Shonda Rhimes MasterClass Review

In Hollywood, there are showrunners; and then there is Shonda Rhimes.

In this post, I’m going to review Shonda Rhimes’ MasterClass, summarize the content, share the highlights, give you key tips to get even more out of the experience, and offer my (very few) criticisms.

Shonda Rhimes MasterClass Review in Brief 

There are three reasons why you should take Shonda Rhimes’ MasterClass:

  1. You will walk away from Shonda Rhimes’ class with a better grasp on the fundamentals of writing, as well as insight into the business of television writing.
  2. Rhimes goes into detail about how to break a TV story, write it, and produce it.
  3. Rhimes’ experience as a showrunner and woman of color in a male-dominated field allows her to offer insight and wisdom from a perspective that is not traditionally seen in Hollywood.

If you’re considering taking Shonda Rhimes’ MasterClass, click here to check it out.


Shonda Rhimes MasterClass Review HeadShot“I feel like I’m at the stage in my career, where honestly, I’m interested in building the next group of showrunners and the next group of writers and really make it possible for people to have better careers and know more and learn from any mistakes I’ve already made.”- Shonda Rhimes

What is MasterClass?

MasterClass is an online tutorial series where top writers, actors, athletes, and musicians offer specialized courses in their craft.

For a reasonable fee, MasterClass gives students unprecedented access to the wisdom and insights of an impressive array of teachers.

Who is Shonda Rhimes?

Shonda Rhimes is a Golden Globe Award winning showrunner and executive producer of such series as Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away with Murder, Private Practice, and Scandal.

Shonda Rhimes Shows

In 2014, ABC programmed its entire Thursday night primetime lineup with dramas by Rhimes.

Rhimes has won awards from Writers Guild of America, NAACP, and GLAAD and received two Emmy nominations.

Who Should Take this Course?

My initial thought when taking the class was that it would be geared towards budding television writers who were interested in procedural dramas.

However, Rhimes’ class contains a wealth of information for television writers and feature writers at all levels. And in addition to the fundamentals of writing, Rhimes’ class also offers insight into showrunning and dealing with a studio.

What Makes this Course Different?

Rhimes’ insight into the business feels fresh and current, and she shares revealing personal anecdotes about her time in the industry, her writing process, what it’s like to be a showrunner, as well as advice for up and coming writers.

Many of the resources that come with the course, including Rhimes’ original pitch and story bible that she used to pitch studio executives, as well as early and final drafts of her scripts, are impossible to find online and provide so much insight into the process of writing and selling a TV show that they alone are worth the price of the course.

Shonda Rhimes MasterClass Content

Shonda Rhimes MasterClass

Rhimes’ MasterClass is divided into 30 lessons with over 6 hours of material and comes with a wealth of written resources.

Rhimes’ lessons cover the fundamentals of television writing, including how to study television, systematic idea generation, dialogue, research, pitching, showrunning, editing, as well as case studies where she breaks down the structure of her script with a group of four students.

The MasterClass comes with a 45-page companion workbook in the form of a printable PDF. Although the workbook does suggest splitting the course up over a period of 7 weeks, students can choose to go at their own pace.

In addition to the workbook, students are also given downloadable PDFs of the story bible, original pitch, and pilot of Grey’s Anatomy as well as an early draft, pilot, alternative opening scenes, and Season 3 scripts from Scandal.

Additional Course Features

Rhimes’ MasterClass also features:

  • Clips from her shows
  • A classroom with four students who ask her insightful questions about her process and with whom she breaks down the structure of one of her pilots.
  • Office Hours in which students can record any questions they may have in video format and send them to Rhimes.
  • A Student Hub where students can ask each other questions, interact with one another, form writing groups, swap news and information.

What You Learn About Rhimes as a Person

Over the course of the six-hour lecture and classroom sessions, what shines through the most is Rhimes’ contagious passion for the craft of television writing and storytelling.

Rhimes is both charismatic and warm, and by the end of the course, students will walk away with a deeper sense of not just the fundamentals of storytelling, but with a sense of inspiration that comes from realizing just how much of herself Rhimes puts into the lessons.

Rhimes’ Teaching Style

Rhimes’ teaching style is very clear, expressive, and confident.

Part of the reason that Rhimes is so great at teaching is the fact that as a showrunner, part of her job every day is to teach people working under her, and to empower them to grow and lead. And thus, in taking this class, it felt like actually being on her writing staff.

Rhimes starts off her class by encouraging people to be politically and socially aware of what’s going on in the world by reading every day and studying not just popular current television shows, but television shows in the past as well.

