Attract New Clients And Grow Your Business

Good in a Room is a consulting and training company based in Portland, Oregon. We work with professional service providers who want to market and sell their services more effectively.


"Part cheerleader, part mentor, part hard-nosed consultant, Stephanie extracts important words and phrases from her clients like gold from ore."

Los Angeles Times

About Stephanie Palmer Taxy

Stephanie Palmer Taxy is a sales trainer who specializes in teaching non-sales professionals how to sell their services more effectively. She is also the author of the best-selling business book Good in a Room: How To Sell Yourself And Your Ideas And Win Over Any Audience.

Stephanie has led workshops at companies such as Google, Merrill Lynch, Disney, UCLA, USC, and Asia Media Festival, to help people understand how to succeed in the key moments of the sales process.

Previously, Stephanie was the Director of Creative Affairs for MGM where she supervised the acquisition and development of twenty feature films with multi-million dollar budgets.

When she’s not working, you can find her in yoga class, watching HGTV makeover shows, and enjoying the outdoors with her husband and son in Portland, Oregon.


"Stephanie Palmer Taxy's direction on how to pitch well is counterintuitive but it's dead-on accurate."

Inc. Magazine



Good in a Room: Attract New Clients And Grow Your Business

In Hollywood, top writers and directors routinely pitch and sell their creative services for six, seven, and even eight figure deals. They do it in a seemingly casual and effortless way, though there is a strategy to how they succeed.

It may surprise you, but the system used to sell creative services in Hollywood is even more effective when used to sell professional services in other industries.

In this presentation, participants will learn a simple system for business development that will help them build their network, market their services, and sign new clients.


Spotlight Session

A spotlight session is a 90-minute phone or videoconference call where we shine a spotlight on what is most important to you. We can focus on marketing, networking, selling, and preparing for specific meetings.

Good in a Room book

Good in a Room: How To Sell Yourself (And Your Ideas) And Win Over Any Audience

"Good In A Room is an incredible book. It is the only book I recommend to people who have to pitch in meetings. Fantastic!"

Tom Peters, author of In Search of Excellence

"The refreshing ideas in this book have helped me meet great new prospects and clients and improve my key business relationships."

Lorri Jackson, Sr. Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch

"Stephanie delivers clear, useful advice on how to successfully move the good idea in your head into the other heads in the room. It is hard to think of a more valuable skill."

Peter Kaufman, CEO Glenair, Inc.

"Stephanie has valuable, practical information for succeeding in the real world. Highly recommended."

Greg Foster, CEO, Imax

"I used Good in a Room for pitching brand-new online advertising trading models at Google. Now I am the go-to person for online video auction, and have to hide because I am getting more projects than I can handle. This is for people who work with intangible ideas that can potentially bring in billions of dollars.

Sunyu Von Conrady, Engineer, Google