Are You Writing Something You Can Actually SELL?

…or is it possible that you’re “too-close” to the project in some way… and there’s a sellability problem you can’t see?

Scott Hartford
“You want to hear your agent gush, 'They LOVED the script and made an offer!' Even if you consider yourself a masterful storyteller, Stephanie can make you even better.”

Scott Hartford


Let’s imagine that you are a talented writer with good ideas.

That’s probably not hard to imagine….

But is that enough to succeed?

Sadly, no.

Here’s the problem, and I say this with respect:

You may be on the wrong track – and you might not know it.

This is actually quite common.

There are a lot of talented writers who never sell anything.

They never make it into the big leagues.

They waste – literally – years of time writing material no one buys – and why?

Something prevents them from doing their best work.

It’s inevitable, it happens to everyone, and it’s not your fault.

I call it the “Too-Close-To-It” Challenge.


“Too-Close-To-It” Challenge

We all get too close to our writing… because we have to.

When we immerse ourselves in another world, in the characters, in the structure… inevitably we stop being able to see it the way potential buyers will see it.

That makes it very hard to SELL it.

Too Many Good Ideas

A classic version of being “too-close” to the project is having too many good ideas. It all makes sense to you, but to the reader it seems like the ideas are in conflict with each other and fighting for space.

Not Enough Information

Often you can think that you’re supplying enough information for the reader to be able to “see” the story, but something crucial is just not there and it’s hard for you to figure out the missing ingredient.

Unhelpful Feedback

Without a strategy to get feedback from the right people at the right points in the process – and interpret that feedback correctly – you can end up accelerating rapidly in the wrong direction.

The “Wrong” Idea

It’s possible that you may not be working on your best idea – it’s not that the idea is “wrong,” it’s that it should be developed later in your career and a more sellable idea should be developed first.


Often when you’re too close to the project, the story problems you can’t see present themselves to you as creative blocks known as “Resistance.” You can feel depressed, angry, even paralyzed.

However, with a strategy to evaluate the commercial viability of your ideas and regain perspective, you can write a screenplay you can sell.


Write A Screenplay You Can Sell

A Step-By-Step Process to Help You Create Authentic Stories, Develop Compelling Pitches, and Structure Commercially Viable Screenplays.

Here’s What You Get Inside

Maximize Speed And Quality

This is the writing course that helps you become more efficient, confident, and productive. Then, you can write two sellable scripts each year instead of one unsellable script every two (or five) years.

Focus On Commercial Viability

No one knows what movies or TV shows will be hits – but it is possible to say with more confidence which screenplays or TV pilots have the viability to get purchased and help you get representation.

Overcome Fear And Resistance

With a strategy to determine your next creative steps and an understanding of exactly when and how to ask for feedback, it’s much easier to get back on track quickly and build creative momentum.

Deep Dive Into Idea Selection

When it comes to selling material, the story is more important than the screenplay. That’s why this course goes deeply into helping you develop your most commercially viable concepts and ideas.

Course Content Includes

  • 4 Modules of video training in bite-sized lessons
  • Companion Study Guide and Worksheet
  • PDF Guide – How To Title Your Screenplay
  • Complete audio version of the course
  • Strategies to choose your best and most commercial ideas
  • Techniques to organize and track all of your ideas
  • A comprehensive method for soliciting useful, constructive feedback
  • The “Pyramid of Creativity” technique
  • A powerful method to quickly learn screenplay structure and format

Caitlyn Durkin
“I honed my vision, learned how to effectively share my body of work, and continually find myself referencing the exceptional lessons. Stephanie is a brilliant teacher; this is the perfect course to focus your ideas and push them to the next level."

Caitlyn Durkin

Writer/Director, Wyoma Films

Ready to Finally Create a Screenplay You Can Sell?

Write a Screenplay You Can Sell

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Bradford Richardson
“I am truly awestruck by your new program. It’s like you somehow reached inside my brain, discovered exactly what I needed to learn. It’s like you’re my personal career trainer, guiding me through every step of creating a successful screenwriting career.”