Shonda Rhimes MasterClass Review HeadShot“You really need to have an actual knowledge of what’s been on television before and why and what the good stuff was. And that will really give you an education.—Shonda Rhimes

To Get the Most Out of the Course Ahead of Time

To get the most out of the course ahead of time, I would recommend watching the pilots of Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal.

When I initially started this course, it had been a while since I had seen the pilots, and once Rhimes got to breaking down the structure of Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal, I felt like I wasn’t getting as much out of the lesson as I should have.

So I paused the course, and went ahead and watched the two pilots before returning to the lesson. You can find the pilot episodes on Netflix or Amazon. For your convenience, the pilot scripts are provided, but I would recommend watching the pilots as well just to get a better sense of how the script and the televised version overlap.

Shonda Rhimes Scandal pilot episode Kerry Washington

Highlight: Breakdowns of 5-Act Structure

Rhimes devotes 7 lessons to a classroom style seminar where she interacts with four students who ask her questions while she breaks down the structures of both the Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal pilot.

Though Rhimes devotes two lessons to Grey’s Anatomy, she takes her time with the pilot of Scandal, splitting up the analysis of each of the 5 acts into an individual lesson.

For visual learners and to reinforce the classroom feel, Rhimes even has a student go up to the whiteboard and take notes on what’s she saying so that we have a visual chart to follow along with.

One of the greatest aspects of this classroom style seminar is that the students aren’t just passively engaging in learning, but are actively pointing out things that they noticed, and constantly questioning Rhimes about her writing process, pushing her to reveal stories about why she chose to write certain scenes or characters the way she did.

Shonda Rhimes Masterclass Student Group

On Pitching, Running a Writer’s Room, and Showrunning

Rhimes MasterClass Content

One of the most valuable parts of the course occurs when Rhimes talks about all the aspects of production that go on behind the scenes.

While writing is a huge aspect of what Rhimes teaches, Rhimes also delves into pitching, showrunning, TV Production, and what it’s like to run a writer’s room.

First-time television writers might find Rhimes’ breakdown of writers’ room faux pas to be especially helpful, while writers hoping to break into the industry might draw value from the fact that Rhimes also talks about what she’s looking for in new writers and their scripts.

Shonda Rhimes MasterClass Review HeadShot“There’s a heart in the center of every story you’re telling that has to be true, or else I don’t know why you’re writing.” -Shonda Rhimes

Highlights of the Course

Perspective as a Showrunner

Rhimes’ perspective as a showrunner is a definite highlight in this course. Rhimes presents a realistic look on what it’s like to strike a balance between working with a studio and keeping a show on track, and balancing both artistic expression with commercial interests.

Perspective as a Woman of Color

Early on in the course, Rhimes offers tips on how to write strong female characters, challenging writers to move beyond reductive stereotypes and breathe more life into their characters regardless of gender. Though she doesn’t talk about the issue of race very much throughout this course, Rhimes does encourage minorities and people of color that they do belong in Hollywood.

Pitches, Story Bibles, and Workbooks

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the numerous pitches, story bibles and workbooks that Rhimes offers are extremely valuable and definitely a highlight. It’s interesting to observe the differences between the script and the screen, and perhaps just as important as all the material that makes it into the final cut of the script is all the material that gets refined over the course of the subsequent drafts. Rhimes makes these materials available so that you can dissect and learn from the evolution.


What’s great about this class is that Rhimes makes you feel like television writing is something that you can accomplish. Rhimes goes over what she looks for in a television writer as well as talks about the simple distinction between what separates writers from everyone else.

Shonda Rhimes MasterClass Review HeadShot“Here’s the awesome thing about being a writer. In this town, it’s the only job you can do that nobody has to hire you for, meaning it’s the only job you can show that you can do without getting a job for.” – Shonda Rhimes

Viewers will walk away with a realistic look at what it takes to succeed in Hollywood and the notion that if they use the steps presented in the course, it is possible.

Criticisms of the Course

As much as I loved this course, I had a couple areas of concern:

  1. Student Forum is Sparse

Though MasterClass has improved their process of managing the community somewhat, the internal community forum known as “The Hub” still feels inconsistent and relatively difficult to navigate. Student engagement on the forum is also rather sporadic and can feel unwieldy and distracting. I’m sure this section will expand as more people work through the course, but I mostly ignored “The Hub” and focused on the video lessons and printed materials.

  1. Work/Life Balance

Towards the end of the course, Rhimes talks about the idea of work/life balance especially in regards to women, and the idea that it doesn’t exist. My perspective is that balance is important to succeed at anything, though it’s fair to say that the job of TV showrunner is extremely demanding, and when you’re running multiple shows at the same time, Rhimes’s POV on this is understandable.

