How To Fine Tune Your Pitchfest Pitch

One of the “genres” of pitching is the pitchfest pitch.  Typically, these are 5-10 minutes in length and resemble a speed dating situation in the sense that you don’t have much time, first impressions are crucial, and the little things … Continued

9 Questions Writing Partners Should Ask Each Other

Writing partners succeed, in part, due to the warmth and strength of your personal connection. This connection is what determines if you can listen and build on each other’s good ideas when writing, as well as how effectively you pitch together.

How To Write Fast

If you want to know how to write fast, the speed at which you write has little to do with how quickly you type. Speed has a lot to do with how well you organize your writing process.

How To Write A Screenplay Outline

Experienced screenwriters know how to write a screenplay outline. In fact, they tend to invest significant time writing a screenplay outline because this is where a lot of kinks get worked out.