good in a room /gûd in ā rüm/, 1 adj. referring to Hollywood writers who excel at pitching stories. 2 adj. describing small business owners who are confident and persuasive when selling their services.

Good in a Room: The Book

Greg Foster


“Good in a Room contains valuable, practical information for succeeding in the real world. Stephanie has created an innovative system that can help anyone maximize their persuasive powers and get what they want in high-stakes meetings. Highly recommended.”

Tom Peters

Best-selling author of In Search Of Excellence

"Good in a Room is an incredible book. It is the only book I recommend to people who have to pitch in meetings."

Good in a Room: Press

Film/TV or Small Business?

I write scripts for film/TV

As a writer, I want to sell my film/TV ideas, scripts, or screenplays to streaming services, studios, or networks.

I am a small business owner

As a self-employed small business owner, I want to find more clients, increase revenue, and grow my business.