Here are my favorite screenwriting resources.

I recommend only what I believe to be the best products and services that I have used personally.

Also, I update this page when I find new, excellent resources.

Note: The book recommendation links below are affiliate links. That means that at no cost to you, if you click a link and make a purchase, I get a small commission. I do not receive any commission for the other recommendations.

Screenwriting Software

  • Celtx: the best free screenwriting software.
  • Highland: the best inexpensive screenwriting software.
  • WriterDuet: the best collaborative screenwriting software.
  • Fade In: the best fully-featured screenwriting software.

If you want to know why I don’t recommend Final Draft, here’s my full take on screenwriting software.

Screenwriting Books

Writing Books

Creativity Books

What Hollywood is Really Like Books

Breaking Into Hollywood Books

Consulting And Script Analysis

Erik Bork. Emmy-winning writer of Band of Brothers and From The Earth To The Moon.  Erik is a constructive and supportive teacher.  He works one-on-one and gives script notes.

Coverage Ink.  I haven’t met Jim Cirile in person, but some of my clients have shared coverage that he did during our consultations and I thought it was excellent and very in-depth.

Lee Jessup. I have known Lee for many years and she is caring, thoughtful and a supportive coach to writers. She doesn’t provide coverage, but works as a career coach and helps with accountability and writing too.

John Crye. I worked with John when he was an executive at Summit and New Market. He is extremely knowledgeable about independent film world.

Jen Grisanti. If you want to become a TV writer and want to get professional notes on your script, I recommend Jen Grisanti.

Looking for feedback on your screenplay? Check out Script Coverage: Is It Worth It?

Hollywood Pitching Events

American Film Market Pitch Conference.  The American Film Market is the largest film market in the world and more than $800 million in deals are sealed at the AFM each year.  I have hosted the Pitch Conference for the past three years, so I’m biased, but I have seen more deals happen at this event than any other conference.  More than 700+ script writers and producers attend the Pitch Conference each year.

Austin Film Festival.  The best festival for getting access to and learning from the top film script writers and TV writers working today.

The Great American PitchFest.  A chance to practice your pitch in person and learn from some great instructors.

Stage 32 Online Pitchfest With Happy Writers.  An opportunity to pitch your projects to assistants and executives without leaving the comfort of your home.  A great way to hone your pitching skills so you can become a professional script writer.

To succeed at a Hollywood pitching event, I recommend my online course, How To Be A Professional Writer. It’s the equivalent of working with me for ten or more sessions  (a value of approximately $4000) and includes my book, How To Pitch At A Pitchfest.