Is the Course Worth it?

Consider the fact that tuition at USC is roughly $24,000 per semester, and that lifetime access to Rhimes’ MasterClass is $90….

Rhimes’ class offers an experience that simply can’t be found anywhere else. The combination of 6 hours of uninterrupted time with one of Hollywood’s most dominant showrunners along with her private story bibles, alternative openings, drafts, notes, workbook, and scripts is something that would normally cost thousands of dollars.

Just like Aaron Sorkin in his MasterClass, Rhimes doesn’t offer any magic shortcuts. However, she does offer the exact systematic processes that she uses and have helped her get to where she is today, and presented them in a clear concise manner.

By implementing the steps outlined in this class, and taking to heart the advice that Rhimes gives, you will be well ahead of the rest of the competition.

Questions About Shonda Rhimes’ MasterClass


Will This Guarantee Me A Job In Hollywood?

No, but I can tell you that as a former executive, if you do apply the fundamentals learned in this course to your own writing, your scripts will be better than 90% of the scripts that land on an agent’s desk.

Will I Become A Better Writer After This Course? 

Yes. Even if you just watch the course, you’ll learn many practical tips about writing. And if you do the exercises and apply the lessons, you will definitely improve your craft.

Will Shonda Rhimes Read My Film Or TV Pitches? 

With multiple shows currently in the air, Rhimes is an extremely busy person and most likely won’t accept unsolicited pitches. However, you would be able to ask fellow students to read your work.

Am I Being Paid To Recommend This Course? 

Yes. If you use this link to purchase the course, at no cost to you, I will be paid a small commission. I did not receive free access to the course, but paid for it myself. I would not have signed up to become an affiliate or written this Shonda Rhimes MasterClass review if I didn’t personally believe in the value of this course.

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes. MasterClass provides a 30-day money back guarantee.

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Discussion About Shonda Rhimes MasterClass Review

  1. Teisha

    Thank you for this. How would you compare the Aaron Sorkin Master Class to this and if you had to choose only one, which would it be?

    • Stephanie Palmer

      Good question, Teisha. Both classes are great and have a lot in common, but if you’re having trouble deciding, if you’re more interested in film, take Sorkin’s class. If you’re more interested in TV, take Rhimes’s class. Let me know what you think!

      • Teisha

        Thank you!

    • Jes

      Shonda’s delivery is far superior. The lessons are longer, quite specific, and more satisfying.

      • Stephanie Palmer

        Thanks, Jes. I agree with you.

    • James Heggs

      Before you read my comment just know it’s long.

      I was responding to an email from Stephanie on her recommendation about Shonda Rhimes masterclass. I am already taking it. But I wanted to respond with something more in depth. I feel film makers ascension is too condensed or always fits a limitless profile. My story is a bit different and you’ll see that I was not the typical film student. I also feel had these masterclasses been around in the 90’s I may have had a different outcome.

      Her class makes my second course I bought. First was Sorkins. And I plan on buying Werner Herzogs directing class.

      I never went to film school. But I did go to college to gain any knowledge about film. It was rocky this was the 90’s. With no competition schools outside the film school top 5’s pretty much threw together several courses with “media” or “communications” as the degree. If you were lucky you got a chance to learn how to edit on a non linear system. I did so in 1998. I was blown away. The first school I attended was still stuck on tape to tape.

      After leaving (BMCC) with a two year I was still concerned I wasn’t fully involved as a film student. But by then I was well into my adulthood. I needed a job. So now the thing was to gain an film education while working. Enter NYU’s open enrollment adult program. Geared toward working professionals or just adults with no time to go to class at 11:30am with 19yrs old still doing their laundry once a month. The degree I wound up with included a film block but it was devoid of screenwriting. Sorkins class was the first screenplay class I took. Ten years after graduating. I furthered my knowledge of digital editing at NYU. Got some more hands on with digital cameras and the associated gear.

      But be clear it wasn’t TSOA. There was no Spike Lee teaching us. No esteemed list of graduates sure to be highlighted once Oscar season rolled around. 90% of the adults in my film courses were using the course as filler-it was an elective. So once the semester ended that killed all relationships. Lucky for me at the time the internet started to really take a hold at least for socializing. I met a few Tisch students. And one thing led to another and a met a few more. Also New York’s film production went nuts. I was getting PA work all over the place.

      However things never took off. After getting out I tried to build that body of work that would lead to a permanent freelance situation. But I think the reality that I was not a film school graduate caught up to me.

