Your Shortcut To Screenwriting Success

How to Be a Professional Writer

Online Course

You want to know how to become a professional writer? It takes more than great ideas and the willingness to work hard. The writers who have successful, lasting careers have more than great material.

How To Be A Professional Writer contains the strategic advice I give to my private consulting clients regarding: long-term career success, pitching, networking, and tactics for high-stakes meetings.


6 Video Training Modules

Giving you an integrated strategy to build your reputation, add VIPs to your network, construct compelling stories, and pitch with confidence.


3 Detailed eBooks

Expanding on different strategic elements that relate to designing your ideal career, writing material you can sell, and using effective meeting tactics.


Avoid rookie mistakes most new writers make, discover new tactics and create a custom plan that works for YOU!

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How to Get an Agent

Online Course

The complete online course to writing scripts agents will love, identifying the right agent for you, getting in the room with agents, and convincing them to sign you immediately.

Take the next step in your career and become a writer who knows how to write a script agents will love, make a great impression, and get signed by an agent.



3 Video Training Modules

Divided into 3-15 minute lessons each designed to help you overcome a key obstacle to getting an agent.


45-Page Workbook

Easy to understand and remember the information and strategies in the course.


Spreadsheet Template

The exact template used in the course which you can adapt to your own projects.


Without a strategy to get an agent, you can waste your time and that can kill your creativity. So if you’re tired of banging your head into the same walls, it may be time to try something that has been proven to work!

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Screenwriting Starter Kit

Digital Guides

The complete guide to setting up an efficient screenwriting system, finding time to write, figuring out where you fit into “the business,” and finding the right opportunities to break in.

Screenwriting Starter Kit contains the information and strategies I give to my private consulting clients who pay thousands of dollars and is now available at a fraction of the price.


Six Digital Guides (PDFs)

Each is engineered to help you overcome a key obstacle to pursuing your film/TV writing dreams.


Time Management

A logical system of preparation, planning, and execution to make it easy to unleash your creativity.


A “Best Of” Approach

The very best resources in multiple categories, from screenwriting software to grants and fellowships.


Writing is hard – but if you’re a writer, not writing can be even harder on your body, emotions, and spirit.

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Good in a Room

Best-Selling Hardcover, Audio, and Kindle Book

“Good In A Room” is used by agents and managers to describe writers and directors who pitch effectively, and sell scripts.

Learn how to connect with people easily and make a favorable impression, and learn how to give compelling presentations that will persuade your colleagues, clients, and decision-makers.

What’s Inside The Book?

Whether you intend to ask for a raise, sign a potential client, promote a new business, secure financing for a create project, get sponsors for your charity or even ask someone for a date, Good In A Room shows you how to:

  • Master the five stages of the face-to-face meeting;
  • Avoid the secret deal-breakers of the first ninety seconds;
  • Be confident in high-pressure situations;
  • Present yourself better and more efficiently than you ever have before.

Immediately improve your performance in high-stakes meeting as well as in other areas of your professional life. Learn what being good in a room is all about!

Screenwriting Consulting

For the most advanced screenwriters who want to advance their career the fastest with hands-on help from me, I have opened a selective consulting program.

It is not for most people, and the commitment is high.

But for the right people, this guidance and direction will be invaluable.