Hi! I’m Stephanie Palmer.

I’m excited you’re here.

I love working with creative professionals (especially TV and film writers) to help improve how they present themselves and their ideas so they can grow their businesses and sell their work. In the past year, seven films have been produced, four TV shows sold and many of my small business clients have reported having the best year of their business based on my coaching.

My Story

Previously, I was the Director of Creative Affairs for MGM where I supervised the acquisition, development, and production of feature films. During my time at MGM, I was named by The Hollywood Reporter as one of the “Top 35 Executives Under 35.” Prior to MGM, I worked at Jerry Bruckheimer Films.

Here are some of the films I worked on:

Stephanie Palmer film executive MGM and Jerry Bruckheimer Films

I loved many aspects of being a film studio executive. I got to travel the world and work with some incredible people, but I really wanted to have my own business where I could use my experience to help others succeed.

So Why Good In A Room?

When I was an executive, a young writer pitched me a terrific project, but he was so nervous in our meeting that I knew I couldn’t introduce him to my boss. I really wanted the film to be one of my projects, so I coached the writer about what to say, what to wear, and how to answer questions in a meeting.

The next morning, the writer came back in to pitch his idea to my boss. He did beautifully and my boss bought the project in the room. It was thrilling!

After the deal was closed, the writer shared that he had been living on his sister’s couch and was going to have to move back to the Midwest if the project hadn’t happened. Now, he’s a very successful screenwriter with a handful of produced projects and more in development.

It was so gratifying to help this talented writer succeed, that I decided it was time to do more to help people with worthy projects. I left MGM to start my consulting business Good in a Room. 

Good in a Room hardcover bookWithin a year of leaving MGM, I was approached to write a book. Even though I was initially nervous, I jumped at the chance.

In addition to learning a lot, I met my husband in the process of writing the book, so this was a milestone project for me in many ways. Good in a Room: How To Sell Yourself (And Your Ideas) And Win Over Any Audience was published by Random House and is now used in business schools and film schools around the world. I was interviewed on the Today Show and featured in many press articles.

 Is My Mom Or Dad A Famous Producer?

Not even close. Most of my childhood was spent in Alexandria, Virginia where my Dad worked on Capitol Hill and my Mom was a corporate trainer, primarily for government agencies. I was not one of the lucky people to have family connections to help me break into Hollywood, but I dreamed about getting to work in the film business.

Here are five things you might not know about me:

  • I grew up in a house without a TV. My grandmother was horrified I wanted to work in the film business and still refers to Los Angeles as that “sinful place.”
  • My college degree is in Theater Directing from Carnegie Mellon. I was privileged to work with playwrights such as Arthur Giron, Michael Christofer, and August Wilson.
  • My first Hollywood job was as an unpaid intern on Titanic. The first assignment I received was to drive boxes of “undisclosed materials” from Los Angeles to the set in Baja, Mexico. In retrospect, I never should have driven boxes that “you are not to open” across the Mexican border….
  • My previous jobs include: camp counselor, construction worker (flooring, roofing, drywall, painting, and tiling), lifeguard, and campus tour guide.
  • I’ve been able to create a Hollywood career outside LA (though I do fly in for meetings and events such as American Film Market). While I miss my friends in LA, I really enjoy living in Santa Fe, NM with my husband and son.

Stephanie Palmer family photo

What Gets Me Up In The Morning

Today, everything I do in my work, from my writing to my one-on-one consulting sessions to my online training courses is about helping talented people like YOU get results.

I believe learning how to pitch yourself and your ideas effectively is crucial— but I don’t believe it has to be super stressful or that you need to force yourself to be someone you’re not. Seriously.

By working with your natural strengths and trying out a few new techniques, it is possible to get hired for jobs, sell your work, and get the attention you deserve.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. You are the reason I’m working hard to create new workshops, classes, and materials. I want to help you achieve the career success you dream about and I appreciate that you stopped by.


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