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1) What is a 'spec'?

2) When the protagonist has reached the 'lowest point' in the story, this 'story beat' is known as:

3) If you want to be a professional screenwriter, you need to:

4) When someone leaves you a voicemail, this is known in the business as having:

5) A tag could be referred to as:

6) In screenwriting, the “long, dark night of the soul” is:

7) Which of the following is true about the income of professional film and TV writers:

8) The 'Break Into 2' is:

9) 'ALT' means:

10) What is the most common way film and TV writers break into the business:

11) Pro Hollywood screenwriters often read which of the following?

12) You have to pursue your screenwriting dreams because:

13) Which of the following is not a component of a joke:

14) Movies about Hollywood include:

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