      My network was cool but let’s face it when your classmate knows people in LA that are coming to New York for work and can get you on set-paid to do a gig, that’s huge. As I mentioned I lost contact with all film classmates in my program.

      Looking back now if we had the kind of access the masterclass series provides back then, I know it would disappointed my mother but I would’ve stopped my college education after the associates degree. The community formed on the masterclass hub is huge. In Sorkins we created a Facebook group. Everything film school use to promote as key reason to go to there is seriously challenged these days. It’s still a good thing to go. Being an NYU student I got a few chances to walk through TSOA halls. I saw their classrooms. It’s serious. I’ve been on their shoots. It looks and feels like the real thing. They talk the talk. Walk the walk. But to some degree if we only limit those of us that want tell stories through film and tv to be vetted and certified by a handful of very expensive schools I’m not sure that leaves many of us with a viable option.

      These days I’m still holding on to making it in the business. And the masterclass play a huge role in that effort.

      • Stephanie Palmer

        I really appreciate you sharing your story so others can benefit, James.

      • Cardinal Robbins

        James, do not EVER give up. You never know when circumstances will allow you to prevail. I got into all this in a very unconventional way, and can tell you things can turn in your favor in an INSTANT. Keep pushing toward success!

    • Teshia

      So, I have to respond to you because IDK , there are no coincidences AND… we LITERALLY HAVE THE SAME NAME!!!! I am amazed because I have NEVER had this happen!!!

      • Teshia

        Sorry – I was commenting on Teisha’s post. I promise, I am a real person!

  2. Denise Coopersmith

    Stephanie, I have been going back and forth of which master class I was going to take, Rhimes or Sorkin’s. But, after reading your review on Rhimes’ Master Class, I will definitely be leaning toward Rhimes. Thanks, Stephanie!

    • Stephanie Palmer

      Glad this was helpful, Denise. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

  3. Cardinal Robbins

    Your wonderful review convinced me. I had been looking forward to this Master Class since it was announced, and I’m about to purchase it to begin studying it tonight. Thank you for being so thorough, as well as doing a pro and con, to give me the ability to make a very informed decision. I’m always grateful for how accessible you are, how generous you are when it comes to answering questions, and how encouraging you are with writers.

    • Stephanie Palmer

      Thanks so much, Cardinal. That means a lot to me.

  4. Troynetta

    Thank you! I am now going to purchase it because of your review.

    • Stephanie Palmer

      Thanks so much, Troynetta. Please come back and comment to let me know what you think after you’ve started Shonda Rhimes’s MasterClass.

  5. Val Phillips

    Thanks so much, Stephanie! Super helpful, as always. Money’s a little tight at the moment, and I’m trying to decide between Ms. Rhimes class and Mr. Sorkin. I want to work in TV, and am revising my first pilot. Any advice?


    • Stephanie Palmer

      In your case, I’d go with Shonda Rhimes, Val.

  6. Cardinal Robbins

    I bought this class on the strength of Stephanie Palmer’s EXCELLENT review. I cannot stress enough how much the Shonda Rhimes MasterClass has *transformed* my writing. Over the past few years, I had been buying a plethora of books on every aspect of writing for television. While those books were ALL very informative (especially Stephanie’s “Good in a Room”), Ms. Rhimes’ MasterClass is EVERYTHING I hadn’t been able to find on my own.

    It is an amazing step-by-step journey that will make your writing STRONGER, more COMPELLING and READY for others to carefully consider as a TV or new media show. I was thrilled to see the support materials she provides, such as a copy of her Show Bible. You will also be enthralled by her experiences as she tells you about pitching — and it’s okay to laugh. Ms. Rhimes comes off as completely approachable, very down to earth, and brilliantly intelligent — just like Stephanie. She’s like a friend who’s giving you the best advice of your career.

    Please do yourself a favor and take this course.I was NOT paid for my comments; I literally borrowed the money for the course ($90). The time it will save you in “reinventing the wheel” is worth it alone, but there are a million other reasons this class is MORE than worth the money several times over.

    • Stephanie Palmer

      This means a lot, Cardinal. I’m so glad to hear that the course was valuable for you as well.

    • Mel

      I love Shonda’s class as well, she gives you awesome gems of info.

  7. Quan


    I enjoy reading your daily emails! (Thanks!) But I am curious as to what makes your course different than the MasterClass series?

