaking gigs at Disney, Warner Brothers, USC, Merrill Lynch, and Google.

“Part cheerleader, part mentor, part hard-nosed consultant, Palmer extracts important words and phrases from her clients like gold from ore.”

LA Times

“Stephanie Palmer shares her experience listening to thousands of pitches. Much of her direction on how to pitch well is counterintuitive, but it’s dead-on accurate.”

INC. Magazine

My First Hollywood Job

I had just finished working with esteemed playwright August Wilson (RIP) on a production of Jitney when I got the chance to be an intern on Titanic.

My initial assignment was to drive boxes of “undisclosed materials” from Los Angeles to the set in Baja, Mexico. In retrospect, I never should have driven boxes that “you are not to open” across the Mexican border….

Climbing The Ladder

Next I worked at Jerry Bruckheimer Films, where I was the Executive Assistant to the President. After that I became the Story Editor at MGM Pictures where I supervised the team of story analysts and was responsible for processing over 4000 screenplays each year.

Then, I was promoted to MGM’s Director of Creative Affairs where I acquired, developed, and produced feature films.

Helping Screenwriters

To be able to get back to my creative roots, I left MGM and started my consulting business to help film and TV writers write, pitch, and sell their material.

I have worked with dedicated amateurs and creative pros at all levels of the business, from recent film school graduates, experienced film and TV writers, to Oscar and Emmy-award winners.


Key Insight

After working my way up the ladder, producing films with big budgets and hiring top writers, then helping new writers to launch their careers, I was surprised to discover this:

Every project and writer was different from a creative perspective, but the strategies and tactics they needed to navigate the non-writing aspects of Hollywood were almost exactly the same.

What Others Say

Blake Snyder
“Stephanie Palmer helps writers to be good in a room — and she is the best there is. Success stories abound with this fun and enthusiastic method to pitch and win.”

Blake Snyder

Screenwriter and author of the bestselling book Save The Cat!
Scott Hartford
“You want your cell phone to ring as you're driving home from the meeting and you want to hear your agent gush, ‘They LOVED the pitch and are putting together an offer!’ Even if you consider yourself a masterful storyteller, Stephanie can make you even better.”

Scott Hartford

Co-Executive Producer, The Girls Next Door, Kendra, Ancient Aliens
Billy Greenfield
"Stephanie reveals the hidden code of what works and what doesn't. Since implementing her ideas, meetings have become effortless. I have literally booked every gig I have interviewed for, including one of the best projects of my career, and I have people offering me more work than I can handle."

Billy Greenfield

Producer/Assistant Director, The Sessions, Dating Rules For My Future Self
Sebastian Twardosz
“I’ve been to USC film school, I teach at USC film school, and I’ve had stellar jobs working for ICM, Tom Cruise and Paramount Pictures just to name a few. But I can tell you that I would have gone further and faster had Stephanie’s resources been available to me when I first started. She is knowledgeable, insightful, and she is right about what it takes to succeed in Hollywood.”

Sebastian Twardosz

Partner, Circus Road Films
Brian Egeston
"Applying Stephanie's techniques helped me acquire a Hollywood literary agent."

Brian Egeston

Head Writer, Tyler Perry's House of Payne
Jonathan Wolf
“Stephanie’s insights and guidance are the most powerful and valuable pitching tools a filmmaker can have. Her presentation to hundreds of writers and producers at the American Film Market Pitch Conference was our highest rated session. In just a few hours, Stephanie assured the launch of many films.”

Jonathan Wolf

Executive Vice President and Managing Director of the American Film Market, Independent Film & Television Alliance

Films I Worked On

Films I Worked On

Fun Facts

  • Grew up in a house without a television
  • Started with zero Hollywood connections
  • Hollywood Reporter, “Top 35 Executives Under 35”
  • Swore I’d never marry a writer… and married a writer.

Featured In

Good Writing Matters

I believe that when good material gets purchased, when good writers are hired, when the highest-quality movies and TV shows get made, and when more diverse voices are present at the decision-making table, we all win.

But when you don’t have the right strategic perspective, there’s a good chance that your ideas stay in your head or end up living in a drawer, on a shelf, or lost in your hard drive.

Hollywood is an intimidating, complex, and unfair place.

Most of the time, crucial emails get ignored, great scripts get rejected, meetings with VIPs go nowhere, and creativity just gets stomped on.

It’s easy to waste years of your life thinking you’re getting somewhere only to find out that you were going in circles or the wrong direction.

That’s why I’m here – to help you to get on track and “level up.”

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I’d love to have you join me and 50,000+ aspiring and professional film and TV writers.

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