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Mission Impossible Script Summary


TitleMission Impossible
GenresAction, Movie Scripts,
IMDB Rating
/10 stars from users.
Writers, ,
Director(s) Brian De Palma,
Actors Tom Cruise, Jon Voight, Emmanuelle BĂ©art ,
Released 22 May 1996
Runtime1h 50min
Language English | French | Czech
Country USA
Awards3 wins & 13 nominations
Domestic Box Office $180,981,856
Foreign Box Office$276,714,503
Total Box Office$457,696,359

Discussion About Mission Impossible

  1. foad

    are you old enough to remember the mission impossible series that set up a dictator in such a way his people believed he betrayed all of them when they say him on TV friendly with their arch enemy and literally calling them all f…ing morons for voting for him – thats all he wanted he says to his new “enemy” friend adn after he became president he say f…them all to hell
    thats the plot of a new mission impossible in which this time the dictator is trump – the mission is make his supporters believe he betrayed all of them and then they take him down and the country is in peace once again