How To Become A Writer For TV

How to become a writer for TV is different than how to become a screenwriter of feature films. The secret to learning how to become a writer for TV is this:

How To Get A Hollywood Literary Agent

Do you want to know how to get a Hollywood literary agent? Let’s talk about exactly what literary agents are looking for in new clients in scripted TV, reality TV, and feature film (hint: each area is a little different…).

How To Become A Screenwriter In 7 Steps

To learn how to become a screenwriter, you need to do more than read screenwriting books. You need to do more than learn how to write a screenplay. You need to approach the process of becoming a screenwriter for the long-term.

Script Readers: An Important Resource For Screenwriters

Script readers are gatekeepers who read and evaluate screenplays. As a screenwriter, you want to understand what script readers do because their evaluation of your screenplay will determine (in large measure) whether it gets thrown away or considered by decision-makers.