You’ve Heard That Success In Hollywood Is Related To “Who You Know” So… Who Do YOU Know?

…do you have a plan to meet the right people, build a reputation, and develop VIP relationships?

Signe Olynyk
“Stephanie Palmer is the authority on how to build meaningful relationships and create a successful career in any industry.”

Signe Olynyk

Founder of The Great American Pitchfest

Do you have a networking strategy?


Who are the “right” people to have in your network?


What’s your professional reputation as a writer?

When it comes to writing, how much time have you spent developing your craft?

Plenty, I’ll bet.

Now, when it comes to networking….

How much time have you spent polishing your skills?

Probably not as much…

This is typical – it’s not like they teach courses in “Advanced VIP Networking” in film school.

You’re a writer. Understandably, you are focused on writing.

But to succeed as a screenwriter:

Your networking ability is just as important as your writing ability.

This is because film and TV are collaborative mediums.

As you know, it can take hundreds or even thousands of people to make a film or TV project. From idea development, to production, to distribution, it takes a team.

Writing ability alone doesn’t get you on the team.

It’s your networking ability that proves you can play.

In other words:

Networking can make or break your Hollywood career.

The question is this:

If and when Hollywood VIPs meet you, will they see you as a writer who is “polished” or as a “diamond-in-the-rough?”


“Diamond-In-The-Rough” Challenge

You might think being a diamond-in-the-rough isn’t so bad because at least you’re a diamond….

But in Hollywood, it’s a problem.

It takes work to turn a rough diamond into a polished diamond.

It takes work to turn a rough draft into a polished script.

And it’s the same thing with writers.

The diamond underneath – that’s your writing talent.

The polish that reveals the gem – that’s your networking skill.

And people who want to buy an engagement ring, buy a script, or work with a writer aren’t looking for “rough.”

They’re looking for “polished.”

In fact, Hollywood VIPs make quick decisions based on how “polished” or “rough” you are:

Small Mistakes Matter

What you might not even notice or what seems like a small mistake to you – to a decision-maker can be a major red flag that screams “rookie.”

Introductions Count

If you can’t get the right introduction, invitation, or referral from the right person, you won’t even be meeting Hollywood VIPs in the first place.

Time Is Short

VIPs expect you to impress them with your networking skills within minutes of meeting them – or they probably won’t consider your writing at all.

However, with a strategy to meet the right people, handle social situations with confidence, and develop VIP relationships, you can build a powerful network and succeed as a film/TV writer.


How To Network In Hollywood

A strategic plan to help you handle any social situation with confidence, establish your reputation, and develop VIP relationships.

Here’s What You Get Inside

A strategic plan to help you handle any social situation with confidence, establish your reputation, and develop VIP relationships.

For Introverts AND Extroverts

In Hollywood, the deeper relationships are the ones that matter most. That’s why the course helps you develop fewer, higher-quality relationships – a strategy that works for introverts and extroverts alike.

Focus On Authenticity

My networking strategy is based on authenticity. Being fake, in addition to being morally questionable, is not effective. What works best is to be yourself, tell the truth, and make real friends.

Overcome Social Fears

When it comes to networking, a lot of success (or failure) has to do with how you anticipate questions and answer them. I go into detail about what questions you need to expect and exactly how to respond.

Specific Networking Tactics

We’ll cover exactly how to organize your network, the Do’s and Don’ts of VIP Relationships, and how to create a custom networking plan using the five categories of Hollywood networking activities.

Course Content Includes

  • 8 video lessons
  • Companion Study Guide
  • Complete audio version of the course
  • 8 Common Networking Questions And How To Answer Them
  • The four primary principles of networking in Hollywood
  • The extremely powerful and flexible “Answerbank” technique
  • Exactly how to answer the question, “What do you do?”
  • Do’s and Don’ts for cultivating VIP relationships
  • Tips on cultivating the “hidden producers”

8 Common Networking Questions And How To Answer Them

In the first few minutes of meeting someone, many of the same questions get asked – and most writers bonk the answers without even realizing it.

Networking questions are often not what they seem. Inside the most common questions are crucial questions hidden within – and the occasional trap or trick question as well.

8 Common Networking Questions And How To Answer Them explains how to avoid the traps and use questions as opportunities to be memorable and showcase your expertise.

Carissa Pritchard
“I watched the course video and realized, ‘Oh my goodness I know someone!!!’ The very next day I rented his movies, watched them, and asked for a meeting. I followed up and he finally read the script. I asked him if we could catch up for coffee and he turned it into lunch. Over lunch he said, ‘You are a talented writer. This is what you should be doing. I’m going to call my manager and help you get representation.’ So here I am in LA, soon to have that meeting thanks to your wonderful advice!”