    • Stephanie Palmer

      Thanks for the question, Quan. They are complementary, but not the same. For example, Shonda’s course is from her perspective as a writer and a showrunner and my course is from the executive/buyer’s perspective. My course How To Get An Agent gives you a step-by-step process for building your network, developing the right kind of material, identifying the right agent for you and how to approach them in the right way. Shonda’s course has exceptional writing advice, but doesn’t cover how to get representation in a detailed way.

  8. M L Clark-Robinson

    I am not able to purchase any of the courses I have selected. Please help tomorrow. Thanks, Madelyn

    • Stephanie Palmer

      Happy to help, M L. Feel free to email me at spalmer (at) and I’ll do what I can to get you the courses you’d like to purchase. Thanks!

  9. Lorinda Donovan

    I’m doing this class right now — I was torn between this one and David Mamet’s, but I figured since I’m a female minority writer, Shonda might have more insight into dealing with those prejudices that unfortunately still seem to exist. I’m only about 10 sessions in, just past the bible phase. But so far I’d agree with you, Stephanie. For more experienced writers it can get a little remedial-sounding but it’s not so bad that you feel like you’re wasting your time. And I definitely agree about the Hub. But all message boards/forums are like that. People just get weird. There is a separate FB “study group” that you can sign up for that’s pretty decent, though. Folks are friendlier there, more helpful. Overall, at only $90 I’d say the class is definitely worth it.

    • Stephanie Palmer

      Really appreciate you sharing your experience, Lorinda.

  10. Melissa Bynes- Brooks

    Insightful and on point. I’m in Shonda’s class now. It has inspired me to start writing consistently again with added substance.

    Thank you.

    • Stephanie Palmer

      So glad to hear it, Melissa. Write on!

  11. Tessie Rios

    I’m interested in writing a book in 3rd person. Have begun writing but stuck on how to make it interesting. Where do I find out time and date of the class. And place. Thank you. Tessie

    • Stephanie Palmer

      The class is self-paced and all of the videos and course materials are available now. You can log into the course and then work through the lessons at your convenience.

  12. Mike Pusateri

    Hi Stephanie,

    Thank you for such a thorough and interesting review! I’m an actor living in Hollywood and I’m curious, do you think actors would benefit from taking this course as much (or almost as much) as writers? My strong sense is the answer is yes. To learn how somebody as brilliant and accomplished as Shonda runs shows, puts together episodic scripts, and creates interesting characters would be knowledge that I think I as an actor would find invaluable.

    Given your experience and expertise in the industry, and having taken the course, would you agree?

    Thank you in advance!


    • Stephanie Palmer

      Great question, Mike. Yes, I do think Shonda’s course would be valuable for actors as the more insight you have about how the business works, the better. If you do take it, I’d love to know what you think from an actor’s perspective.

      • Mike Pusateri

        Thanks! I am going to take the course and will definitely let you know what I think about it.

  13. Manu


    Thank you for your review of Shonda Rhimes’s Master Class what an insightful information.

    I work in a tv production as a content producer (executing people’s ideas) and hope to pitch my own idea some day soon.

    Rhimes’ tv shows are now a world wide heatwave, do her lessons and perhaps tips be applied in any channel anywhere in the world.

    Thanking you in advance

    • Stephanie Palmer

      Thanks, Manu.

  14. Emma

    Hi Stephanie! Thanks so much for your review here, am thinking of taking Shonda’s class, starting well NOW! I was just wondering, as a Brit wanting to write a UK series , does what she teaches differentiate too much from the UK structure i.e. 6-8 episodes a ‘season’, etc. Or can you easily modify what she says for a UK network? I’m sure her insights regarding character, dialogue etc. are equally applicable, so is it just a case of modifying the structure to suit? Kind regards from a novice!

  15. Emma

    Hi there, following on from my last question, I’m really looking for how to also break down a season/UK ‘series’ into episodes – not just how to structure individual episodes. And, for example, how to interweave storylines together across a season – what is the midpoint, where should the beats be, the climax etc. Is this also something she discusses? Many thanks!

    • Stephanie Palmer

      Yes, I recommend taking the course, though her approach to structure is specific to the US market and she doesn’t address UK structure (as far as I recall). I think it would easily adaptable for you and Ms. Rhimes has so much that is valuable to offer that applies to anyone who wants to be a more dynamic writer. If for some reason, the course doesn’t meet your expectations, you can receive a full refund. I’d love to know what you think after you take the class.

  16. MC Potts

    Stephanie…Do you also have a Master Class? I wanna take that too!

  17. Virginia E Curtiss

    Can the workbook be purchased rather than printing out so many pages.

    • Stephanie Palmer

      Virginia – Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, I don’t believe the workbook can be purchased separately. If you find out otherwise during your research, please let me know.