Good in a Room /gûd in ā rüm/ 

  1. adj. referring to Hollywood writers who excel at selling stories for film and TV.
  2. adj. describing business owners who excel at selling their services.

How do you find more clients for your business?

For the last fifteen years I’ve been working with business owners to help them answer this crucial question.

What I’ve found is that whether you are a lawyer, consultant,
IT expert, osteopath, designer, accountant, nutritionist, engineer, etc, the best way to sell your services is:

  • Tell a better story about what you do and why you do it. 
  • Learn how to pitch and sell that story effectively.

Storytelling, pitching, and selling - that’s what it means to be “good in a room.”

Here’s an overview of my system to help you become good in a room, find more clients, and grow your business.

Hi, I'm Stephanie.

Are you looking for more clients?

Find More Clients is a 55-page workbook with my complete system to help you market and sell your services.

  • The #1 strategy to sign a new client in a meeting
  • 5 pitching techniques to improve your "elevator pitch"
  • 27 step-by-step exercises
  • 42 fill-in-the-blank templates