"Good in a Room is an incredible book. It is the only book I recommend to people who have to pitch in meetings."

TOM PETERS  //  Author, In Search of Excellence

“From the first page to the final page, this book is packed with cutting-edge marketing and sales techniques.  A must-read for executives, entrepreneurs, consultants and creative professionals alike.”

SAM HORN  //  Author, POP! Stand Out in A Crowd

"Stephanie knows what's up when it comes to face-to-face meetings and striking deals. I love the chapter on the 'five stages of the meeting.' These days I don't attend a ton of meetings with strangers, but I did a lot more often when I was an architect-- and wow, could I have used this advice!"

PAT FLYNN //  Founder, Smart Passive Income

“As a Financial Advisor, I'm always looking for ways to build my business, so I read a lot of business books. This one really stands out. The useful and refreshing ideas in this book have helped me update and refine my skills in the room, meet great new prospects and clients, and improve my key business relationships.”

LORRI JACKSON  //  Senior Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch

"The best networks are built one person at a time." THANK YOU! The beauty of connecting with "prospects" under sincere circumstances, is that you don't have to figure out how to be taken seriously or establish trust. It will come first, before you 'want' anything from them. And after, whenever you do want something, it's easier to be "straightforward and direct," while acknowledging their POV."


“A complete demystification of the high-stakes meeting and a step-by-step process to becoming “good in a room” in any industry. Incredibly informative and a great read.”

BRADLEY MITCHELL  //  Partner Account Manager, Cisco Systems

"Recently I was applying for a position. Coincidentally, literally the week before my interview I was given this book to read. Using multiple of the tactics and strategies from the book; I was more organized, knowledgeable, and thus confident than I had ever been for a job interview. I was so prepared, even when things went completely unexpectedly, I was easily and properly able to steer them right back on course. And therefore, great news, I got the job!"


“Don't even think about having your next big meeting until you read this book. When your professional career depends on persuading decision-makers to invest in you and your ideas, the strategies and tactics in this book will give you a significant edge.”

AMY HARKIN  //  Founder, All Things In Moderation

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