Carissa Pritchard


Are You Ready To “Belong” In The Business?

How to Network in Hollywood

How to Network in Hollywood

Get How to Network in Hollywood and become a writer who can handle any social situation like a polished Hollywood professional, has a positive reputation, and a network full of valuable VIP relationships.


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Screenwriting Professional Package

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Mike Corey
"Great course! It’s a game changer. So many people are obsessed with 'getting in the room.' The thing we can learn from this course is that every interaction is important because we’re already in the room."

Mike Corey


What Makes Me Different

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably considering getting this course, and you might be wondering why you should listen to what I have to say.

1) Studio Experience

As a film executive with MGM Pictures, I’ve worked closely with agents at all the major agencies, taken over 3000+ meetings with top writers and directors, and helped create 20+ movies.

2) Writing Experience

As a writer, I understand the creative process and the sales process from the writer’s side of the equation. My best-selling book (Good In A Room) was sold to Random House with the help of International Creative Management Partners.

3) Track Record Of Success

Among my clients are Oscar and Emmy-award winners as well as new writers whom I’ve helped to find agents, sell scripts, and get hired to write film and TV.

4) Featured By Legit Media

Good in a Room (and I) have been featured by NBC, CBS, FOX, NPR, The Los Angeles Times, Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, and Authors@Google, among others.

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Are You Ready To “Belong” In The Business?

Screenwriting Professional Bundle

Screenwriting Professional Package

$793 $599

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What if I already know a lot of Hollywood VIPs?
Then you know that small changes to how you act in social situations with VIPs can make a huge difference to your success. The question is, do you have a strategy for networking that you can use to capitalize on the relationships you have already developed? If not, you may be making small mistakes without realizing it. You know how hard it is to sustain a relationship with a VIP. Get the course and eliminate any potential mistakes you’re making.
What if I’m already good at networking?
Natural talent is great – but just like talent with writing, you still need to learn technique to be a master of the craft. When you use the networking strategy in the course, your natural networking talent can thrive.
What if I’m really, really shy?
Many writers are shy – but don’t let that stop you. Just focus on the networking tactics that work for you. The course will help you customize the way you network to your personality.
What if I don't live in LA?

Many writers who do not live in Los Angeles, London, Toronto, Sydney, or another hub of production ask me: “Do I really need to move to a big city? Really?”

The short answer is that no matter where you live, you need to develop your personal and professional networks to have a chance at success in the business. Where you live is a personal decision. How To Network In Hollywood will help you understand the issues that pertain to your situation and answer that question for yourself.

What if I don't live in the USA?
The material in this course has helped many aspiring creatives become professional writers in the UK, New Zealand, Canada, China, India, Brazil, Russia, Japan, and more.
What If I'm an advanced writer?
Your writing ability and your networking ability are separate skillsets. That said, if you are an advanced writer, you’re more likely to have something to sell - and you need a networking strategy more urgently.
What If I'm 40+, 50+, or 60+?
The course has helped many people in their 40's, 50's, and 60's to pursue their creative dreams despite their busy and demanding careers.
How long will it take?
I've made the course as simple as possible to maximize how easily you can learn the information and use the techniques. However, as you can imagine, you get out of it what you put into it, so a lot depends on you.
What format is this course in?
The course is 8 Video Lessons with a workbook, a complete audio version of the course, as well as bonus materials in both video and PDF formats. You get immediate access to everything.
What if I'm a director or producer?
How To Network In Hollywood contains a strategy that anyone in Hollywood can apply and is completely appropriate for writers, directors, producers, actors, and anyone in Hollywood who wants to get to the next level in their careers.

PS. What’s The Alternative?

The fact is that there just aren’t courses out there – either online or in-person – that teach you the networking skills you need to survive and thrive in Hollywood.

Hollywood filters out (read: chews up and spits out) the writers who have talent but lack networking skill.

Don’t let this happen to you.

You know networking skills are important, and there’s just nowhere else to get this information about how to network successfully in Hollywood.

And once you know what to do, it’s easier than you might think.

All Major Payments Accepted
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100% Secure Checkout

100% Secure Checkout

30-Day Money Back

Lisa Ridarelli
“So many people make the industry seem like a maze or a puzzle, and Stephanie blows that myth to pieces. Stephanie provides real-life examples and it makes the process relatable and less scary. As someone just starting out in this business, after taking the course, I feel much more confident.”

Lisa Ridarelli