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Gravity Script Discussion

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Gravity Script Summary

A medical engineer and an astronaut work together to survive after an accident leaves them adrift in space.

IMDB Rating
/10 stars from users.
Writers, ,
Director(s)Alfonso Cuarón,
ActorsSandra Bullock, George Clooney, Ed Harris, Orto Ignatiussen,
Released04 Oct 2013
Runtime91 min
LanguageEnglish, Greenlandic
CountryUK, USA
AwardsWon 7 Oscars. Another 215 wins & 169 nominations.
Domestic Box Office$274,092,705
Foreign Box Office$449,100,000
Total Box Office$723,192,705

Discussion About Gravity

  1. Sarah B.

    I’m writing a feature that is contained in one location with only three main characters and just a few periphery characters, so I was curious how a script like Gravity would read. I loved it! What really stood out for me was how the writer maintained the reader’s interest with even fewer characters and really minimal dialogue. Most of the script is Ryan alone in space and it never felt like the story lagged or the writing was bogged down with action description. I think this was because the premise was strong and simple, and that kept the story moving. Also the character set up in the first quarter of the script was really effective, so we understood who Ryan and Matt were and what they wanted. Another amazing feat was keeping the emotional stakes up and making them clear to the reader. The scene where she interacts with a voice from a radio on earth was a real standout. Thanks for sharing this script!

    • Stephanie Palmer

      I agree that Gravity is an excellent example of keeping the emotional stakes up. Thanks so much for the comment, Sarah.

  2. Bob Graham

    I think it would be helpful to know what the below-the-line budgets were for this and all examples.

  3. Harpreet

    Hi Steph ,
    thank you for the summary insights on the movie.
    What about Planned Budget and Actual Budget (end-to-end).
    does someone post this ever ? where ?

    many thanks for your knowledge sharing … keep it going …….. 🙂

    • Stephanie Palmer

      Great question! Unfortunately, to my knowledge, actual budgets for major films are rarely- if ever- made public. If you do find one, please let me know. Would love to share it!