Bradford Richardson

Alexis Aurigemma
“I learned a great deal from your course. Since then I've written an original pilot script as well as a spec script for The Mindy Project. I've gotten a job as a writers assistant on a documentary funded by USA Swimming and expanded my video freelance company. Your tools help to inspire me and focus my work!”

Alexis Aurigemma


What Makes Me Different

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably considering getting this course, and you might be wondering why you should listen to what I have to say.

1) Studio Experience

As a film executive with MGM Pictures, I’ve worked closely with agents at all the major agencies, taken over 3000+ meetings with top writers and directors, and helped create 20+ movies.

2) Writing Experience

As a writer, I understand the creative process and the sales process from the writer’s side of the equation. My best-selling book (Good In A Room) was sold to Random House with the help of International Creative Management Partners.

3) Track Record Of Success

Among my clients are Oscar and Emmy-award winners as well as new writers whom I’ve helped to find agents, sell scripts, and get hired to write film and TV.

4) Featured By Legit Media

Good in a Room (and I) have been featured by NBC, CBS, FOX, NPR, The Los Angeles Times, Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, and [email protected], among others.

Money Back Guarantee


Get the course now, and see for yourself for 30 DAYS. If the course does not help you pursue your film/TV writing dreams, I’ll give you a complete refund. No hassles and we can part as friends – 100% guaranteed.

Ready to Jumpstart Your Screenwriting Career?

Write a Screenplay You Can Sell

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Vikas Chandra
"The course starts from Point Zero - what film do you want to make, and guides you step by step so that by the time you reach ‘the room,’ you're well prepared. I've now started my Development Slate, and I work in the Indian Film Industry."

Vikas Chandra

Screenwriter in Mumbai, India

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What if I’ve already written a screenplay?
That’s great. I hope it’s a screenplay you can sell. If not, the course will explain how to adjust it to maximize commercial viability or how to develop your next script with a sale in mind.
What if I want to write TV pilots and TV spec scripts?
Excellent. I use the term “screenplay” to refer to both TV and film scripts. The step-by-step method in the course works for both film and TV.
What if I have written a novel I want to adapt?
The course will help you do that. However, a lot of the commercial viability of the eventual screenplay will depend on the quality of the source material. That said, often jumping mediums (from novel to screenplay) can sharpen the story and make it even more sellable.
What if I’m writing my autobiography as a script?
Autobiographies are stories and should be structured as stories the same way films are - and the course will help you do that. However, whether the screenplay you write becomes sellable will have a lot to do with the story of your life.
Can you guarantee I’ll sell it?
No, of course not. Writing a screenplay is hard to do; selling a screenplay is hard to do. But if you’re going to write a screenplay, I believe you should try to write something you can sell.
What if I don't live in the USA?
The material in this course has helped many aspiring creatives become professional writers in the UK, New Zealand, Canada, China, India, Brazil, Russia, Japan, and more.
What If I'm an advanced writer?
That’s great. You’ll be able to more easily implement some of the strategies I recommend.
What If I'm 40+, 50+, or 60+?
The course has helped many people in their 40's, 50's, and 60's to pursue their creative dreams despite their busy and demanding careers.
How long will it take?
I've made the course as simple as possible to maximize how easily you can learn the information and use the techniques. However, as you can imagine, you get out of it what you put into it, so a lot depends on you.
What format is this course in?
The course is 4 Modules of Video Training with a companion workbook and spreadsheet, a complete audio version of the course, as well as bonus materials in both video and PDF formats. You get immediate access to everything.
What if I'm a beginner?
Most writers take a lot of hard knocks over a long period of time. This course will help you get on the right track from the start so you don’t waste time.

PS. The Course In A Nutshell

The purpose of Write A Screenplay You Can Sell is to teach you a process to:

  • Evaluate the commercial viability of your ideas
  • Choose your best idea
  • Structure that idea
  • Actually write a screenplay you can sell.

If that makes sense to you, get the course.

All Major Payments Accepted
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100% Secure Checkout

100% Secure Checkout

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Stacy Chambers
"This course helped me with organizing my ideas, culling the good ideas from the dross, revealed my writing tastes and patterns, and helped me hone in on a direction. I feel I have a MUCH better sense of what producers want from their writing partnerships with screenwriters. Ultimately, this course has helped me and is still helping me."

Stacy Chambers