A New Screenwriter Got Paid WHAT?”

Learn What The Pros Know About How To Get Paid Writing Film And TV… And A Strategy To Maximize How Much Money You Make

Film And TV Writer Compensation Report

  • What to expect from options, sales, salaries, and residuals
  • Learn the financial “deal” lingo that identifies you as an insider
  • Boost your chances to make more money

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Pauline Ekholt

How does the money work in Hollywood?

If you’re a little unclear on this topic, you’re not alone.

Who gets paid what is often shrouded in complexity and secrecy….

You see, some writers in Hollywood make very large sums of money.

Many other writers make a nice, comfortable living.

But then there are writers who don’t make nearly as much money as they could.

Why does this happen?

First, they never learned how the money really works in the first place.

Second, they don’t understand how to maximize how much money they make.

And in this 30-minute video training, you’ll learn it all.

Now, here’s the truth:

You can find out a lot about compensation on your own.

All you have to do is:

  • Research and read the best books and articles on the subject
  • Filter out the information that’s outdated or just not true
  • Consolidate the facts you need in a concise way

That will take you several days to several months, depending, and even then, it will be hard to be sure that you are getting the right information because deals are often kept secret.

Or, you can save yourself all that time and energy and money…

Because I’ve already done all this work for you.

Film And TV Writer Compensation Report

Learn everything about making money as a Film/TV writer that no one tells you:

  • The spectrum: WGA minimums to big spec sales
  • The four primary ways you are compensated
  • The front and back end of a typical three-step deal
  • TV salary issues (e.g. baby writers vs. co-producers)
  • How to capitalize on “heat” and get paid the maximum possible

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Frequently Asked Questions

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You’ll receive an email with a link to our secure members area. The complete product, video, and all supporting materials will be inside.
What about short films and smaller projects?
The video training is primarily focused on how the money works for writers who intend to make their living writing, e.g., in studio and mainstream independent film, network and cable TV, and SVOD (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu). However, if you are writing film shorts, industrials, webisodes, or other kinds of material, many principles of how you are compensated remain largely the same.
What if I’m not happy with my purchase?
For 30 days I offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If the product doesn’t help you understand how to copyright and protect your work, just return it for a full refund. No hassles and we can part as friends.
What’s included with the product?
The product is 4 video lessons that take 30 minutes total - I have made the information accessible and efficient so you won’t waste your time. There’s also a PDF workbook to help you review the material.

Get The Film And TV Writer Compensation Report

Save yourself the time and energy of doing the research yourself…

And save yourself the heartache of not making as much money as you should…

Film And TV Writer Compensation Report

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